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    I have replaced far more mechanical advance units than VOES switches as well, because they have been in use longer (since 1970 for the cone cover version). But the VOES switches are catching up fast, because they have been around long enough to start falling regularly from age.

    I think the discussion is about simplifying the wiring, and a simple ignition is part of the recipe. That doesn't make it the best ignition, however. I suppose if we want real simplicity, we could go back to hot tube ignition and atmospheric intake valves.


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    Quote Originally Posted by farmall View Post
    HEI is specifically a GM automotive ignition design though the module pinouts of the era permit Ford and Chrysler interchange (outside the distributor of course)...
    Since I kept mentioning 'Hall Effect ignitions' (here and in the 'Points in early Evo BT?' thread)I assumed that HEI was an appropriate acronym to use and wouldn't be confused with the Delco-Remy HEI (High Energy Ignition).
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