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09-06-2016, 8:59 AM
What's up everyone im Chris from WV. Ride a 1200 sporty and workin on a 68 650 bonneville with a flyrite frame and Springer front end. Heard alotta cool shit about this place and thought id check it out.

09-07-2016, 5:37 PM
Hey guys. I'm Joey. I ride a 2010 street bob. Currently I live in western New York. I look forward to chatting with you all.

09-07-2016, 6:49 PM
What's up fellas. Long time lurker here. Post here and there but nothing substantial. Screwed the pooch on the BOTTV but fuck it,life events happen. Bought from the classifieds pretty heavy since I joined. Figured I'd put an intro up now. I plan on starting a build (well re-build) thread or two to get back in the game. I think it'll help me stay focused and actually finish a project. I'm a hot rodder at heart. Race a home built, street driven, poncho 455 at the drag strip. I haven't been able to stay off a bike for a week since I first rode. I'm a Honda man when it really comes down to it. V65 is my shit. CB750's in almost any form kick ass. I'm partial to AMEN stuff. I dig American made stuff too. Big Shovelhead fan. I never knock a good sportster either. Not one of those big twin elitists. My recently totaled '09 FXDL opened me up to the Twinkies more than I expected. I rode that fucker HHHHAAAAAARRRRRRDD. Love how the FXD handled when pushed to the limit. Gotta try out the fabled FXR sometime.

I live in Martinsburg, WV and work in Hagerstown, MD. I'm active in my MC. I know it's not allotta dude's cup 'o' tea but we see each other as family and it's a good fit for me. Just had my first child. A daughter. Oh boy here we go. Anyhow, nice to meet you gents. Hope to talk more.

09-07-2016, 7:49 PM
Hey all. Heres my intro. I have been around bikes most my life. Have a Twinky as a jump on and run anywhere bike, a 1982 Shovel roller that will be graced by my 93" stroker shovel, a Flyrite frame I am gonna put the Shovel drive train in and last what brings me here is a Sporty I am having a helluva time with.

I have built and worked for a "custom" easter egg fat tire shop too. Well the economy tanked and I had to keep a roof over my families head and sold everything. Being humbled and I am back at it now. Have a post with my Sporty woes in the Sportster section.


09-10-2016, 2:07 AM
Ty from Ft. Worth. I currently ride a Forty Eight. I like my scooters loud! The louder the better. Just getting into really tinkering with my bike and found this place. I think I've found my kinda people here, which is fucking cool. Lookin forward to more involvement on the boards and getting to meet some locals and motoring around.


09-12-2016, 1:38 PM
Mike, from Stafford Va.
Like to tear my bike apart every other day...
Always looking to catch up with like minded individuals.

Thanks, see you guys out there

09-16-2016, 5:49 AM
What's up peoples...

I'm Shane; I joined this mess recently! I'm an artist who focuses on the motorcycle industry, I ride an 03' FXDX, and I live/work out of my space in Brooklyn NY.

I pretty amped about this thread because one feels odd about shouting out for no apparent reason! Check out my shit, and let's go for a ride!


09-16-2016, 5:12 PM
Hi. My name is Stan. New to the forum and to riding. Got my first bike a few weeks ago. Its a vstar 650.

09-18-2016, 1:12 PM
Ace of thebay here Detroit michigan. Bobjobbing a v star 650. I'm willing to answer any questions on my accomplishment rear fender solo seat boards to pegs front turnsignal swap. Also looking for photos and info on v stars using magna tanks. Hit me up ride smart

09-18-2016, 1:13 PM
Sweet looking work man

09-21-2016, 1:48 PM
Hey fellas, I'm Luc From Moncton Canada. I just finished my 78 cb750k and I have been lurking on this site for years. Thanks for all the great info and entertainment.


09-23-2016, 4:28 PM
Hey everyone. Nick from the dirty south. Just picked up an '09 Nightster that is mostly stock. Want to start cutting it up right away. Already used multiple posts for inspiration and knowledge. Looking forward to utilizing the wealth of knowledge on this forum to complete it.

09-27-2016, 7:34 AM
Hi, names Bubba from Kansas city, just joined the site.

09-27-2016, 5:14 PM
Hi, Im glad I was pointed to this website while posting on 4Chans /o/ board. Thanks to whoever that was, there seems to be a wealth of knowledge and experience here concerning classic american bikes and to be honest any and all bikes. I look forward to talking with you all.

Reguards John.

09-29-2016, 12:33 PM
Hello Chopperheads, my name is Dub. I live in the SoCal desert, Coachella Valley. I just signed up here to get some education, motivation & inspiration on getting my '81 Shovelhead back on the road. I've been lurking around here for some time and decided its time I join the community. Rule #1 - words to live by! Hope to learn and contribute.

09-29-2016, 2:39 PM
Cheers! GregIcky living in Portland, OR. Right now I just have a stock (blaspheme) Fat Bob and a lil' Yamaha 250. Would like to build a chopper now that I've got a garage. I love riding and want to do it year-round, which means I need some serious rain gear and tires that don't slide out every time I turn a corner! The ground is wet 9 months a year up here in the NW. I'm just here to learn what I can and help if I can. I don't give a fuck what you ride. If you ride a MC then hell yeah! Hipster, bearded, tattooed, toothless, dirbag, clean cut. I don't give a shit. I'm not here to judge. Peace and loud pipes and music!

10-01-2016, 7:54 AM
Whats up, Im Preston from NC and just found this site. Im working on my 01 RoadStar 1600 and have decided to go more old school bike with it figured this would be a good place to gather ideas for the ol gal.
http://i1132.photobucket.com/albums/m568/emt1559/2016-09-22_23.19.42_zpswjqol3eg.jpg (http://s1132.photobucket.com/user/emt1559/media/2016-09-22_23.19.42_zpswjqol3eg.jpg.html)

10-09-2016, 7:02 PM
Long time lurker, finally ponied up and joined. Im currently on my second sportster, this ones an '02. In the process of throwing a springer on the front. I plan on running it "NorCal" until I can scrape up the bones for a hard tail/neck rake. Im located in eastern NC. Always down to ride and help with builds, gotta learn somehow.

