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    Default VN1500 Trailer Hitch

    I tried my hand at building a trailer hitch for my Vulcan. I have a little trailer I made from a 48" x 40" utility trailer I got from Northern Tool. I started with some flat weld steel from the local Ace. and cut it to the angles I wanted.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry about the fish eye view. I was using a knock off GoPro.
    Here is the mock up for the first support. As you can see, I'm using the saddle bag bolts and going to wrap around the fender.

    Second support welded.

    Rough Finished. Appointment tomorrow, then prime and paint.

    Saw this beauty at the OKC VA hospital where I had to talk to the head shrinker.

    Painted "Chrome" (aka high gloss silver). I almost couldn't tell the difference between the primer and the paint.

    The finished product on my bike with the semi-home made trailer. The shape kills my gas milage, so I'm going to modify it. I'm going to make supports for the door and a tarp and make the trailer a little camper. And I need to clean up the wiring. But it pulls well.

    A few after thoughts. I did drill holes for the safety chains on the trailer. Invest in shielding gas for the welder. Invest in good drill bits. Cheap ones suck. That's all. Have a great day!

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    Flux wire welder works well for outdoors and not needing gas.

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    8just pay attention to that thing as the weak points at the welds will be the first area to start breaking. I've had sissy bars crack where they meet the plate work due to vibration. Last thing your want it to watch your trailer get further and further away in your mirror. Scary shit

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