Just finished my 2000 sporty 1200 build. Took it on a few rides of anywhere from 45 mins to 2hrs last week and it ran strong. Hopped on her tonight and couldn't make it more than 3 blocks from my house. Since the build I rewired just about everything. The one thing that isn't connected is the cam positioning sensor... The plug it went into didn't do anything so I unplugged it. Batt is good, i have a push start on the solenoid and the motor turns, but i have to let it sit for a bit to have it start. It will idle okay but as soon as i give it gas it dies.

I went from a pretty crappy paper filter mod to a K&N, replaced the spark plugs and other than that cut and welded shut the connecting tubes in the stock 2000-2003 exhaust... just won't go anywhere now. Seems odd because I was out for 3 or so hours the other day without an issue... any suggestions?