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    Default 99 Sportster progress (photo intensive)

    Back in the fall I picked up this bone stock, shiny ol' 1200 custom that had seen less than 4000 miles since '99. I enjoyed it in it's original form until winter and began tearing it down. This was my first time taking apart and putting together a bike.

    Into the garage for winter..

    Looks cooler like this..

    Biltwell chumps and frisco mounted Throttle Addiction skinny tank..

    I don't have any mechanical/electrical experience, but making a new harness seemed simple enough with the internet on my side. I found the stock '99 1200 diagram and some helpful simplified diagrams to refer to and decided what I didn't need. I used a Dyna S ignition and 3 point ignition switch with momentary start. Pretty much as simple as I could get it..

    Reused wire off the stock harness to make my new one..

    It was great to see it out of the garage with a new Sully's seat and SlimFab sissy bar..

    My buddy Ryan welded my tank mounts and the plate/taillight bracket I cut to the sissy bar..

    Little headlight on a little bracket I made, 6" risers, and mid controls..

    Changed my leaking front rocker gaskets and mounted my ignition switch and coil..

    Warm weather was approaching so I stopped being lazy. Rebuilt the carb with a 180 main, 45 pilot, adjustable needle, and put the choke cable in a PangeaSpeed bracket. Bolted up a TC Bros air cleaner with their sweet breather bolts and some ebay drag pipes. Changed my motor and primary oil, fresh plugs and wires, ran the new brake line and single throttle cable, wired in the lights and fired it up for the first time since fall. The carb was nearly spot on and the thing ripped, which felt great after rebuilding my first carb.

    Rattle-canned the fender black and sanded the tank a bit.

    I'm psyched on how it turned out! I'll be putting a spoked rear and some cool tires on soon. More to come!

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    Big change in a short time. Lookin kewel !

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    Nice man!

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    Great looking bike. Could you post a pic or two of how you ran the gas line from the tank? I have the same year and tank and can't figure it out how you got it to look so clean.

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