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Hmmmm - so the affectionately referred to Taiwan Ted - is this the cheap version?
I am pretty dam sure there are two versions out there.

Furthermore the shortage is only in the American market.
The quality ones come from "Eastern Europe" and you can buy them all day long and come with a German proof of quality mandated by their version of DOT.

So with that I will leave it alone. If you want one it shouldn't take too long to figure out how to get your hands on a set - you just gotta pay a bit of a premium.
No there are definitely not too versions
Tedds sold the same ones as W&W
Tedds was the only US distributor of the springers
meaning he supplied everyone in the US that was selling them such as shops like 45 parts depot and my place etc
The springers were made in Poland and at some point production was moved to the netherlands