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    Default 1966 triumph t100 fork leg helicoil/stripped threads

    The four bolts (two on each side) that go into the bottoms of the fork legs, hug the spindle, and hold the front wheel in place are stripped along with the threads inside the fork legs. 3 out of the four are "ok", but they are loose enough to cause me to worry about my front wheel popping off down the road. Does anyone have any experience with using a helicoil on these threads to secure the front wheel super well? There is a recess or shoulder about 1/4" before the threads start. I cant go too big or the bolt will make contact with the spindle. Im just not sure where to start. Any advice or help would be much appreciated since its one of the last things on the list till the bike is on the road.
    I can upload pics if needed, hopefully i explained it good enough.

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    Helicoil should work great there, cant remember which thread size it is, but pre-67 so guaranteed to be BSC thread. Unc helicoils are much easier to find, as well as some 10.9 hardness threaded rod.

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    Btw i would use unc and threadlock in the fork leg and unf in the cap thread.

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