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  1. Also does anyone know if the 83 yamaha maxim...

    Also does anyone know if the 83 yamaha maxim wheels will work on an 83 XS 650?
  2. Those are the mag wheels with a disc. I wouldn't...

    Those are the mag wheels with a disc. I wouldn't mind switching to those but i need a drum brake for the back.
  3. 83 XS650 Heritage Special Wheels worth the hassle?

    Hey all. I am trying to get my bike back on the road, and it needs new rubber for sure. I am fairly certain it's riding on the same tires it came out of the factory with. It's an 83 Heritage Special...
  4. XS650 Petcock is leaking like a sieve

    Hey, so my 83 xs650 is draining fuel into the carb at a drastic rate. Form what the mechanic said it was a vacume petcock that in the off position just let it all drain. From what I understand they...
  5. Anyone in the Milwaukee area to help with a tire change?

    Hey I am riding a 83 XS 650 that is in dire need of some new tires. My cheap ass found a pretty good deal for a set that will fit my stock rims but I have never changed a tire or balanced a wheel...
  6. Anyone Else Learning the Basics of Wrenching in Milwaukee

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of motorcycle maintenance, and of course chopping.

    I have an 83 XS650 that is currently not operational (only because...
  7. Do i have to cut off my XS mufflers?

    So i have an 83 XS and i am slowly working on it. I took my pipes off in an effort to clean up the rust and saw that the bottoms of the mufflers are a bit rusted through

    After a bit of research i...
  8. How Come My Bloody Brakes Won't Bleed?

    So my XS got some new breaks i have bled them for like hours and hours and i am still not getting any pressure on them. I got a new caliper, shoes and master cylinder from mike's...could it be the...
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    Looking for a hand in Milwaukee WI

    Hey Guys, I have an 83 XS 650 and am looking to make it street safe...I need to make it able to stop but i have very limited tools and experience. I am hoping to find someone who knows how to get my...
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