10-11-2016, 2:57 PM
Hey. Just a fat old man here that's never really grown up. Partial to HD, but have respect for anything two wheeled. Currently owning an 88 1200 Sporty, 10 Limited, (told you I was old and fat, LOL) 81 GS550 SuziQ, and the reason I'm really here, an 86 1100 Sporty. Its on the table in my garage, just started welding on the hardtail kit. Have a 4 under springer for the front, and trying to fab as much as possible to finish it. Looking forward to poking around here and hopefully contributing something useful as well. Also hoping my kidneys and back don't mutiny when the rigid is done. LOL

10-11-2016, 9:26 PM
Hi Guys new to the site, I picked up a salvage 82 Sportster about 2 years ago and brought it back from the dead. Winter is coming and I want to do some major shit to the bike. I have 100 questions and no confidence to walk into a shop near me ( North Jersey ) and ask the guys there. I've been lurking for a while getting bits of info and ideas but I know I'll have lots of questions.

10-13-2016, 4:39 PM
This is my first post on this site. I live in a small town of 5000 ppl, Smithers, BC, Canada. I build and repair bikes for a living. All bikes, for the last 25 years! I'm a Harley specialist and a motorcycle enthusiast with a TQ. My shop is the last one on the way to, and the first one you hit on the way south, from Alaska. It's about 12-14 hours travel in bush and bear country between my shop and the next one in the Yukon. It's a good place to stop. I'm always happy to answer a few questions or provide tent space in my yard on the Bulkley River if you are traveling through. When I'm not helping riders stay on the road I'm lucky enough to build a few performance V-Twins and a couple of choppers. The Panhandler is in my profile pic and here is a lil Yamy I call the XS Sicsfidy. That's my 89 cu in (1460cc) Sporty in the back ground.

10-14-2016, 8:25 AM
New to the forum, I was recommended here by a buddy. I've got a 2008 Street Bob, and freaking love it. Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects.
Ignore the bumper dumpster jeep in the back.

10-16-2016, 8:16 PM
I'm Luke. I've been lurking for a while now but thought I should do this. I like building shit and riding Harley's so this seems like the forum for me. Currently riding a 90s sporty basket case thing.

10-17-2016, 1:18 PM
Hello everybody, names Nate and Im currently in St Paul MN. Been around bikes all my life, come from a Harley family but none of them wrench hence I've been a forum lurker and thought I might as well join CC. Daily ride is a 2015 Iron 883 and looking to start a build next spring on an old Iron or Shovel!

10-19-2016, 9:49 PM
Well... Drawing information almost constantly from this site for the past 4 or 5 years has led me to become a forum member. I am a jet mechanic by trade and tool around in my garage and on motorcycles for recreation. I've owned a number of bikes and am currently working on/riding a 72 ironhead and a 76 shovel.

10-20-2016, 11:53 AM
Names andrew im in gulfport mississippi just bought a 77 ironhead and currently learning how to build a frame

10-27-2016, 12:17 PM
Hey all, new guy here from IL. Just recently got my first bike and dont know too much about the entire workings besides the manuals. So I'm giving it a go on here. Hopefully all the info everyone has will be of some help.

Thanks in advance,
Ride often and ride safe

10-31-2016, 8:29 PM
Been a member for years but don't remember if I ever did an intro. Picked up an 81 flh on the cheap a few months ago and been really lurking and getting as much info as possible.
First thing figured out was get the damn manual and made sure to have it and know it.
Have gotten lots of help already from others questions.

Blaine W

11-01-2016, 2:30 AM
Hello. I'm Wade. Live in Los Angeles. Found the forum just trying to learn about Shovelheads. Use to have a fatboy and a few other bikes but I'm new to the older bikes and trying to learn what to look for / options

Good meet everyone

11-01-2016, 12:42 PM
Hi all,

Just stumbled onto this site as I was looking for some ideas as I get ready to refurbish the very, very tired bobbed '56 Panhead I just picked up. It was a customized show bike back in '69 and was given an Indiana "Assembled" title. One thing I will be doing is working to get a '56 Harley title when I finally do the full motor rebuild.

I have split my time between the Chicago area and Phoenix, currently living just outside of Chicago, looking to move back out west in 2 years when I retire from my current job.

I have been chopping stuff since the '60s Stingray bicycles with extended forks, dirt bikes, then an old flat head 45 Harley I got from a neighbor, a chopped 650 Yamaha, a '69 XLCH Sportster which was the first bike I raked myself, and a '55 Panhead which I crashed on the expressway back in the late '90s. I tried a full dress Harley back in '08, just not my thing. And now I have the '56 which should be the last bike I ever own.

More to come,

11-04-2016, 11:35 AM
Hello cultists, I am jon boy from Cullman, Alabama. I ride a 1991 FXSTC and will soon add a 1979 FX to the family. I will ride the 79 for a while before taking it back to Ricky Lewis for hardtailing.

11-05-2016, 1:06 PM
Hello I have returned after a long absence,and was more of a reader than anything. Been riding HD since 79. I currently have 3 Shovels a 67,70,73. Also a Gilroy 01 Scout and a new project a 51 Servi-car. I try to do all my own work. Be around a while 4 years from 60. I like the N.E. Fl weather.7282272824


11-09-2016, 12:03 PM
hey all,

been around for a wile but just wanted to finally say hello. im a soldier out of NCi have a 2016 street bob. Have plans but we will see

11-14-2016, 3:18 PM
Names Dewayne. I've been creeping around here for awhile and never introduced myself. I am located in the Fayetteville NC area and I am currently working on a 79 sporty. The information I' ve been getting here has been pretty good and really appreciate all of you putting shit out there pointing me in the right direction.

11-15-2016, 9:18 AM
Hello, I just joined today. I own a few FXR's and ride out of the southeastern PA area.

11-15-2016, 7:31 PM
Hey, I've been lurking around here for years. I figured I better join. I've got a Vulcan 800 and a Mean Streak that I'm currently playing with. I did a Vulcan 800 Classic bobber a few years ago with a lot of help from what I learned here. I sold that bike and know I'm knee deep in my second 800. I'm looking forward to picking ups some tips and tricks from you guys again.

11-22-2016, 11:48 AM
Hi all,

Been lurking for a bit. I'm in Central Florida. I ride a 2007 XL1200C. Had it about a year, slowly wrenching and making it mine. Unknowingly (until I found a thread on here) I've been heading in a "Norcal" direction. Reading, learning, and thinking of going 4-6 over next year.


