73 Shovel, mild Andrews cam, S&S super E, Joe Hunt horizontal magneto, short pipes w/baffle and reversion cones. When hot/warm it starts in 2 or 3 kicks, when cold takes 10 kicks minimum. The carb is jetted at 29.5 low side and 68 main. Timing is a about 5deg retarted right now, that is advanced mark towards the front of the timing hole when using the mag timing buzz box. Mag points set at .014 and clean, new wires. I have varied the timing with same or worse results. This motor runs great, no popping or spitting w/great acceleration. Seems the jetting is close.

When cold, I live in Michigan, I will pump the throttle (yes the accelerator pump works) 6 to 10 times, I manually ground out the mag with a jumper wire and roach clips and kick thru a couple times, take off jumper and kick several more times to start while opening the throttle a little or even pumping more gas into the intake. I have tried many different combinations but this seems to work best. And the enrichner seems to not make a diffrence hot or cold, but I have best results not using it.

It seems to me I am needing to pump the throttle way to much to start, it seems it should be flooded but it's not, I have pulled the plugs and they are dry, no gas present. Looking for some input from someone who has experienced this issue.