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    Default Any 33'ers in lower Westchester, Bronx?

    Fuck man Im tired of ridin solo.....Im here stranded in Da Bronx (otherwise fondly referred to by me as "Satan's Asshole, U.S.A" and i aint got no one nearby the Bronx Westchester line to knock handlebars with.....who's out here.....i kno..i kno...Junk Pile or Brolodex the meantime im gonne keep ridin my sled listenin to Hank....get to me if ur close by....Yonkers, White Plains, Bx...

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    I used to work in peekskill/ossining and live in newburgh. I rode across bear mtn every day to work and saw one guy on a hardtail chop with apes occasionally. It was all black, whitewalls with some red mixed in there somewhere. Lots of guys riding bikes up that way, but he was the only guy I ever saw who didn't ride a basically stock bike.

    I live in Jersey now though. Check the northeast map in this section.

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