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    Default gas tanks and fenders

    Dose anybody know what other year gas tank and fenders will fit a 2014 street bob. Thinking about painting mine but would like to be able to still ride. Any info wolud be great

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    I would think at the very least 06/07 and up would all share the same mounting points. Visually I can't see a difference.

    I've got an 07 in at the moment I'm working on fitting a custom tank and a few other bits and pieces. Take your seat off and take some pics of the rear and front tank mounts, along with the rear fender mounts. Post em up and I'll tell you if they're the same as this 07, if they are then it's safe to assume 06/07 and up are all the same

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    Thanks for the reply. I stop up at the dealer for a oil filter in the morning yesterday and asked a tech said 06 and up will work.

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