Lowbrow Customs Fork Shrouds cleans up the look of your front end with real iconic style. All Lowbrow Customs Fork Shrouds include allen hardware for an E-Z bolt-on installation. This install does require you to remove and get rid of that front fender, but that's ok, your bike will look better without it. This also gives you an opportunity to clean up them lowers and shave down your fender tabs before putting things back together. Here is 10 easy steps on how to put our Lowbrow Customs Fork Shrouds on your bike.

Before work is performed, make sure the front wheel is raised off the ground.

Remove the front fender.

Remove the brake caliper bolts. They require a 10mm 12 point socket, and then take the caliper off. Do not let it hang by the brake line. A small bungee cord and a rag wrapped around the caliper works well.

First loosen the axle nut, and then the pinch bolt in the bottom of the right fork lower leg, and remove the front wheel.

Loosen the top and bottom pinch bolts on the triple trees (one side at a time) and remove the bolts- be sure to hold the fork tube as it will fall out if not supported.

Slide the entire fork tube out of triple trees.

Install Fork Shroud cover. The spacers will go on the bottom; in-between the tab on the Fork Shroud and the bottom triple tree.

Slide tube back into the trees and check installed height of tubes at the top tree. Torque pinch bolts to factory specifications.

Repeat for other side.

Re-install wheel and brake caliper. Torque the front axle, being sure to follow the proper procedure in your workshop manual; then torque the brake caliper bolts.

*Safety note: Make sure to pump the front brakes (if you are keeping them) a few times while it is still on the lift spinning the wheel by hand, making sure it spins and stops and everything is working correctly before riding

Now you are looking good!