Beginning January 1, 2013, will be owned and operated by KaiStream Inc. KaiStream is a social-media management company with the staff and financing to do things for ChopCult Billdozer and I never could. KaiStream is not a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but specialists in running sites like this one. ChopCult’s new owners are impressed with the community spirit of the site and have told us any subtle changes they might make will be months down the road, and will be done in the interest of keeping ChopCult growing and thriving just as it does today.

So, what does this mean to ChopCult members? Of course, the new owners pledge never to sell or share any personal information of our 25,000 members and nearly 175,000 monthly visitors, and all content will remain intact. In months to come, KaiStream may make improvements to the forum and/or classifieds that we haven’t been able to execute due to lack of time and financing.

Two current ChopCult features that aren't making the cut are the miles redemption and CC merch stores. Members have until January 31, 2013 to cash in accumulated miles on their odometer for prizes in the redemption store, and we’ll satisfy orders for t-shirts and other ChopCult merch through the same date. On February 1 the odometers will exist to quantify your involvement on ChopCult for other members.

If you are an active ChopCult member, new ownership is committed to keeping the site your favorite online home. Casual visitors and hard-core members alike are unlikely to notice any significant changes, and that’s a good thing. KaiStream will reach out to active members for assistance with moderation and content generation as soon as other business is handled, but you don't have to wait. To volunteer your name or just join the conversation, please weigh in on this thread. Moderators and new ownership will respond to answer questions and hear good ideas when they are given.

To the thousands of friends, contributors, industry players, fellow builders and bikeriders we’ve met through over the years, thanks for your support. We look forward to participating on here as members, and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

Billdozer and Halwade