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    ..............On February 29 (Leap Year!) yours truly will select his top 5 and post these entries on another thread in which everyone can vote for their favorite.

    This popular vote will be open until March 15, at which point the poll will close and 1st and 2nd-place winners will be determined.

    The two most popular submissions will receive a substantial prize package that includes a book or two from my personal stash, some rusty old motorcycle parts and at least a couple brand-new ChopCult t-shirts and stickers.
    So, um where is this other thread, or poll at ? I've looked around to no avail, newest poll is like 2 months old, 'tis the 3rd of March, I thought the voting would begin on Feb. 29th or 30th ? I know Bill Hates Me, but amI missing something ? Dazed & Confused.
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