New resident to BK as of four months ago however very familiar with NYC due to being in a touring band for years. Moved up here from Florida and had a rad bunch of guys to ride with but I moved here and found myself riding alone for the past couple months. I have a Shovelhead in process in Florida, well, sitting in my garage there but for now I have my almost stock superglide rocking here.

I just like to ride, I've been riding machines since I could stand. I do tend to be pretty quick and love to weave some traffic so it would be cool if I could find some semi aggressive riders but I also just like to kick it and cruise. Stop here or there for a beer. I listen to punk rock/rock n roll mainly but I'm honestly down with any crowd, weirder the better is what I say.

I feel so awkward I've resorted to this but it's honestly way harder to meet dudes than ladies here, haha.

Oh yeah, I'm a collision technician aka bodyman. So I do have a lot of tools and am also looking to get a small space with a couple guys so I can bring up my big snap on box and start a little communal collective.

IG: ryandisconnects