I bought this bike when I was 23, rode it a few years and parked it after it had some mechanical issues. Went back and forth with what exactly I wanted to do with it. About a month ago I got an week long I requested vacation from work without pay and decided to wrench on it a bit. It's always had problems with the stock intake leaking and causing lean conditions so it was first to go. It has aftermarket exhaust that was on there when I bought it. Installed some uni pods and rejetted the carbs and took it for a test ride. It ran better than it ever has before. Sounded good, and hauled ass. I was in love all over again...
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Mechanically it is sound, but I haven't been happy with the cosmetics in quite some time. It has a dented tank that looks like shit. I'm not fond of the K&Q seat and there is just certain issues that need to be addressed. I'm thinking of focusing on a ratbob budget type of build. Thinking of keeping the stock sissy bar but with a bobber seat. Opinions are welcomed.