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    Default From boxes to back roads

    Quick summary of my situation then the rest of the story. Ok ill try and make this quick. Wife and I are deep in debt, wife lost job, found out was prego soon after, credit cards bills took a back seat. UP until now I had no bike. Told the wife getting a cheap cycle would pay for itself if used as a commuter so she agreed but I had a very tight budget to work with.

    This brings my current state. Tomorrow I pick up a 1978 cb750, in a box. I found it on clist for $300. Talked to the guy, he bought it for a cafe build but after dissasembling it he lost interest. So considering I already owned at one time the exact same bike, down to year and color I felt safe getting this.

    Motor is bored to what he said was 900cc but im thinking its actually 8 something. Comes complete minus center stand and seat. Big freaking whoop. I told him how buying a basket case is a high risk, so he knocked $50 off.

    So this will be the beginning of the first stage of my build. Like I said money is tight so it will be along the lines of simple and quick so I can get it on the rode. Might go brat stylish seeing a hardtail would stretch the build much longer then wanted right now and a cafe build is also a possibility but I worry getting a cafe seat or making one will cost to damn much.

    Im thinking now some short shocks or struts, custom seatpan and seat, some cool bars, and a few rattle cans of your favorite matte finish paint and Ill be on the road. Would like to get an idea of what you all did on the cheap or ideas on what I could do? Ill add progress picks as I go
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