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    Default VRod Brakes on a 95 Sportster? / Brake Suggestions.

    I have read you can swap the stock sportster brakes out and install the Vrod calipers pretty easily, everything works together. But does anyone know if this only works on newer model sportsters? I am on '95. IF it wont work does anyone have any other suggestions for a quality brake upgrade that wont break the bank?


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    There's a lot of people making caliper adapter brackets these days. Fab Kevin can hook it up. There's also adapters not for late model Brembo brakes for your year bike. HollywooHandmade makes them. I know there are others out there as well. Still Kicking Moto makes adapters for Kawasaki Ninja calipers. I have one on my Sporty. I wasn't too happy with his responsiveness or service but he does make and modify quality parts.

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    For a brake upgrade I'd go through fab kevin and his bracket/tokico caliper. Not sure about the vrod...but I'm curious why you want to do this? I've got no problem locking up the stock brakes...?

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    for brakes, better way is to look to Japanese bike.
    I upgrade my 96 Sportster with a floating Honda 600 Hornet (year 2000) caliper fixed using a custom 8mm iron plate that I cutted, a used floating disk (aftermarket coming
    from a softail), and avia line.
    brake are perfect now...

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