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    Default How to: Make a tiny static timing light for points

    I needed to make a static timing light for points. So I decided; why not make a tut for you guys and make it really tiny and portable... as a road tool.

    So you're out on the road; and you have every tiny tool you can fit in your tool bag but no timing light... Well, now you can if you follow these steps.

    Things needed:
    Heat shrink or just use tape
    Dual ended alligator clip
    Small LED lamp
    9V battery
    Small case

    Most if not all of these things; can be found laying around your house in a junk drawer or in your shop.

    Tape LED lead to positive on the 9V battery and cut the alligator clip wire in half

    Twist one of the alligator clip wires and LED wire together and heat shrink or use tape.

    Attach other alligator clip wire to negative on 9V battery



    Packed not much larger than an average lighter.

    Now go have a cold 33.

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    Very good idea ! I think I have an LED just like that in my junk drawer.

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    Thanks! Good post!

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    The very cool thing about this light instead of the usual "bulb and some leads" which rely on the motorcycle wiring and a charged bike battery is you can use it anywhere and static time your ignition on the bench if you want.

    No motorcycle battery or charging system etc. needed.

    Takes minutes to make, saves labor, I like it.

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    Cool Farmall glad you find it handy; I set timing yesterday with it and I couldn't even tell visually the points broke contact except for the bulb change... so you can really dial in static timing with these things, spark advance timing requires a strobe but all day long on static this thing is the deal.

    Couple of tips for those new to these things.

    Set point gap first.

    On the bike your clip points are going to be one on the case and one of the points spring, then you turn on the key and rotate the crank counter clockwise and watch the bulb as you're on the compression stroke, then check your timing mark alignments, then adjust your points plate advanced or retarded from there.

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