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    Default Shovelhead top end rebuild help

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me out I have a 1980 fxs and need to replace the head gaskets getting some oil seepage and blow by his do I tell if I need to get new cylinders and piston and also if I get stock 80 inch piston and cylinders do I have to do anything to my original heads other then make sure flat and internals are ok ?

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    Might help. might not.

    Good Luck.

    I keep these on my shelf also. >>>>>> Mine is a physical book. Not a cd with a pdf on it.
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    If I go with new stock cylinders and pistons my heads are ok size wise as long as they are flat correct ?

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    Don't know. I have swapped to 80 inch heads on 74 inch cylinders on a 1200 cc earlier nose cone engine. Not enough detail in your answer. < Pics? >

    I was building a lower comprehension motor for easier kick only starting. Working good still for years .

    Could always do a squiish test before final assembly I guess. Or use

    One of these instead. Not that I expect you to know how to use the tools.

    Lately. I expect thread like these to go South real quick.

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    As long as you're in speck with the wall fit (For given piston) and the out of round/tapper also falls in spec... Be good to go...
    Keep in mind that the 80" cylinders are good up to a 0.030" overbore (Pistons are available in a 0.040" over, but the jugs really get thin at that bore.)

    All three castings of the Shovel's heads will interchange...
    Might want to let a shop freshen up the heads ...

    .../// \\\...
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    Any body have any thought on these cylinders and piston should I replace

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