11-24-2016, 9:25 PM
Hi guys,
Name's Wade, 25 I'm from SE Iowa, welder/machinist/fabricator/blacksmith in a small town at my dads shop (not skating I actually have skills and work haha) specializing in ag repair. Picked up a '72 ironhead and became hooked. I recently got a pile of '83 shovelhead that has fueled the fire to build. Been reading as many build threads as I can and loving every bit of the work here. Can't wait to be able to contribute.

11-27-2016, 8:15 AM
Hello from East Tn!! I'm just a jump skip and hop away from some of the finest roads around (IMO). I ride a 2016 sportster forty eight which I'm enjoying more than any bike I've ever owned. That being said, I raced motocross as a kid, and came up on the sportbike side of life and now at the point where I'm enjoying slowing down and seeing some things and not just ripping up the road. If any are in my neck of the woods, but me up and maybe we can ride after I nurse a broken knee back to health.

11-29-2016, 5:24 AM
Hi all.

I'm Tom from London.

Saw some great threads on this site, so I decided to join in order to learn and share info with the other members.

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding this 1980's triumph TR6/T120 chop which I'm hoping to have looking mega cool, and back on the road early next year.
73204 73205

12-11-2016, 7:30 PM
Hey Y'all,
Origianally from DAGO, SO. CAL moved to NO HELMET LAW South Carolina, building a 76' Shovel 10 over twisted iron springer....Stroked BT, rigid 38 deg Been workin on this build over 10 years, closer to twenty....at the 75%+ mark and gett'n antsy..... need some help on remaining parts and minor details. Great site. Thanks look forward to meetin sum of ya!!

12-15-2016, 1:32 PM
Howdy all, Ivery been reading on this site forever. Good to now have a profile. I like to build crazy things and just try new builds. Rat rods and chops. Looking forward to learning more.

12-19-2016, 2:49 PM
Hi all, new from San Jacinto here. I have an EBR 1125CR and Victory Hammer. I'm just perusing the site looking for tips and tricks for painting and flakes. Useful info here!

12-20-2016, 12:05 PM
Hello from the frozen hell also known as northeastern British Columbia. Was on here before under a different name but my email was compromised so guess I get to start fresh.

gonna use this post as a test to try and upload a pic


https://photos-5.dropbox.com/t/2/AAAoxtCDb4EDnz57-76-KYXt0Sq9ZUzM-bCEDpps8cfdfA/12/150801229/jpeg/32x32/1/_/1/2/%24_20.JPG/ELvJrXMYOCACKAI/ZK8K66jUoswc1tbnnfs_ZKkEU2YjfinczGh0XCW6SRg?size=8 00x600&size_mode=3

12-20-2016, 12:16 PM
Hey look at that it worked. :cheersmate::cheersmate:

12-24-2016, 12:59 PM
New here from south-central PA. Recently picked up a 1994 Sporty 883 with plans to chop it up.

12-27-2016, 7:31 AM
Hey, I'm Wyatt, no clue if I posted in the intro thread when I joined here years ago, been lurking since 2013.
putzing around west palm florida, got a 76' ironhead I'm gearing up to chop, soon as things are semi organized and I can even find half my tools and get more than 8 inches of free space in the garage I'll start a build thread so yall can laugh at my failures haha

12-30-2016, 8:31 PM
sup from ga. new to the cult but been chop 4 life. built several honda sohc 750 fours to the 70s. done 4 ironheads 2 evos and to date my first shovel. the green basterd! yea its all used parts ground pounder. 88ci 4 plug head ultima single fire ign dry primary 74 fx frame 83 motor 96 5 speed( makin that work was a head trip!) belt drive rear and wide glide with fat boy mags. i know bla bla bla. but any way ..... good to be here. and stay away from shovelhead usa. bunch of posers.

01-01-2017, 1:19 PM
Greetings from Northwest Ohio been working on my latest build 72 ironhead. thanks for letting me join. next step build thread.

01-01-2017, 5:38 PM
Hello from Lancaster Pa. Long time lurker, I made a profile awhile ago but never posted. I'll be starting a thread in the American bike forum soon about the panhead project I've recently picked up.

01-01-2017, 5:53 PM
Runningriot, welcome to the Cult, will look for your build thread, always, always like looking/peeking other men's builds.
Bien venido.

01-02-2017, 2:09 PM
From Tampa, FL area.

Here to keep my 1980 FLT running.

01-13-2017, 12:51 PM
Hello all!

I'm Josh, from rural Colorado. I've wanted an older Harley for a long time, but never pursued it much. Recently my closest neighbor asked if I had any interest in motorcycles, they had one in the back of their barn. It was a 1977 FX (kickstart only) and now it's mine. It's been well loved, more or less stock, but kind of a mix match of parts from similar era bikes like a lot seem to be. Happy that it found me, and it's full of character.

I'm just going through everything to get it in riding condition for the time being, it's sat for 25 or so. My research led me here, lots of great info, reading material, and inspiration!74051

01-16-2017, 12:46 AM
Thanks for the great gathering of minds here, names Paris from Mn. Ex auto mechanic, got a 70 chevy c10 and a new sporty to beat on till I collect the parts for the next bike. Cheers!

01-18-2017, 3:43 PM
Hey everybody!

I'm Deserae from San Luis Obispo, CA. I have an 03 Honda Shadow VLX 600. I just started riding in March, so it was a great beginner bike but I'm looking forward to moving up in size!

If anybody is in the area, we coordinate at least once a month rides, so get in touch. Raise Hell!

01-18-2017, 3:54 PM
Welcome, and enjoy. Size is not everything, the experience is the joy. Welcome again.........
Hey everybody!

I'm Deserae from San Luis Obispo, CA. I have an 03 Honda Shadow VLX 600. I just started riding in March, so it was a great beginner bike but I'm looking forward to moving up in size!

If anybody is in the area, we coordinate at least once a month rides, so get in touch. Raise Hell!

01-19-2017, 3:19 PM
I'm Dave. this is a great site. I love all the different takes on bikes here. You guys and gals are artists. I ride a 2004 Fatboy and a 1974 Sportster. I posted the sporty in the Everything Sportsters section.

01-25-2017, 3:20 AM
I'm a poet. I'm a liar. I'm a prophet. I'm a picker. I'm a walking contradiction, partly truth, partly fiction, taking every wrong direction on this lonely way back home.

Harley junkie here. Gun nut. Wanna be machinist. Farmer. I love diesels. Heavy equipment is also my bag.

