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    Default Any Groups in Houston That Build or Ride

    I've wanted a motorcycle all my life but never could afford it, Now at 50 years old I dove right in. I bought a 95 Vulcan and rebuilt it and love riding. I wanted to turn it into a chopper/bobber but it's in great shape so I want to build another bike to chop. I also have the 95 Evo I'm rebuilding and lack experience.

    My problem is that I go into some of these shops and they look at me like I got a foot growing outta my forehead and generally grunt answers to questions unless it's a dollar amount. I'd like to find a group in Houston that builds there own bikes, somewhere I can get knowledge from and bounce ideas off of and hopefully ride with. Maybe some wrench parties.

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    I get what you are saying about attitudes. Hell, there even are folks on this forum that think simple questions = waste of thier time. And thats how the biker world, or any other culture, can be. There is nothng worse than someone that thinks he is gods gift to bike building and they treat you like you arent worth the time. What I have seen over the last 10-20 years are indy shop owners or so called bikers that think their shit dont stink and treat you like your are ignorant when simple questions are asked, and thats how folks get turned off to the culture

    Bikers are like any other slice of our culture. Some are in to what it means, some think they are tough guys or know it all

    My recommendation is cruise the local shops, bike runs, bars and hang outs. Houston is a huge city, and I am absolutely sure you will find the type of folks that are there to help out. Fuck the folks that think thier biz, opinions or advice is made of gold......

    Most of all, when you do learn, pass it on in a helpful way. Good luck

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    You are sooooooo right. This guy acted like he didn't wanna make money by selling me anything because I wasn't "worthy". I've been in a lot of cultures from hunting to woodworking and by far the worst have been bikers. It may just be my perception though and I hope it is. Hell, the grom guys have been more helpful. Hopefully the billy bad ass attitude doesn't kill the culture, it is what it is though.
    Thanks for the reply, docmel and I'll keep the faith down here and if it means bars I'm all in.

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