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Thread: S&S Cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmall View Post
    Twink cylinders are oiled by squirters and if it wasn't critical to add those to cope with high heat (due to lean EPA tuning) the bean counters at HD wouldn't have spent the money. Crumbs from the early timing shoes (for example) could go anywhere in the lube system as could other debris. They could block interfere with flow while system pressure might read fine.
    Cylinders still get oiled from splash, the oil jets are for cooling the underside of the pistons ....

    There is no doubt that the lifeblood of your Harley-Davidson’s Twin Cam engine is its oiling system.

    Crucial to oiling yet often overlooked are the piston jets. Located deep inside the Harley-Davidson’s engine cases, it’s hard to verify whether the piston jets are functioning properly…until now.

    JIMS new Piston Jet Test Stand (No. 772) allows mtoorcycle engine builders to test these jets for proper operation before installing them. The unit operates on both compressed air, and air over oil.

    When operating with air only, verification of proper flow through the piston jet can be witnessed. In the air over oil mode you can not only check for proper operation, but also physically see the oil spray pattern emanating from the jet.

    By adjusting the air regulator on the unit, mechanics are able to determine at what pressure the piston jet turns on and off.

    An additional benefit of the Piston Jet Test Stand is the ability to clear assembly lube from the jet’s narrow oil passage. Don’t let malfunctioning piston jets cause your Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam’s engine to sump or overheat, test them before you install them.

    JIMS Piston Jet Test Stand has an MSRP of $199 and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
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    to my understanding with a feeler gauge... and fyi i had a brand new s&s “g” on it ( i think g it was the correct 1 for model an size)
    i understand about how this that an the other thing can an will go wrong as far as oil pressure i have an idiot lite so thats all i got on that .. i am not tryin to piss anyone of here gentlemen i am sure there was this an that done small differences each time as i was doin my damndest not to grenade engine i wanted it to work..... ok gentleman i went bak to my wrench an inquired more about the s&s set of jugs .. the first set he contacted them and apparently there was an issue they knew about , the second set where restamped an sleeved , the third set was supposed to be completely new but he did note the walls seemed quite thin
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