I am ashamed to admit I have become strangely sexually attracted to 650-750's of English and Japanese build.

01-25-2017, 7:42 AM
Can not remember if I have ever posted an intro or not......The names Shaver, playing hard on the north side of Houston, TX. I appreciate all the knowledge and inspiration on this site and look forward to contributing where I can.

Thanks for having me!

01-25-2017, 11:54 AM
Hey Guys,

been lurking around here for a while now.
now decided to introduce myself and my chops

I'm Rory from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and i currently ride a modified '93 VT600.
i also have a stock '88 VLX600 for the rainy days and i'm currently working on a '87 CMX450c

01-25-2017, 2:38 PM
Finally started an account, I have a resto mod 76 CB360 which was brought back from the dead by hand, I just recently rescued a 02 883 sportster and have begun the chopping

01-26-2017, 9:08 PM
Been lurking for a while, but never posted. I have an 07 sporty with flh hardbags and 10 inch mini apes, progressive fork springs and flhx 12 inch air shocks.


01-30-2017, 5:51 PM
New round here, rocking a custom fxr..

02-03-2017, 5:44 PM
What's up, my name is Rick from nj. Trying to Finnish up a shovel chop I bought in 93. Bought it as a 73 fx rolling basket. I had the frame raked and hard tailed after I bought it. Motor and trans were done in 95-96. Finally getting it pretty much together. Hope I can count on some help to Finnish her off. Thanks in advance.

02-13-2017, 9:38 PM
I'm back Bitches!!!! The VA let me out of the Nut House and I'm back on two wheels.

02-25-2017, 12:20 AM
New to the forum got a panhead and know there's some good info on here. Appreciate the help and info

02-28-2017, 7:21 PM
Hey from Alabama

03-02-2017, 10:04 PM
Every time I've ever Googled a question about bikes, I get directed here, so out of respect I figured I'd better join. I've got two projects going....a Triumph Bobber in mock-up stage, and a newly acquired '74 Ironhead that I'll be chopping soon. I'm here to learn...I sure won't have many answers.

03-05-2017, 8:37 PM
Dan L.

Q.A Lead Inspector in Mechanical anything Builder , Jet Nozzles to Super Computer Boxes , SS Paper Paths for High Speed
Printers . Moog, GE , Kodak , Parker , Motorola , Intel , Xerox , Nasa etc.

Really like making these Run Better , Cleaner , Faster ..

03-08-2017, 10:19 PM
Hey Guys - Name is Tyler - 29 years old I live down in San Clemente, CA. Born and Raised in NY. Grew up with dirtbikes, graduated to an enduro, then got a savage 650 that I bobbed out now I've got an 883 low Im slowly but surely making my own. I enjoy riding with friends, drinking beers and making new friends at events, reading and studying up on bikes etc.

Just another nerd trying to learn more about this rad shit. Cheers!

03-12-2017, 10:08 AM
Hey all,

Names Michael. I'm pretty much a rookie in almost all aspects. Looking to gain some knowledge and start my first bike


03-12-2017, 6:31 PM
Hey guys I just joined up, been riding shovels since 83, built and painted many of them....Mike

03-12-2017, 9:58 PM
Can't figure had to upload an image, Anyone can help?.. Got it

03-16-2017, 8:49 AM
Hello from Missouri. My names Joey. I ride a work in progress Intruder 1400. I don't have a car so I ride it almost daily.

03-18-2017, 10:58 PM
Hello my name is Angelo and im an alchoholic i mean im a new member here at chopcult. im a diesel mechanic by trade, i live in maine and i tinker with old bikes for fun. ive got a couple old ironhead sportsters which are really reliable said no one ever and ive got an old bsa chopper which i havnt decided whether its any good or not. At any rate i am here to learn some new stuff and add my 2 ce.nts. thanks for letting me join.
here are a few pics of my bikes if i uploaded correctly

03-21-2017, 2:03 PM
Well, I suppose I should do a small introduction. My name is Kevin. I live in Tulsa, OK. I ride, but I do not ride anyting custom. What I have is a 2012 Honda NC700X and a '05 Stella. Yeah, I know its a scooter. But who cares? It has two wheels and a motor. At least its a 2t and a steel body. I know I look like Chris Farley doing "fat guy in a little coat" while I ride, but I don't give a shit. Its fun to ride and to work on.
Anyhow, I am new to this forum and the whole custom bike scene. I figured I would introduce myself and lurk around here for a while to see what all I can learn and see if I can find myself a project bike. I'll post up a WTB thread in another area.

03-21-2017, 2:50 PM
My name is Robert; I'm in Portland, OR. I have a 1967 TR6R that I rebuilt a few years ago, as well as a 1951 6T frame with a 1962 Bonneville engine that's currently underway.

03-22-2017, 11:53 AM
Howdy from the UK...

I live on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Been building all sorts of bikes for many years now. Big project at the moment is a 1990 FXR which is fighting me every inch of the way !
I also have a Youtube channel "Blackness Rides' with bits i get up too from builds to adventures...
Looking forward to getting stuck into this site and gaining more knowledge along the way !

Best wishes. Keep her twisted, B

03-28-2017, 2:47 PM
Been lurking a while. Just picked up a 98 Xl1200s to join my 2008 Bonnie.


03-29-2017, 5:51 AM
Whats up new to the site an forums. I'm a gear shifting cb mike jockey by trade an a biker by choice!! My current ride is an Iron 883 that I love dearly best decision I ever made was trading that old p.o.s fatboy in on my new girl!! I love in Jacksonville Ga home of the famous Boones Saloon well at least in our neck of the woods anyway. I work hard to play harder life is too short not to ride an party!!!

04-04-2017, 2:07 PM
What up y'all. I'm Justin. From Daytona Beach. Dayjob climbing trees and cutting them down. Got a shadow ace 750 over a year ago and fell in love with riding. Recently aquired a vulcan 1500 and have a friends Shadow 650 that I'm gonna work on as a first project. Been lurking for a while, site seems like a bunch of very solid and informative dudes. Stoked I found it.

04-04-2017, 8:33 PM
Yeah I'm Jesse. I'm form North of the border and I'm new to the cult. Motorcycle is taking more and more space in my live. Two kids and a full time job that pays the bills doesn't give me the time I would like to toy on my new 75' shovel. But here I am. Cheers!!

