Ok guys so I'm building a bobber out of a bike that really wasn't ever intended to be modified into anything other than a cafe or tracker. I'm doing it because I'm stubborn and really like the cb' (own 4 of them) and I want to do something almost no ones done.

I've run into my first hurdle and thought I'd try making this my first post. The guys on my usual forum (sohc) really don't modify their frames. If they do it's to put a rear hoop on it and call it a day. And modifying a frame on that forum is almost looked at as blasphemy, which I'll never understand.

Here's my issue. I'm going with a deep tunnel wassell style. Tunnel on the tank is 2". Neck with is 2". But when I sit it on the frame the tank hits where the tank mounts are. They slightly curve out .25" on each side. I'll have to remove the original mounts to get the new tank to sit where I want. Anyone have ideas on the best way to do this? Here are my options, I think

1. Use a hole saw and drill clear through the frame. Then weld a patch over

2. Take a hammer and nock the circular form down a bit

3. Try widening the tunnel of the tank. Use a "backwards" clamp and pry the tunnel a bit

I think #1 sounds like the best option but also the most work. #2 sounds too easy, but tempting. #3 do I really want to bend a brand new awesome tank? Would it bend/open enough without causing flex in other areas? How would you guys do it? Ideas appreciated.