So I've been meaning to do this for a bit now and finally got around to doing it the last couple of days. For those that wear the vintage helmets you know that they shit kinda goofy on your head and like to balloon up when your on the freeway. I relined one of my helmets a while back but it took some time in doing and I knew there was an easier and faster way to do it, so I sat down the other day and worked out a new easier way to reline your vintage lid. It's pretty easy to do and doesnt cost to much for the supplys either and you dont have to have any expensive equipment. All you need is some material of your choosing, spray adhesive and an old shirt again of your choosing. I started out using some elmers spray adhesive but then found my good stuff that works much better.
This is the stuff I used. Its only a couple bucks at Joanns.

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So since I had already relined one helmet I used that for some of my measurements for front and back height. My measurements were 4 1/2" front and 3 1/2" back. I got the original pattern from the lining that was alredy in the helmet.

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It's gonna differ from helmet sizes so I would say play with it a little. My helmets were small and the other s/m so I would assume you might need to make them a little bigger for a large helmet. After I got the height I measured around the helmet for the length.

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I ended up cutting it down about four inches so it would fit. I didnt take into account the foam thickness. I then measured out on my foam and made my design. I used 1" foam for this part.