04-08-2017, 7:12 PM
my names Jeremy I'm from Ohio I got a 90 sporty bobber / project bike lol but love to ride party and my ol lady so nice to meet yall

04-10-2017, 7:52 PM
What's up from San Diego, CA....I have used this forum for it's incredible amount of information....thought I would join and say hello and thanks for the help....7615476155

04-12-2017, 3:48 PM
Hey I'm Shawn from the sooner state (Oklahoma) looking to gain some knowledge to help me build the bikes of my dreams. I have a vision. I was gifted a frame and some wheels. I know I need to get some tires and get that back wheel on so I can adjust bike to desired height and calculate some fork lengths etc.. hope to post pics as I go and not screw up to much. Any thoughts on what kind of frame I have, it's aftermarket and fits an evo, that's all I know

04-14-2017, 9:23 PM
New guy, Pete here from Hawaii. I don't really know what I am doing, I just buy a lot of bikes and can't seem to stop myself. Newest obsession is old Harleys from the 40s and 50s. I've been getting some good ideas from you guys on this site, really impressed with some of the work out here.

04-14-2017, 11:57 PM
Name's Scott, I am new to the Chopper Cult and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am looking for old school basket case to build, prefer pre 70s but would go up to an 84 if I got a great deal and it has all the proper paperwork.

04-15-2017, 3:33 AM
Hey, everyone Im from Buckeye country, Ive been working on a 2006 vlx 600 glad i found this group I look forward to future talks

04-15-2017, 8:20 PM
New member to Chopcult, but have been lurking for years.
Choppers are my life. Welding is my life. Looking to gain knowledge from guru's and stuff.

04-16-2017, 12:35 PM
Hello everyone !

I'm a young french fellow who craves mechanical and metal-related knowledge and wants to blossom in the custom motorcycle world. I have found a lot of this knowledge on the Chopcult forums and other counterpart journals. I have been working on bicycles and motorcycles on my free time since I was 15 yo, and learning form the chopcult community all this time.

I have since then created my own little adventure under the name Adonis Manufacturing, building hand fabricated motorcycles and art furniture, and I am enjoying life, inside the wonderful community that is the custom and motorcycle community.

My inspiration for my first bike comes from great master Kimura. It was a first, and now that I look at it, I would do it otherwise, but still I bear it like a first child, with a lot of love and tenderness. Everything you see that looks fabricated, welded, machined etc. was indeed fabed by myself, after researching, trying, testing again and again. I was 19 at the start of the build and finished at 22, last summer. Learned a lot in between. I don't have specific degrees in mechanic, only an Arc/TIG/MIG/Torch welder degree. Will do better next time ! I am now 23, and spending most of my time thinking of old iron.

Today, I'm slowly gathering the pieces for my next build, based on an s&s Knucklehead/Knucklehead frame. The bike will be quite slimmer than the original, while keeping this vintage/classic look there is to all "début de siècle" motorcycles. I want to re-imagine it. I want to create a "sporty-lightweight-hi-end" model knuckle that could have come out of the milwaukee factory doors back in the 40s.

Here are a few pics of the first bike I made, called perseverance (won an award in a switzerland custom show last summer) and other stuff that I built :

https://s19.postimg.org/kuxmq7m33/13442491_675722622565978_4598552115476381866_o.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/kuxmq7m33/)

https://s19.postimg.org/d3gwrnhxr/IMG_0083.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/d3gwrnhxr/)

https://s19.postimg.org/61nkj73pr/IMG_0248.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/61nkj73pr/)

https://s19.postimg.org/l05zdmirz/IMG_2300.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/l05zdmirz/)

https://s19.postimg.org/rf50aaphr/IMG_2708.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/rf50aaphr/)

https://s19.postimg.org/pbul2mpov/IMG_2715.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/pbul2mpov/)

https://s19.postimg.org/x5v6o0xhr/IMG_2718.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/x5v6o0xhr/)

https://s19.postimg.org/sy0ef9w27/IMG_2927.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/sy0ef9w27/)

https://s19.postimg.org/4is6e7x5b/IMG_3253.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/4is6e7x5b/)

https://s19.postimg.org/6bv32jibz/IMG_7109.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/6bv32jibz/)

https://s19.postimg.org/trd07w233/Capture_d_e_cran_2017-04-16_a_14.06.44.png (https://postimg.org/image/trd07w233/)

https://s17.postimg.org/pae5krd9n/IMG_0939.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/pae5krd9n/)

https://s17.postimg.org/za920noiz/IMG_3758.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/za920noiz/)

See y'all on the forum !

04-16-2017, 6:54 PM
What's up guys! I posted on here about an evo motor in a panhead frame project w/out a proper intro. Well here I am and without that pain in the ass project. Went and bought a Paughco Sporty frame. Project is moving right along now... I'll be starting a Thread soon!

04-16-2017, 8:31 PM
I'm Jason. I've owned a FXDL since new in 2003, and like to modify things. Bad combination... I guess. After the first time I laid it down I started with the mods as space was made available for wrenching. 14 years later...

04-17-2017, 9:14 PM
Hello! Names Garrett, Diesel tech from Oklahoma. Bought my first bike about a year ago. 97 sporty

04-18-2017, 2:11 PM
Hey everyone. Name's Dan been riding and working on bikes since I was 18...too many beers ago. Did my first bobber on an ironhead last year. working on a shovel bobber this year. Been an enthusiastic lurker for a couple of years now and decided to join, figure I could share some experiences and or lend a hand to someone and maybe make some new buds to ride and wrench with.

04-18-2017, 10:46 PM
Hey all new MN member. here iv been riding bikes for I'd say 20+ years mostly sport bikes. but I've recently gotten my frist cruiser (83 1100 goldwing). Long story short I was given a 72 cl175 and want to make it a chopper/bobber type toy to rip around town on and annoy my neighborhood. Hopefully I'll be able to gather a vast amount of knowledge from everyone on here. If anyone wants or needs anything feel free to get a hold of me.

04-19-2017, 7:31 AM
Hello from Newfoundland, Canada. Been lurking for awhile now. Been chopping/customizing for the last ten years. Always learning and always looking to learn. Cheers.

