I say rebuild because it's already been hardtailed, so I'm tearing this bike down and reassembling it piece by piece. Some of you might recognize it, I bought it off another member not too long ago. I was originally going to just go over the bike to make sure everything was tight and working before riding the hell out of it, but there was enough that I wanted to change, fix or replace that I figured I'd just break the whole thing down and start from scratch, one section at a time. So here goes my rebuild pictorial - I apologize for all of the pictures, I get carried away. If it's too much I'll slow it down.

Starting with the rear and moving forward, I stripped everything from the motor back. But first thing is first. A work table!

Home sweet home:

Started by removing the rear wheel, brake linkages, battery and electronics box, etc.:

Cleaned up the frame - welds look good and it's powdercoated, so I just cleaned it up:

Thorough cleaning of the stock brake pedal linkages, and back on the bike:

Next to strip the battery and electronics box:

All stripped and sanded, ready for paint:

While the paint was drying, I made some new seat mounts and got the seat affixed back on the bike:

Battery box painted and back on the bike:

All three pieces back on the bike and ready to go:

That's it for now, I was going to put the wheel back on but the drum is completely shot and one of the shims is cracked (which nobody sells), so I'll have to find a replacement junk yard wheel and hub before it can go back on. I also sanded down the rear fender but haven't decided on paint yet, so that's staying off. But, everything else is back together so next I'll be moving to the motor.