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    Default 95' Sporty Build

    Well hello Gents and Gals,

    Recently found a 1995 Sportster 1200XL off craigslist for $3,000. I looked into it and found it had 8,400 miles on it. Not a bad deal right? I'm thinking of keeping the soft tail for a bit and just simply making it my own. Want to change the handle bars to H bars, new seat and chop chop chop that rear fender. Also gonna relocate the tail light and license plate to a shock or axle mount. And here we go.

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    Default Day 2 of Build.

    First things first drained all the oils, brake fluid and all. Noticed the brake line were those stock copper style with rubber cover and saw one had been pinched. So i ordered some Goodridge stainless steel ones. Then it was onto the handle bar swap. Purchased some Biltwell H-Bars really easy bolted right onto the triple tree screws.

    Then took off that stock air filter system and replaced it with a Arlen Ness Big Sucker Kit. Added 21% more horespower.

    Next i moved onto wiring up my license plate mount and tail light onto the shock mount. Looked a lot better, now jus to chop that rear fender and fender struts. Also took it for a quick ride today ran great.

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    Need some help with a good turn signals cant decide for the rear fender struts.?

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    Yeah thats pretty much the plan Bernie. I'm not to great with wiring schematics and living in NY you need everything turn signals, mirrors but i feel like I have too much stuff on my bars, want to reduce it all somehow.

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    Nah i actually don't have a diagram for it. Need to find one though

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisFinn22 View Post
    Nah i actually don't have a diagram for it. Need to find one though
    Search the forum for "sporty rewire".

    There is a very kick ass, very detailed thread with wiring schematics that makes it super simple based on what you want to run. What I did and the same way they do it in the thread is to get the stock wiring diagram from the factory manual and just highlight the shit you need and cut the rest. I'm in the middle of a rewire myself and once I got it all apart and matched it up to the wiring diagram it was cake figuring out what I needed to remove and what I needed to keep.

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    Is the picture by the river Peekskill? Have fun with the bike. Can't wait to get mine to the Hawks Nest by the Delaware river.


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    This is the Hawks nest hah

    Quote Originally Posted by zarco View Post
    Is the picture by the river Peekskill? Have fun with the bike. Can't wait to get mine to the Hawks Nest by the Delaware river.


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    Default Progess

    Picked up some new Turn signals and then,

    Decidied to Chop that rear fender and fender struts, not done with the design but just straight cut. Picked up some 11.5in progressive shocks too from a craigslist trade for my stock ones.

    Then went for a cold 30 degree ride but on the way back it was a comfy 45.

    Really want to clean up my wires and stuff. I have biltwell grips and seat on the way tomorrow, and then some Dk customs tank liftm iginition relocation and horn relocation kits. Really excited ill keep on updating as I go.

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    Default Biltwell Day

    Hell of a day today, Biltwell care package came in and wow it really did change it up. My Sportsters is coming together.

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    nice bike. do that fender and finish it off plz

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    Default Big changes/update

    Lot of things has changed since last post.
    Fender struts are back on
    King and queen seat is killer
    12in apes to actually fit me
    Swapped out the forks for some 8 overs
    8 overs are old 70s narrow glides that I rebuilt and shaved down

    Taking a lot of shape will update with pics

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    Default New Paint

    Paint is def an art form and I have learned a lot. I was trying to get that crackling/bubble with the grey and it turned out awesome. Well i think so. i used mostly rustoleoum and then 2 part spray max 2K for clear.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice! Looking good so far but I want to open hand slap that headlight like it owes me money.

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    Hah actually I changed the headlight with the new 8 over. No more boner headlight.

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    Final Mock up pic, just little rewire to do.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image1.jpg 
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