Hi Chopculters,

I came up with the following as a temporary fix for keeping the chain tension good on my Ironhead. The previous tensioner, Mark 1, was run off the unused jackshaft tube and was too far forward to do very much.

Having looked at other solutions to the problem I wanted something that was as simple as I could make it.

So I stayed with mounting it at the jackshaft idea and Mark 2 pivots off that point whilst anchored through a tab on the frame rail.

You cant really see but the arm from the jackshaft bolts up on one side of the sprocket whilst the anchor bolts up on the other - this distributes the weight and eliminates any overhanging components that could under tension as this usually results in accelerated wear and alignment problems.

This solution has really smoothed out the drive and made it a lot quieter - its also simple to adjust as you just turn the bolt at the bottom of the anchor. I am thinking that using a skateboard wheel would make it even smoother and also allow for poor drive alignment. Another improvement would be to put a tension spring into the anchor just to provide a bit more damping but hey, its only temporary and will probably stay like that until I pull it all apart over the winter for paint.