04-19-2017, 7:54 AM
Hey, I've been coming around the site for a while now, thought I'd introduce myself...Nate from Grand Rapids area, MI.
Been riding for a good bit now and in my spare time I like to turn wrenches and fab out my own parts.
My everydayer is an 01 Softail Night Train that is nothing special. Traded a 97 Sportster, half finished project, for a basketcase 80 Shovel couple weeks ago. Got some parts on order and will be getting into that soon. Never done anything of that magnitude, sure I will learn a shit ton. Watch for it over in the build forums, I might post some stuff there once I get it under way.
If your in my area let me know, be fun to meet up with some fellow CC er's and bullshit about bikes n shit.
Below are some pics of what I traded and what I got...some of it might be showing up in the classifieds soon.

04-22-2017, 10:18 PM
Just found and joined this site last night so figured I should probly drop an introduction.

I'm Fisticuffs, your average shit stirring, junk riding tumbleweed. I like fat tires, fat checks and even fatter asses. For bucks I'm a dipshit traveling firefighter for hire, slightly stoopid, with a bit of a antagonizing habit. My wife tolerates me but my kid thinks I'm awesome. Currently I'm deployed to the middle of fucking nowhere Micronesia for some dumb ass reason. Fuck opinions, just ride that rattling snot rocket like you stole it and your wife just found your chubby chasing bologna nipple pics on your i-phone. Chicken grease and elbows deep.


04-25-2017, 8:32 PM
Aye chopcult,

Chefjay from BC,Canada. finally signed up lots of a great builds here. Just picked up a 79 honda cb750 that i'am going turn into a bobber. Will post a build thread once i get it started.

04-25-2017, 9:59 PM
Hello from Arkansas. (Bring on the jokes!) I cannot begin to put into words the wealth of information I've gained from this group. I've owned bikes for as long as I can remember, however, it took me till 38 years of age to gain enough courage to to grab my angle grinder and cut into one of my bikes. There is no turning back! I want to cut up everything I own now. I just "finished" a crazy rat bobber junk bike for my wife starting with a v30 magna. Powered by a honda three wheeler engine(she can't drive anything with a clutch) it cruises at 70mph and is a blast. Thanks for the courage!

04-30-2017, 10:37 AM
Hi from Brighton in the UK!

Long time lurker, about time I started posting!

05-02-2017, 1:51 PM
Yo guys and gals.

Longtime lurker first time member.

05-02-2017, 2:34 PM
Well ... bully for you .

05-02-2017, 4:31 PM
Welcome, prepare to be kicked in the balls if you dont have a shop manual for whatever project your working on. Now have fun.

05-02-2017, 6:26 PM
Ha, you said balls.

05-02-2017, 7:05 PM
If it's a Harley prepare to be kicked in the balls if that shop manual isn't the factory version and if you didn't get the parts catalog too.

Always post year, make and model of whatever you are working on. If it's a question of a visible problem, post clear pics to help us help you.

We're psychopathic, not telepathic.

05-02-2017, 11:14 PM
Remember that advice you receive, or more importantly many of the opinions on a free internet platform are usually worth HALF of what you paid for it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

05-04-2017, 10:12 AM
What's up guys! Julian here from Chicago. Been a lurker for some time but recently bought my first bike. 1999 883 hugger, and I'm hooked. Looking forward to tons of riding and learning some stuff from all you guys in the community.

05-09-2017, 12:26 PM
Hello , im Sam from Jersey. I signed up on this site mainly looking to buy and trade on the treasure trove of classifieds on this awsome site. This being said , I am not much of a talker. I am very interested in buying a shovel head basket case or runner .I am also interested in any and all info I can gather on the mechanics and knowledge of all types of Harley Davidson motorcycles . I live for everything that is chopper and have since I was born and will till I am dead. Im fucking thankful that this wonderful site exist. Be safe and have a good one my friends.

05-09-2017, 12:28 PM

05-09-2017, 1:53 PM
Hi guys,

My names Rhys, based in the UK, Have a 54 panhead which has caused me many woes and many highs.


05-10-2017, 8:39 PM
I'm Scott, I live in Philadelphia. I am really excited as a new motorcyclist, and as usual I want to make my HOG my very own. I have a 2009 Harley 883 Custom. Looking forward to learning from you guys.

05-11-2017, 8:16 AM
WSCARTER, welcome, Enjoy your sporty, get a OEM manual for it.

05-15-2017, 11:31 AM
Greetings from sunny southern california! I just traded a perfectly functioning 2007 FXDL for a 80 shovelhead chop. fuck me, right?

I'll most likely be making plenty of use of this forum!

05-21-2017, 8:52 PM
Hi all,

Youngster from new England stationed in SC for the time being. New to this whole scene but I do believe I've found another hobby to influence my poor financial decisions. Dont own a bike yet, although this forum may change that shortly. Cheers.

05-22-2017, 9:57 PM
Hello from SE New Mexico . Got a chopper with an Evo in it . Got a 79 IH sporty in the wings waiting to be chopped out . Love all things Motorcycle especially choppers . Look forward to lurking around and learning.

05-24-2017, 4:39 PM
Hey y'all I was on here a while back under another user name and well forgot my login stuff so here I am again. Looking forward to tearing down and redoing my 68 XLCH and hopefully getting some pointers along the way. I'm out in East TN these days and dig riding the Appalachians...see ya on the road!

05-25-2017, 4:40 PM
I love my shovelhead , Rick

05-25-2017, 9:02 PM
My name is Martin from North Carolina. Long time lurker here. I have finally succumb to spoiling myself with a 79 Shovel. Can anybody send me a factory and parts manual? Thank you.

05-27-2017, 8:13 PM
Hello from FL. Been lurking here awhile. Turning a 2006 HD 1200XL Custom into something, still trying to figure out how I want it.

05-30-2017, 7:33 AM
Hello from mn long time rider 40 years +. Rode hd my whole adult life except for a couple viintage 2 stroke hooligan bikes i tried for a bit and flipped for stupid good money.wrenchin since i been just outta grade school too .... dont do alot of internet stuff but like to read up on choppers and tips, hd boards are full of fn ol ladies and too much law enforcement guys for me nothinh wrong with either i just dont fit in there. Nice place

06-03-2017, 12:55 PM
New fucker on the board here. Name's John. Live near Richmond VA. Got a couple bikes on the road and more in boxes.

