So im an idiot, fucked up big time. Got a vt800 brought it home took it apart, watched a vid on how these tanks were removed, did it how i thought the video said but fuel line disconnected and the shit hit the fan hard. A quartz work light was nearby and lit that shit up in like 10 seconds. Anyway, garage Sheetrock was torched but didnt burn down. Insurance paid all that shit paid me for the bike even. So now im sitting with a burnt bike, but it wasnt burnt terribly. The plastics were still there but partially melted obviously. Hoses didnt burn, some slightly melted.

Anyway i figure the motor is ok and only has 6000 miles so id love to rebuild it. was a fun bike to ride.

Ok so its sitting on my bench now, i ran a compression test. one cylinder held no compression, the other only 40lbs. So im ok with rebuilding the motor but im scared it may have got warped in the burn. Once the fuel burned off though there was nothing else burning around it. I cant imagine it was in direct flame very long.

Let me know what you think guys. Id appreciate any help.