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  1. Yes please.

    Yes please.
  2. Kustom Research Cafe Racer Update

    Still going strong on this cafe build. Since the last update, I've managed to make a new seat, and license plate mount. I made my own tail light and turn signals machining them from billet aluminum,...
  3. KUSTOM RESEARCH Cafe Racer Update

    Heavy into the fabrication of this build! Some of the most recent things that were built and not bought were: Exhaust, frame/tail extension, master cylinder mount, gauge mount, rear cowl, voltage...
  4. Kustom Research Cafe Racer Update

    Well it's not much of an update, progress is still slow. I finished my jig and have got the neck cut off. It's ready to go back together with a new neck angle of 24 degrees as opposed to the stock 30...
  5. Kustom research greasy dozen entry update

    Update on my build is not much of an update. I got sent to China for a few weeks for work, so not much progress. I did manage to find a Harley dealer in Shanghai. Everything is expensive in China,...
  6. Kustom Research Cafe Racer Build Update

    Finally getting started on this build! Thanks to Bear and Chop Cult for putting this together, and to all the participating sponsors. I'm starting at the front of the sportster, ditching the stock...
  7. Getting started on my build. I decided to sketch...

    Getting started on my build. I decided to sketch up with a concept for a café racer build, using some wheels I happen to have laying around. Tank is underway, made from 2 sportster shells, longer and...
  8. Kustom Research Greasy Dozen Entry

    OK, so here’s the deal. I’d really like to be a part of the Greasy Dozen this year. I think this non-buildoff type of builder collective has a lot to offer the bike building community. It shows...
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