Rebuilt my 69, got it all ready to run now but not getting any spark from the mag.

Went through all the tests I know and only thing I see wrong is that the points aren't grounding when they're closed. As far as I know there is supposed to be continuity to the case when the points are closed. Anyone know why or how to fix this?

I'm just gonna list everything out here I've done.

Coil wire has cont to ground
Coil spring doesnt have cont to ground
Kill stud to case doesnt have cont
Condenser wire doesnt have cont to case
Kill stud to internal kill wire has cont
Points wire stud doesnt have cont to case

Only other thing is the points spring which should have cont when closed yet doesn't.

Any help is much appreciate, want to get this thing fired up tonight!

Also, it's been recharged, new coil, condenser, and points.