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    Default (tanks, fenders, and other parts)

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    We realize that If we're going to make a go of this we have to put customers first. Please let us know how we can improve on something.

    our commitment to you:
    Fair prices
    Fast Shipping
    Communication with the customer
    If we make a mistake, we will fix it.

    Please check back as we are rapidly expanding our catalog with Triumph parts, Builders parts, Seats and Bars.

    Narrow Sportster tanks

    Wassell style tank with deep tunnel

    wassell style with mid tunnel

    14ga stamped british style ribbed fender....bomb proof!
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    Fender on Avon SM 16X5.00

    Fender on Avon 18X4.00
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    We're working hard to expand our stock. we now have AMAL carbs, PWK carbs, misc. triumph motor parts, Bars, grips, Exhaust and headlights headlights.

    check it out!!!!
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    All that shit looks badass

    Does that fender come in that bronze color???

    any chance of making a tank with 2003 mounts??

    nice work!

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    I think you're seeing the results of poor lighting. the fenders are steel, no bronze...

    as for mounting to a 03 Sportster frame, with minimal mods (drilling a few holes) it should mount up. The tank will have no problem fitting the backbone

    send me a PM if you have specific questions or need some tips

    Thanks for checking us out.
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    Default Throttle Addiction Christmas Giveaway!!!

    'tis the season of giving, and Throttle Addiction is giving one chopper freak a Christmas present they won't soon forget!

    One chop filled mega package consisting of a Tank, Fender, Seat, handlebars and T-shirt (just to keep you lookin sharp)

    The best part?! You pick the tank, you pick the fender, you pick the seat and you pick the handlebars! (all from the TA store or Biltwell Product like)

    Just like your youth, you got to wait until christmas! winner announched 12/25/12 on the website.

    Each person can enter twice, once with your e-mail, and one more bonus entry if you like us on Facebook.

    Enter Here
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    Oct 2012


    very nice wassle style tank. well built

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    i just picked up a narrow frisco wassell style and a narrow axed tank from Zach. they looks great! Can't wait to sling some paint on these suckers. And, you can't find these abnywhere else! thanks man!!


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    Sep 2012


    you guys have any plans to do a frisco'd rregular wassell

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    yes, we are working on a frisco wassell. In the meantime we have lots of tank fab parts and are teaming up with a great fabricator. Let us know what you'd like and we can get it done and shipped out to your liking. Email or PM me for more details on custom tank requests.

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    Feb 2010


    I just noticed y'all changed your pictures on the advertisements on this site. I dug the bronze looking pics. It was almost like another brand or something I associated y'all with. Oh well. The new pics look good too.

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    Oct 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by Nosebleed View Post

    Anybody else have any pics of either the mid-mount or narrow frisco wassel tank mounted up?

    I am dreaming about these at night and want to see them mounted up on a pre-04 Sporty frame.
    Hey Nosebleed I just ordered and received the narrow frisco. Man I'm talking about super fast shipping and Zack is awesome he answered all of my questions quick via PMs. Bro, I must say the tank is very well made and there is a thread somewhere on the CC with lots of mounted pics. I'm going to try to get mine mounted on my GD build this weekend I'll post pics on my build thread but it's a Triumph.

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    Jun 2014


    I've run the narrowed Sporty tanks on a lot of builds and never let's me down. Excellent build quality and seriously cool people. Only thing I've experienced is that the cheap little red handle petcock that came with it almost always ends up leaking a little - but thatshe not TA's fault. Definitely do business with these guys!

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    Lots of new parts added but here are some of the latest and greatest.

    Throttle Addiction Nationbilt Grips CHECK 'EM OUT!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0878.jpg 
Views:	3 
Size:	181.0 KB 
ID:	69835Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0881.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	162.8 KB 
ID:	69836

    Throttle Addiction Short Barrel Grips CHECK 'EM OUT!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0872.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	131.2 KB 
ID:	69837Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0873.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	179.4 KB 
ID:	69838Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0877.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	194.1 KB 
ID:	69839

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    We've added a bunch of new bars to our arsenal. All are available in non dimpled for older HDs and customs, and Dimpled for late model HD running stock hand controls that require a relief for wiring.

    Hell Diver handlebars

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0844.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	123.9 KB 
ID:	69840

    Low Bob Handlebars

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0854.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	111.0 KB 
ID:	69841

    Speedway handlebars

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0833.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	106.7 KB 
ID:	69842

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    Whats up guys, attached are some new bars we developed. Simple clean 11" Tall T- Bars available in black and chrome dimpled or non dimpled. 1" Diameter, 26" wide, 11" tall and spaced 3.5" for Harley triple trees. The T bars are all TIG welded with 1/2" X 13 TIP threaded bungs. Check em out here
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0141.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	137.5 KB 
ID:	82477
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_DSC0143.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	134.4 KB 
ID:	82478
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TbarChr.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	292.7 KB 
ID:	82479
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TBar1.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	115.3 KB 
ID:	82480

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    Its been a minute but I figured I'd post up some updates on Throttle Addiction. I'm guessing many of you know but we relocated a few years ago to Eau Claire Wisconsin. Thanks to all of you folks we have dont some substantial growing. Heres a photo of our crew.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TA_Employee_Photo_Aug-2020_Color.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	296.4 KB 
ID:	106257

    Our other big news is that we acquired the the rights to the Evolution Sportster Hardtail Kits designed by the Haifley Bros in Phoenix Arizona. Doug and Kelly have been good friends and business associates over the years and late in 2019 they approached me and said that they were ready to move on from the motorcycle parts production business and focus their energy on the custom car portion of their business. We stuck a deal and just like that Throttle Addiction was in the manufacturing business.

    We crated up all the fixtures, jigs and equipment, moved it to our shop in Eau Claire and began tooling up. I purchased some new equipment, Hired a bad ass TIG welder / fabricator and off we went.

    We're bringing back the full line of Haifley Brothers parts, now branded under Throttle Addiction. Additionally, We just got set up and are not producing the full seat line that makes this hardtail kit so user friendly. We weld out all the sportster and shovelhead hardtail frames in our facility. Certain components are outsourced and produced on CNC machinery to ensure accuracy and repeatability. I am super excited to bring this line under the Throttle Addiction Umbrella and Thank the Doug and Kelly from Haifley Bros for their continued support as we take ownership of their well designed products.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4220.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	284.6 KB 
ID:	106251
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4558.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	290.6 KB 
ID:	106252
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4861.jpg 
Views:	1 
Size:	289.9 KB 
ID:	106253
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_5870.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	282.6 KB 
ID:	106255
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    Any plans to do a full size frisco wassell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM View Post
    Any plans to do a full size frisco wassell?
    In the works, might be a bit.

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