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    Default 2011 Honda Shadow

    I got my start riding MX bikes and moved on from there. I got my mc endorsement and picked up my first road bike a '05 cbr600rr kept it for 2 years basically destroyed it. I dropped it, slid it, stunted it, ragged it the hell out.

    My girlfriend at the time refused to ride it so I sold it go get something she would ride with me on. I let her pick it out she picked out a brand new 2011 GSXR 600 (I still to this day don't understand her logic) kept it for 2 yrs and she had enough of riding on the back so I sold it and picked up the Honda Shadow.

    I went with a left over 2011 model and I purchased it in 2013. I got the Phantom edition just a basic shaft drive 750cc vtwin with black engine trim. Put his/her mustang seats on it with backrests, crash bars, and a set of Vance n Hines pipes. Rode it for about a year like that then she came up pregnant. We had been trying for some time and i told her we had to much invested in her to go down on th bike.

    So then I started to make the bike what I wanted I cut 8" of the frame and picked up a Blue Collar Bobber springer seat kit. Picked up a new rear fender that fastens to the swing arm and keeps a real tight profile on the tire. Ordered a few sets of bars off eBay and never could find any I liked so I ended up cutting up a few pairs of what I ordered and made my own. Threw on some eBay led turns to stay legal side mounted plate with led stop/running light. Shaved passenger pegs and extended the driver pegs 4" out. Ordered a velocity stack from TJ Brutal Customs and he actually didn't have any for the EFI models at the time so I sent him measurements of my intake and he ended up machining and adding a new product to his line. I then did the PAIR mod to get rid of some useless emission BS through on a Power Commander 5 ignition/fueling unit and set up some dyno time.

    I reserved a local dyno (2hrs away) for 4 hrs and the tech and I commenced to making a new custom map for my set up. We advanced the timing 5' added fuel throughout 1st and 2nd gears, backed off fueling first half of 3rd and 4th, second half of 4th and all of 5th poured the fuel back to it. Bike ended up making 4 more hp and 5 more ft lbs of torque over baseline pull (numbers are not needed because all dynoes read different numbers even on the same bike on the same day).

    The latest thing I have done is a ebay'd bullet fairing for a dyna glide and made it work on my shadow by using some 1/8 angle iron and building off some existing holes in my top triple tree.

    Next up on the list is new paint. I'm not very creative so I've been looking at a lot of other bikes for inspiration I like the flake, lace, candy, and scallops. I just can't decide what color combos would look good with my black engine trim.

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    A few pics of the build process cutting the frame

    Seeing how the fender was gonna look

    After fender was painted and seat pan was bolted on

    Pulling the big gaudy fork covers off

    After I finally decided to cut up and build a set of bars from all the ones I ordered online

    A few pics I snapped around the house after I had it all put back together

    In the backyard at the house at sunset

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    This is the day I brought it home from the dealership and how it sits as of now

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    I keep seeing that gap under the seat on these newer chopped bikes. I think it looks awful, especially when the bike is a soft tail already. I'd try to mount that seat straight to the frame, and get rid of the gap- make it look less like an afterthought.

    Do like the new fender though, the newer shadow stock fenders look hideous, kinda like a baseball cap on backwards on the rear tire.

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    My seat is sprung I have plans of eventually building a hardtail for it and loosing my rear suspension

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    What fairing is that? and did you mount it to the forks? I got mine from LA fairing co for the sportster 48 and I am not a fan of the way it mounts.

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    I got it off eBay it was for a dyna glide think it was 30 bucks shipped. I used two existing holes on the bottom side of my top triple tree and some 1x1x1/8" angle and built off the supplied bracket with the fairing

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    This is what I purchased I guess it's for a sportster as well

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    What kind of intake is that?

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