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    Default Chain & belt conversion tech

    Belt to chain / Chain to belt conversions:
    Converting to a belt or chain? Post the process up.

    Belt to Chain

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    my first post here. nice tutorial. did anybody do this conversation on a 2007or later modell?

    i know the kits from storz and zipper but they are soooo expensive. so my question is whitch chainpulleys and space fit on actuall modells.

    regards p

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    Get in touch with the guys at pbi sprockets . I did mine (09 sportster) pieced it together from them and ebay for $ 190

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe78 View Post
    Get in touch with the guys at pbi sprockets . I did mine (09 sportster) pieced it together from them and ebay for $ 190
    hi joe,

    thx. do you have some partnumbers or links for me?

    do you have a 1200ccm? how many tooth have your front sprocket and the rear?

    zipper offer kits with front 25 or 26 and rear from 52 to 56. basically there are some differences in the transmission of the belt for 883 and 1200 ccm sporties. i remember the 883 have 1 tooth less.

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    What model are you doing this to? Many times a particular model was available in both belt and chain. Many times the swap only involves the parts from the one you're converting too... sprocket, chain or belt, and wheel spacer. The output shaft may need spacers and or a shaft collar... depends on the model.

    Of course... this could be one of those times, trying to save money ends up costing more in the end. By the time you get all the parts together through different sellers each with it's own shipping the time and frustration spent getting everything spaced up, or made to be spaced up right... you just bought the kit to convert it. I've ran across this type of thing too many times... thinking it'll be cheaper and probably not all that bad, and end up wishing I just bit the fucking bullet when all was said and done. haha

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