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i put in a bell style throwout, some good peace of mind. updated my front engine seal and its not leaking any more, ordered s&s specific oil pump gaskets and have ridden a few hours without any leaking out of the pump. super relieved about that problem being gone. tranny seal is leaking as best i can tell but not too bad. i put a chicago mfg kicker pedal on but im not sold on it. i also wanna try out some pull back rabbit ears on the bike to see how i like em. rode for an hour today, washed it up. bike seems to be sluggish after riding around for a while, as though my clutch is slipping. need to readjust all the springs i guess and take apart the clutch to see if the plates are shitty. dyna s was also installed, new coil, new cloth plug wires. belt alignment is all good now too. rear brake is stopping well. not much to comment on other than the inevitable clutch rebuild.
great build!
shit luck with all the bad repairs in the past, but looks like you are getting them all figured out!