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    Default First Build...2001 XL1200 Sportster on a Paughco hardtail

    Hey guys..I'm brand new to the site..So I've been riding now for years and always wanted to build one of these. I'm finally getting my chance albeit feeling a little overwhelmed.. Finally got all the pieces/parts in. I'm fairly handy and know basic mechanics..Thats about it..I'm sure this will be a real learning experience.. Now, what do I do with all this stuff again?...

    Here's my donor bike and start of my mock up..I should be able to post about weekly.. Ideas, hints, clues, suggestions..are all welcome.. Thanks.
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    Now that I look at the photo closely, I may opt to go with a smaller tank.. any suggestions?

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    Those Paughco frames look good.Is it EFI or carb?In my opinion,those late model sporty tanks are among the worst looking tanks around.It's your bike do what you want,but if it were mine I'd be installing a different tank.You can probably get an EFI tank with more traditional shape from Lowbrow,Throttle Addiction or Bison Motorsports.

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    Guess it's carbed as it's not a rubbermount, but if it wasn't I'd switch it to carb. Efi sucks.
    Anyway, that giant ass tank is hideous imo too, had it on mine and I replaced it with a classic small sporty tank. You could get a wassel or axed too, that's all personal preference. Actually a medium tunnel wassel would look nice on there

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    yep its a carb.. Yeah the more I look at it the more I realize tank needs to go. Also may have a clearance issue once I install my drag bars.. currently have a three inch rise on that springer and with that tank it just won't make it.. Its ugly..I agree.. thanks for the info!

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    Also changing out rear wheel.. and chopping rear fender a bit.. Going with a 40 spoke rear.... working on her today.. should have more pics in a couple days..

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    More mock up pics. Took some good advice and went with a smaller thank.. This one is from Throttle Addiction. Good quality tank and nice welds. I think the bike is looking a lot more aggressive with this tank. I'm starting to like it..Click image for larger version. 

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    Castrol super clean is by far my favorite degreaser, s100 also works just as good if not better but is a bit more expensive

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    Default More mock up and frame prep

    Just some pics of my progress...chopped that fender support that Paughco gives you..Also had to grind down the center a bit to weld on oil tank tabs and seat bungs..

    It was tricky getting that motor square in this frame.. A little crowded but its going to look nice! Overall pretty happy on how its turning out..

    Let me know what you guys think so far...
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    forgot to add one more photo of the other side..Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Welded stand ups for spring seat..

    Have to touch up a bit..but came out ok I think.... It should hold..
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    Looks good. Keep it up.

    Is the VRod battery smaller? I thought it was the same size as a Sportster battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCCycleWorks View Post
    Castrol super clean is by far my favorite degreaser, s100 also works just as good if not better but is a bit more expensive

    Thanks. Is that your current build on your profile pic.. Looks really nice. I've debated whether or not to add a kicker kit to this one.. haven't decided yet.

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    The saga continues.. .. This rear tire was a &*%$! to get on..Paughco frame is nice but the axle adjustment screw area was not thread tapped all the way. It was a job to get it all threaded through both sides.. Also axle assembly by Paughco is nice but still need extra spacers to make it right.. and getting the spacers in and the wheel lined up....well, took some real time and effort.

    Also, Need advice on this battery location.. because of the belt, I have to go in between it. no other way to look decent otherwise.. You guys think this would look ok? Thanks!
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    Default More mock up...

    Need advice on smaller battery.. Can I use a Vrod battery on this 1200 sportster engine? Looking for an alternative small battery so that I can fit my battery between the rear fender and down tube..
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