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    Default it wont stop leaking!

    My primary drain plug just won't stop leaking. Ive used thread sealer, got a new bolt, New gasket and still a steady leak. Any ideas? I hope it's not the threads. And if it is what is the step for that?

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    Hairline crack in the primary chain case near the drain hole?

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    You sure it's the primary drain plug? Everything kinda runs to that location. Wipe everything clean and eye-ball it really good
    just to make sure. If the plug tightens up, I think you have another issue.

    How the hell do you put word wrap on posts. My lines go behind the fucking ads on the right-hand side. Anybody?????

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    Frog is right everything drips to that area then off the plug itself. My 66 does the same thing from the trans and engine plugs, eventually figured that it's coming from between the cases, the sealant does eventually erode over time and can leak oil. The fact that my kicker shaft housing is all but snapped off doesn't help.

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    Well that looks like it may be it. What am I looking at work wise to replace the sealant between the cases? Better to bring it in or try it myself? Also if it's leaking from the starter could it work it's way down?

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    Leaking from the starter would pool on the top of the cases near the rear cylinder, it's very unlikely. if you meant the generator it could but would be easy to diagnose just by sight/touch underneath near the case.

    Splitting the cases is very involved and costly, it CAN be done at home but probably better left since it's basically a full engine rebuild requiring tear down and removal of every component to do so. But hey perfect opportunity to check everything out and make sure there's no other problems.

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    Welcome to the club!!! Mines been leaking from between the cases for 3 years now! As alex said, its a full teardown to split the cases.

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