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    Default How To: Lengthened rear drum brake rod xs650

    This is a quick and dirty DIY for those with longer swing arms or stretched hardtails.

    You will need 1/4" steel rod in the appropriate length you are requiring.
    This can be Stainless if you plan not to paint or powder coat or even polish as it will come up like chrome with some elbow grease.

    First You need to take some of the stock parts that are going to be used on the new brake rod.
    The clevis needs to be removed from the old brake rod by cutting the rod in half and then spreading the end of the clevis so that you can slide it off.

    You also need to keep the end spring, adjuster Nut and lever Pin as well as the actuator arm obviously.

    On to making the new rod.

    First you will need a couple threading dies for the rod. I used a 1/4" any pitch thread just to turn down the end of the rod enough so that you will be able to start the M6x1.0 (insure to use a lubricate of some sort it will save your tools and make the job easier)

    Cut the thread cut into the rod the same distance and the old thread plus the distance to the old spring stop. You will be adding a nut here to act as the new spring stop. (I made sure to Locktite it you can give it a quick spot weld if you wish.

    You can now assemble this end to insure it all fits together nicely.

    Now you can get to the other end. Now you need to mark where the rod needs to be bent to hold the clevis in the correct location for the length you need for your brake. I used a sharpie to mark this.

    Make sure to drill out the old clevis with a 1/4" bit so that it slips over the new rod.

    I then bent the rod end at the desired length(make sure the clevis is on the rod before bending.

    Then cut it as square as possible.

    You can now slide the clevis back and pinch it closed over the end of the rod.

    I will be tacking a couple welds here to make sure it's not going anywhere.

    Enjoy your new brake rod

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    I have a stock brake rod for a rear drum. wondering if anyone has one that is extended 4 inches. I would trade for my stock length or buy it cash. I just need the rod itself as I have all other Parts

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