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    Default Bobber Build. Honda Shadow VLX 600. Rear Fender Questions

    So I Just recently purchased a '93 Honda Shadow VLX 600 with the intention of Bobbing it out. I plan on doing all the work myself; I have good mechanic background with some skills in welding. Not much fabrication though. I am pretty astute and feel i can pick it up pretty quickly. My question is this... whats the best way to build/install a rear fender while maintaining the ability to support a passenger, I dont plan on carrying any but would like that option just in case. I have a fender already picked out, a 9" flat steel one. But Im open for suggestions. I have seen the bolt on kits from BCB and dont really want to go that route, or any bolt on route at all. Give me some input guys! I need your help!
    What do I need to do to brace the rear fender so it will still support a passenger?

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    I picked up an '04 vlx 600 and am in the same process. My plan is to use the concept from BCB and fab my own bracket to attach the new fender to the rear shock bolt. I'm going to put a sissy on it, but have no intention of a passenger so I can't help you there. I just picked up a 7" flat fender and it fits the tire nicely, so just FYI, I think 9" will be way wide on the stock vlx tire, but I don't know what your plans are.

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