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    Default Wicked Speed HD FXR build

    So my FXR journey began in 2015. I got a crazy good deal on a 1990 FXRS with XXX miles for a Dakota that I paid 750$ for plus I gave the dude 500$. So 1250$ was a wicked deal overall. I rode her for about 8 months before the leaks started showing up everywhere, charging system took a shit and I picked up a nasty nail in the front tire. Winter was here so I tore it apart and did a nice refresh. Repaired the charging system with a. Ew voltage regulator the factory harness was shit so a new one was built. Installed a super e and supertrapp 2-1. Got a set of 13" shocks chopped the rear fender and did a top end rebuild .020 over with a EV3 cam and twin tec ignition. She was alive again and rode awesome and was quick as hell. September 2016 rolled around and I had a catastrophic failure in my top end and blew the rear piston apart which put the FXR on the bench. I bought a 06 softail in October and have been riding that since. In December I started planning the rebirth of my beloved FXR as the softail is nothing in comparison. I decided on a 96" TC swap 6 speed tranny mikuni carb and supertrapp pipe late model touring swingarm with knuckle mag wheels and brembo dual front with a brembo rear. I gutted the center section of all the odds and ends tabs and brackets. Plan on running a 41mm wide glide front end with race tech internals. Undecided on rear shocks. Motogadget m-unit is what I'm using for the harness with the m-lock for RFID ignition. The twin cam will remain stock as it only has 8k along with the trans for now. Running a enclosed Rivera belt drive primary with custom cut and vented outer cover a chain final drive. This is back tracking a few months to bring it up to speed as I decided this is going to be fucking sweet sled when it done and why not document it. My goal is No later than February to be on the road. As of recent events I sold almost everything I wasn't going to use and ended up with almost a full budget for the build. Acquires a 96" for 800$ and a 6 speed for 400$. Will document further in chronological order stay tuned for pictures.

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    Wanna becvome pals with me? I never see those types of parts for those prices. If we gang maybe i can get the parts you dont need or want.

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