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    Here's another excuse to drink with bikers.

    Hey CC, I know I'm new around here but a friend of mine and I have been putting together a little series of nights together that we thought some of y'all might be interested in. We're calling it Loose Screw Seminars and our first few have gone off swimmingly. The idea of the series is basically to give people an excuse to get together and learn something new about motorcycles, motorcycling, or just BS in general over a few tasty beverages and maybe make a few new friends. We're always taking suggestions for nights you think is a good idea. Hell, if you wanna teach one or you know someone with awesome stories, pass it on to us and we'll set one up.

    So far the sessions we've done have been on maintenance 101 and Electrics 101. Two weeks ago we put on a bar night with Hugh Mackie of 6th Street specials on Life, British Bikes, NYC history, and anything else you could think of. It was truly a wonderful evening with some amazing stories about New York in the 80's, finding a perfect Gold Star, and why you shouldn't ride when you're f*cked up.

    Anyways, on to more fun things. We've got a great seminar coming up next THURS. APRIL 25th @ LADY JAY'S BAR in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

    If you've ever had even the slightest desire to race motorcycles or do a track day, this is the seminar for you. We've got road, sidecar, flat track, and off road racers who are pitching in their time to break down what it takes to get on to a track and going fast.

    A chunk of the proceeds will be going to the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire Welcome.

    We've also got some killer food being served up by our friend Ry, formerly of Cine Meccanica fame.

    Click the pic for more info.

    Lastly, in epic news

    WE'VE GOT DAVE ROPER ON BOARD FOR A FUTURE NIGHT OF FUN! If you're not familiar with Dave, he's the only American Isle of Man TT winner and is awesome. He's agreed to share a bunch of his favorite stories for less than the price of taking him out to Peter Lugers so stay tuned for more on that.
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    Pretty awesome idea, if I were closer, I would attend

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    Thanks man, we're really happy with how it's been going so far. Especially the night with Hugh.

    Just a few of the ideas we've been kicking around are things like
    - History of choppers in NYC
    - Carb and Exhaust tuning and maintenance 101
    - When Shit Goes Wrong: Dealing with problems/crashes like you have a clue
    - How to make a seat

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    Nice, I'm literally around the corner from J's. Great idea dude.

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