06-08-2017, 5:36 PM
Hello all. COLDSTEELE. I'm new to ChopCult. Seems like a great place though. Iv been riding sense the age of 15 and wrenching on them as well I never can just leave a bike looking like everyone else's. So iv gotta do something to make it mine. I'm an electrician by trade but Iv worked in a few cycle shops. Iv done it all as far as wrenching on a bike. Basic maintenance and basket case builds to one off part fabrication .It's said find a job you love amd you'll never work another day in your life well working on bikes is it. I love the smell of old gas and oil. Yall keeper 1UP AND 2 DOWN

06-13-2017, 11:11 AM
Morning People,....Just joined so will take a while to get used to posting things like pictures,....
been watching for a few weeks and recognise a few names from elsewhere,...Hi Dragstew, Tattoo,....
(Magnum45pete here,...name changed as I no longer have the Magnum).
I'm a Yank from Long Island (& a few years in NJ,.... but when I left I turned the lights out & brought the Flag with me !!)
now living in England,...
shit weather & damn expensive gas, but cool laid back way of life & most things custom are allowed and easy to get on the road.
have built a shed load of bikes over the years, from BSA's, Panther's, Harley 45's a Knucklehead and a good few Shovelheads.
been building a Special Shovelhead for about a year now,had some time in hospital so am about 4 months behind in the build,
but back on it now and not far from fire up Time,...with luck next week.

06-13-2017, 11:21 PM
I have been lurking for years (3-4?) and have just never introduced myself. My names Brad, I live in Houston and have an '03 sportster, a '80 ironhead that I'm told ran when parked but I haven't started working on it. My buddy also has a late 70's to early 80's XS400 in pieces I'm planning on buying when I have recouperated from surgery.

06-14-2017, 11:43 PM
This place looks cool, so thanks for having me..
My name's Hogbone
I just got my first bike in January, a 77 sportster hardtail.
It's a little rough, but it's mine, and I love it!
I've been a heavy duty mechanic for 27 years, and a little bit of everything I know how to do went into resurrecting this ol'
It's almost ready for the road, and I can't wait.


06-18-2017, 10:49 AM
Howdy everyone. Small town Missouri guy here. Working on an old intruder and come here for inspiration. Thanks all.

06-18-2017, 12:56 PM

I'm Jess. I have a great appreciation for the skill, imagination and guts real bike owners put into making a bike their own. There is something magical about cutting off that first chunk of frame or making that first custom piece from scratch. Anyone can buy a bike and bolt on bags and ape hangers...but it ain't truly yours until you cut on it. I love the bikes here. The before and afters are awesome. Great work guys. Thanks for having me.

06-21-2017, 4:14 PM
Hey, Jon, I live just north of Houston, TX.
I ride a Softail Deluxe bc I'm working my way up to a sickening bagger. I'm studying up and figuring out what I want my first build to be, and I am a total weekend warrior.

06-22-2017, 10:39 AM



Hello All. Name is Mike from Upstate NY. Outside of Saratoga Springs. Just picked up this totally stock 8000 mile 1 owner Shadow 750 ACE. Don't know where or what will be done with it, outside of changing the bars and putting as many miles as possible on it!!!

06-22-2017, 1:04 PM
Noobie to ChopCult, not to HD. Greetings from SoCal!77546

06-22-2017, 9:54 PM
I can't type! Hi from Pardeeville WI. Just picked up a ratty but running Suzuki GS550L that I want to hardtail (for starters) and this place looked like fun !

06-24-2017, 12:51 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Carlos and I live in Spain. I have a Sportster Xl 883 of 2000. Everything related to her I do in my garage.

06-24-2017, 9:09 PM
Yo. Rob from Texas


06-25-2017, 10:56 AM
Hey all, my name is Brian. I've had a few Harley's in the past then got into some cafe bikes. But I just picked up a 77 fxe. It sat for about 10 years before I got it. Just got it running and it getting close to going out for a ride.

06-28-2017, 9:06 AM
Jay from WNY. Long time lurker, finally signed up. Been riding a long time, recently picked up a project Shovel to build something up my way.

06-30-2017, 12:02 AM
What's up. Derek here. Got an 83 ironhead, lots planned for it. Probably never be done, maybe long enough to start a new project. Mechanic by trade and hobby. From San Diego.

07-05-2017, 5:52 PM
whats up all, Fonz based out of LA. Bought my first Harley a while ago and was introduced to chopping bikes.

Currently own a 05 evo, it was barley working when I bought it and currently adding things overtime.

This week I should be able to install 8 over. After taking a few long rides, I'm starting to understand why people chop shit off.


07-24-2017, 6:26 PM
Hey all, I'm new here and thought I'd say hi, I'm hoping to learn from all of you.


07-24-2017, 9:27 PM
sup Will here from Fort Worth Texas!!!

07-28-2017, 7:50 PM
New to ChopCult here. Chicago south suburbs/NW Indiana area. Riding a 2007 Nightster. I'm a family man with a 7 year old

07-30-2017, 6:33 AM
Howdy ya'll! My names Dave, I'm from the south side of Indy. My current bike is a chopped up 05' sporty.

08-02-2017, 4:33 AM
Hey chopaholics im Ruff from the great state of Texas been wrenchin on bikes sUKnce i was a kid working on a fxb sturgis shovel right now got a 78 lighned up after that. Got a few jap bike projects too.

08-06-2017, 8:35 PM
Hi fellas, name's Nick. I'm new to the whole scene, just bought my first bike 3 weeks ago and pretty much haven't seen my family since. I don't know shit about bikes but I'm a fast learner. I'm located in northern Indiana.

08-12-2017, 2:18 AM
Good for u Nick we all start somewhere!!! Never look back except for a part that fell off or a tailgator!!!!!! Hammer down!!!

08-12-2017, 2:19 AM

08-13-2017, 7:10 PM
Hi folks. My name is Jim, I live in Northwest Arkansas, and pretty much all I do is work on stuff. I currently have a 1975 Cb750(that I've owned for twelve years, and rode 1200 miles from Iowa to Utah a few years ago), a Ninja 250 that I just bought(wrecked, but just got going with new forks), and a '69 C10 on bags. I also have an old StarCraft that I take out on Beaver Lake here in NWA.
I just found this site because yesterday I drove down into Fayetteville and picked up 44 vintage motorcycle wheels, and I did a search to ID some of them, and ChopCult popped up. There are a few wheels I'm gonna keep and use, but I've got a bunch to sell. I'll prob start a thread specifically for those, but send me a message if you're looking for a certain vintage Jap wheel. I've got a few 36spoke D.I.D. alloy 21inchers, one shouldered alloy Takasago 18incher, a bunch of Twin-leading-shoe Honda wheels, etc. I'm looking forward to checking out the site, and hopefully meeting some fellow NWArkansans that ride.

