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    I am still going on with my 75 ironhead build, it has been 2 years so far and still going.

    The motor is stock stroke with +.010 Jim;s pistons 10.5:1
    S&S heavy duty rods
    Stock flywheels
    Jim's mainshaft crankpin and pinion shaft
    Andrews R5 cams
    Andrews pushrods
    CV carb
    Karata primary belt drive
    Barnett scorpion clutch
    hydrolic clutch conversion
    Trock trap door and shifter pawl ( yes ron trock stuffs)
    Andrews close ratio transmission gears, mainshaft, and idler shaft

    Things I am still going to get done
    biasly roller rocker arms
    dual fire heads
    gapless 2nd ring on both pistons

    I took the kick start off since my knees are messed up from my time in the Navy and I rather ride than kick over a highcomp bike anyday of the week.

    It is not a cheap setup even keeping in mind that I bought most of the parts over time on the classified ads here and over on the jockey journal.

    The bottom end was balanced and put together by Dragstews and the rest has ben slowly put together by me.
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