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    Default FUCK: Fucking ironhead clutch!!!!!!!

    OK, I have tried letter for letter what the manual says (literally about 25 times). I have tried all of the adjusting how-tos I can find on the internet, including here, Jockey and xlforums - some include the two turns in, some don't. NOTHING WORKS! I just had it in the shop where they put in a whole new clutch, all new spacers etc. When I got it back from them it still dragged and wanted to creep with the clutch lever all the way pulled.

    Like I said I have tried the HD manual version which says the lever will be adjusted (or may need minor adjustment) when done with the adjuster screw. I have tried loosening the cable up and leaving it loose until I've done the adjustment (1/4-1/2 turn from contact). Neither work. Following the manual gives the poorest result.

    The closest I can get is literally leaving the adjuster screw in 1 3/4 turns clockwise.

    The results so far are:

    1. Creeping with clutch pulled, dies as it should when clutch lever is released. or
    2. Creeping with clutch pulled, idles in place when lever is released. or
    3. Does not creep with clutch pulled, idles in place when lever is released.

    What the FUCK!

    So now I have tried, the shop has tried and my buddy who rides an Ironhead daily and is a mechanic has tried.

    BTW it's a '73.
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