This issue makes no goddamn sense to me. After swapping out handlebars bike won't start and is sucking gas through the exhaust.

I have a 2004 Honda Shadow Aero I've been bobbing for a while and the other day I swapped out the stock bars for drag bars. I didn't need to swap cables. After fitting everything back together, the throttle pull was stiff and would stick when pulled back. I made adjustments to the cable where it connects to the throttle housing. This loosened it to where it snaps back like it should. However, when I try to start the bike, it just cranks but won't fire. I also noticed a heavy smell of gas and found that fuel is being forced through the exhaust. I'm not quite sure how to adjust the throttle to correct this issue. There can be no other reason this is happening because I was riding the bike the very same day and it has never had an issue like this. All I can figure is somehow the throttle is stuck open, even though the throttle handle snaps back into place. There is no other reason why fuel would get sucked through the carbs and into the exhaust pipes. Do I need to make some adjustment to the carb end of the cable? The cable is new and was installed two months ago.