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    Default Broken Sprocket Garage

    Sportster bare bones wiring harnesses and other electrical trickery products for late model H-D's.

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    Custom Sportster and late model EVO wiring harnesses. All high quality wire throughout, all terminals are crimped, soldered and heat shrunk. You choice of plastic coated or cloth coated wiring. All wire ends are flagged and labeled for easy installation.
    On my Sporster harnesses, for those with OEM nosecone ignition, I have installed the correct deutsch plug. Just plug it in, done. Took care of the Bank Angle Sensor wire too!
    I can make your harness for points, Daytona Twin TEc, Dyna, Crane whatever you want. Handmade battery cables with auxiliary wire. Off/run/start switches allow you to eliminate stock handlebar switch housings. Lots of options available. I offer full technical support with all my harnesses.
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    Here is an off/run/start switch with the correct terminal to plug directly into your starter solenoid. Extra eye terminals and shrink tubing for the other connections to the ignition switch.
    14ga wire in heavy vinyl conduit.
    Now you can eliminate the starter relay on your EVO or Sportster. This switch is rated at 30amps. I also sell mounting tabs for this switch. Harness in picture is 40" long, but I can make it any length or color you want. Cloth braided wire also available.
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    Broken Sprocket Garage is an independent motorcycle repair shop in East Aurora, NY. Owned and operated by me, David Roberts since 2010. A real one man show, and family operated business. I have earned my living as a mechanic since 2001. NY State licensed repair and inspection station, HD and Ducati Factory trained tech, also ASE certified Truck Technician.
    Custom made wire harnesses for XL and Evo HD's.

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    So, I have an 06 Sportster. I want a bare bones harness, but keep the bank angle sensor. What does that look like cost wise? The work looks solid.

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    PM sent!

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    want to keep voes and bank angle sensor.. how much?

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    Prices vary a little because of type of wire (cloth or regular), switches needed, fuses or circuit breakers, etc. Starting somewhere around $200, and I need a core harness. I do a lot of wiring repairs in my shop, and I use some of the parts within the stock harness.
    I also have great pricing on the other associated parts, like Ignition systems, charging system components, battery cables, hydraulic brake switches and others.
    I can also make custom harnesses for EVO Big Twin H-D's.

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    Oct 2010


    Dave's a real stand up guy. I got my overdue NYS inspection done on the spot last time I was there and would trust his work on my bike if I was still in the area.

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    Thanks ATO! Stop in next time you are in town.

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    Can you make a harness for a Honda 750 sohc?

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    How much is the custom harness for the Evo Sportster with Dyna ignition. It only has a taillight and headlight

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    Having trouble viewing your thread, want to contact you concerning wiring harness for 85 fxwg, my e-mail is cell 1-303-550-5241

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    Quote Originally Posted by 52blakew View Post
    Having trouble viewing your thread, want to contact you concerning wiring harness for 85 fxwg, my e-mail is cell 1-303-550-5241
    email sent.

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    I was just reading through this thread and wanted to ad my .02, Dave is a awesome guy. I haven't purchased his product yet however just in my experience of inquiring into his product he was extremely friendly and more than willing to answer my stupid questions. from what I have seen his products look great and based on my pre-purchase experience I WILL definitely be Using him for the final rewire of my 96 sporty. Thanks for being an great guy Dave!

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    Jul 2014


    Received my harness from Dave the other day and immediately upon opening it I was impressed with the neatness, packaging, and construction of the harness. I normally avoid wiring like the plague, and the stock harness definitely doesn't help that, but with Dave's diagram, several pages of instructions, and his phone number I am more than ready to dive in. He also included a bag of stickers and other assorted swag. I removed 95% of the stock harness tonight after work, and will probably start the install with pictures tomorrow or Thursday. Overall my first impressions were of a quality handmade product with excellent customer/technical support behind it.

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    Dave made a harness for me for my '02 Sporty chop. He included a very easy to understand diagram, additional ring terminals, zip ties and basically everything needed to wire the bike right up. The harness is extremely clean in the box and on the bike. He sends it in a few different pieces. It made the wiring job as simple and clear as could be.
    He also promptly responded to my embarrassingly boneheaded questions regarding bike wiring and has also promptly responded to a few electrical questions that weren't related at all to the harness he sold me.
    Also, he sold me my front end for a pretty killer deal.
    He will absolutely be selling me the harness for my next project.

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    Jun 2015


    Just ran into this thread & I'm not able to see attachments that were posted so I have to ask what's Anyway I have a '91 HD sporty I need help with, I'm trying to get this done on my own as im injured from an accident on the 29th (got cut off) crashed my '04 sporty so now i'm just broke with nothing to do but work on my '91 sporty 1200. Please pm me or email me whatever you guys can to help out... I'm trying to install a fuse bar & turn signals with key, hi/lo headlight switch, tach & obviously power to/from starter & rectifier. Clearly im a newb lol... My email is Thanks in advance.

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    Broken Sprocket Garage is bustin' at the seams!! If you need to get a hold of me regarding a custom wire harness for any HD, XS650, or Honda CB, GL, etc contact me at
    Instagram #brokensprocketgarage
    shop phone 716-713-4505
    snail mail:
    Broken Sprocket Garage
    660 Persons St.
    East Aurora, NY
    FTW, Davey Sprocket

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    I just found an interesting bones's used in late model H-D's . I did not see this before.

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