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    Default TECH: Make your own custom length cables

    figured id share this here - i agree we need more tech / build stuff - only one way thats going to happen - we post it....

    a friend of mine asked me to show him how to make up cables so he didnt have to either pay out for custom cables or have yards of spare on his bike.

    its fairly self explanitory, but like all stuff - if nobody has ever told you then its a black art.

    i buy the longest universal cables available and cut em down [specific brake or clutch, get the right thickness]

    solder and bakers fluid - dont use fluxcore its not upto the job

    use a propper old fashioned soldering iron not a pissy little electric thing

    feed the cable through the nipple and splay the ends out so i cant fall / pull out

    heat from the side with the soldering iron - for this job you dot need to put solder directly onto the iron
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