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    Default '64 TR6SR Build. May need help/ideas on some things!

    Hey there guys,

    Recently acquired a TR6SR off Craigslist. I'll attach some photos and my plans.

    I'm looking to convert it back to original forks, put my bayonet sissy bar on, and maybe even put it back to a swingarm.

    Horseshoe oil tanks for Triumphs are hard to find and expensive! Anyone have one they can spare? I can trade for a couple random parts that I have.

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    Here's what I got it as (purple) and how it is currently.
    I plan on changing and rebuilding almost everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loganyoung View Post
    Here's what I got it as (purple) and how it is currently.
    I plan on changing and rebuilding almost everything.
    I don't see anything wrong with the way it sits right now - I think it looks great - a rattle-can black paint and go ridin!

    Are you sure it's the SR model? - they were designated the "High-performance roadster" - see specs here: http://www.classic-british-motorcycl...iumph-tr6.html
    Click image for larger version. 

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    According to this blog, We started restoration of a 1964 TR6SR
    "Because this bike is rare (only 438 were ever made) and because we love the look of this model, we decided to make the commitment to restore it."
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    Quote Originally Posted by TriNortchopz View Post
    Are you sure it's the SR model?
    Positive! Engine stampings say so, plus it has the correct single carb and all. The only issue is I can't confirm the year for sure since at some point in the past 54 years someone ground the numbers off. It is titled as a self assembled '64 TR6SR though.

    Whenever I finish my '64 T20SR Tiger Cub restoration, they will go well together.

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    What are your plans for it - other than "changing and rebuilding almost everything"? Can you post some other pics here?

    Both the frame and engine numbers were ground off? Wanted to ask if the frame and engine numbers matched...Should be for the 1964, between DU5825 and DU13374.
    1964 TR6SR (Trophy Sport): 1964 DU5825 - DU13374.

    Interestingly, there is another of the same model and year that has been modified and on youtube:

    1964 was also the year that "... Steve McQueen rode in the ISDT Trial in East Germany, Triumph supplied him with a 1964 TR6 SC that he modified himself at Comerfords in London..."

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    As you might be able to see from the photos, the battery box is a mess. I cut some stainless steel out of an old grill and am bending it and am going to rivet it together (I can't weld).

    My plan is to make the bike orange/cream colored eventually. I have a bayonet sissybar, along with some rabbit ear pullbacks to put on soon. Then a nice polished ribbed fender, make a new seat (Stop Sign for the seat pan) and so on.

    I'd love to trade the +2 HD Narrowglide front end for an original Triumph front end though. I want to avoid selling my current forks, because then I won't be able to ride for awhile.

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