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    Default Any Ideas: Fitting a standard battery into a softail oil bucket on a rigid chopper.

    Hey all,

    I have another thread going with the build of my chopper. I have an issue with the battery placement. I would really like to run a standard battery over a Lithium Ion one, but due to the fact I have a frame mounted seat, the standard height battery is too tall to fit under the seat.

    Has anyone had experience with dropping the bottom of the battery box to increase its capacity? Im sure its possible, but I just wondered if anyone out there knows of a thread with some pictures, or has some pictures of one they did themselves?

    Any assistance is appreciated.



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    Are you running e-start or kick only? Ive got a little ytx-4 battery (think its for a kids 60cc 4 wheeler) in my kick only shovel. Its only 2.5 inches tall and about 3.5 inches long, cost $25

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    I should have mentioned I want to keep the electric start. Thats the issue.

    For sure, if I was going to a kicker, I could use a tiny little battery no worries. I appreciate the reply.

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    An easier approach might be to run a different oil tank all together. If you got ahold of a smaller capacity oil tank, that would free up some space to mount the tank lower to the starter giving you more room on the top for the battery. While that entails some fab work I figure it'd be less involved than re-working your horseshoe especially if it's chromed. Might get lucky and find someone in the classifieds looking to trade oil tanks.

    I ran into this same deal with my softail and just ended up doing a springer solo seat to buy back that battery real estate. While convenient for maintenance purposes it is admittedly a redundant eye swore.

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    yeah mate, thanks for the reply.

    I have bit the bullet and bought an antigravity 12cell small case. That should solve my issues.

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    Ya you should be happy with that battery. Just be careful when it comes to charging it and more importantly jump starting it. Lithium batteries don't put up with abusive charging like the older AGM batteries. I destroyed one jumping it off too many times. If you smell a nail polish like odor it's the battery and it's probably destroyed. other than that this was probably the simplest solution to your problem, cheers man.

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