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    Default 2009 883 Custom Wheels?

    Hey everyone,
    I am desperately trying to work out a new wheels situation for my 2009 883 Custom. I really want to find some spoked wheels for front and rear, but according to everyone I can find who sells these things, none of them will fit my bike. Does anyone here have any experience with this or can help me with wheels? Will a 2009 Nightster or later 48 model wheel work? Can I put a 16x3 on the front? What's the widest tire I can fit in the stock front end? Thanks in advance, sorry for all the questions, but I am new and confused. Perhaps I am overthinking this, but I am trying to figure it out.

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    No... I do not believe a 16x3 rear will fit the front

    Prolly the most important things are that the axle/bearings are the right size, the tire width fits between the forks, and tire fits the rim. Your bike has a narrow glide front end so maybe this forum post will help:

    Also here's a tire size chart posted in that thread:

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    Thanks, that was very helpful!

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