08-14-2017, 7:02 AM
Greetings fellow motoheads! Names Cody im from eastern IA. I've looked over chopcult a ton just finally got around to joining. My current project and daily is my 98 dyna low, in fact im installing a super e on her today, I ride pretty much every day there's not a snowdrift in the way and i couldn't live without it, it keeps my sanity in check. Thanks for having me!

08-14-2017, 1:22 PM
New to the forum, sarasota fl anyone out this way ride thats not a hundred years old haha

08-16-2017, 12:55 PM
Hey y'all. I finally joined Chop Cult after I finally found my project bike a 1986 HD Evo FXST.

I've been on the hunt for about a year and this will be my first build. And,now that I actually have the motor I wanted and a frame I seem to have all types of questions. I'll be posting those in the respective forums and look forward to seeing, learning, and probably breaking/messing some things up.

My username is biographical. I was blind side T-boned by a negligent cager in October of 2015. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital due to compound impact fractures through my entire left leg. I battled infection, had my femur plated and screwed back together, dealt with some shoulder issues, and that was about it. Riding gear kept me from having any road rash at all! Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it... the accident resulted in having to chose to amputate my left foot a couple of inches below my knee.

After healing up and doing my physical therapy I got back on the horse. WE all know, once you got the fever, it's in your blood, it's hard to ignore it or keep it subdued, and there's only one solution... To burn some miles on 2 wheels with the world blasting you in the face.

I guess you could say I'm a one legged biker in an attempt to become lost... A rambler. One of the last true pursuers of our unalienable rights.

Hopefully I'll catch some of you guys on the road.

08-23-2017, 10:31 AM
Greetings from, well, Omaha.

I've been putting together some ideas for the last six months on a Sportster project I'm hoping to get to this winter. We'll see how that works out.

My current bike is a 1990 FLHTC. Great bike. Love the Evo motor. Bought it a few years ago when my wife said she wanted to ride with me, but hated the passenger seat on my FXR.

I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to do to the FXR, but it was just so stock (like almost completely so), I just couldn't bring myself to butcher it up. Decided to unload it and build my own. I love the FLH, but it's a bit much for a daily rider. Want to get back into something much lighter and easier to toss around town.

Anyway, glad to be on board. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

08-24-2017, 5:40 AM
New to the forum. Hailing from the state of Texas. Currently riding an 04 wide glide. Current projects are a 77 Fxs, 96 xl, and a 93 Springer. Will try to do a post of the 77 build. That's the main project for now.

08-24-2017, 11:49 AM
My names Clay, ive been on the site for a few months but being a broke college student im always busy trying to earn enough money to build my sporty rather than pay off student loans.. priorities am i right? I live about 45 minutes from Bristol Motor Speedway (do it for Dale#3) so around race time each year the whole towns a party. I daily my chop 40ish miles back and forth each day to work/class/ my ladies house because 1. its a shit ton cooler, and 2. my other ride is a jeep that gets about 10mpg and im already broke as a joke. Looking forward to talking with you all on here and thanks!

08-25-2017, 1:33 PM
Hello to All:
My last build was in the early 80's. My Dad was a motor drome racer, outstanding Machinist, Toolmaker and Wrench.I was raised around bikes and machine shops, retired from a gov't weapons lab... I"ll understand when y-all get technical.
Im also dated. You older guys will understand how much has changed in the last 40 years... I'm trying to catch up. One thing I hope hasn't changed is Bikers helping one another.
I'm starting a project. Fell into a cherry '92 FLSTC a couple years ago, and have been bringing her up to date.
This is going to be mostly a bolt up build. I don't have the facilities I use to, and hell, practically all I'll need is on E-bay.
What I need from the community is advice, a sounding board to bounce ideas off, contacts for various venders, and maybe make a few friends.
I live isolated in no-where Missouri, theres two kinds of riders around here.. The young Bagger bunch..and the old toads that hang out at the local greasy spoon, that dont know diddley about their mounts... neither are my type.
Thats it, I'll see what the community has to say before proceeding. Happy Trails

08-25-2017, 7:59 PM
It's a wise community full of ruthlessly practical advice. You'll do fine.

08-26-2017, 4:25 AM
Good intro. Welcome aboard.

08-26-2017, 7:15 AM
I'm from the Ozarks. Born in Eldon. Don't live there anymore but get back to see kinfolk in Osage Beach. FLSTC's are cool bikes with a little personal make it your own mods.

08-27-2017, 6:15 AM
Names Austin. I'm in the Marines and currently live in Japan. I recently bought BoneSmuggler built by Larry Pierce. Going to be a fun bike to work on and ride. Hope to get lots of info from here.

08-27-2017, 1:46 PM
What's up Chop Cult from NY.

08-28-2017, 11:50 PM
been creeping on here for awhile figure no better time than now to start contributing back to the community. outta seattle. fixed up a few bikes here and there mostly to sell for another heap and fix it up. finishing up a 79 shovel now and landed myself a pan project not too long ago.

08-29-2017, 1:32 AM
How's it going everyone?
I recently started "reviving" a motorcycle from Michigan, I have so many questions.. don't know where to start.

Anyhow, here is my blog where you can see exactly what I am talking about.. http://my96er.blogspot.com

Is there different forums for different topics/issues you are trying to access? Sorry, I am new to this whole motorcycle word!

08-30-2017, 6:51 PM
What's up cultists. I'm John from the Biloxi, MS area. I've been creeping on here for a couple months. I just started riding back in march. I never thought much about riding until I inherited my dads softail slim. I rode it once and have been hooked ever since. It's like a connection to my dad every time I ride..... anyway, now I'm on the lookout for likeminded people to ride and hang out with. Also, I want to get an old sporty to chop up (don't want to modify dads bike too heavily). I look forward to getting deeper into the scene.

09-01-2017, 1:37 AM
Hi Guys.
I am french and currently living in Switzerland.

After 5 years break (job, children...), I come back in the game with a new project (xl1200).

Pics of the tank:

09-01-2017, 7:04 PM
Okay, here is my hello. I'm Cotton1 and I have been lurking here. I'm in the Midlands of South Carolina. I'm married with kids and work in a factory as well as farm.

I ride a 06 Sporty daily, my old woman has a 99 Sporty 1200 that is relatively new to her, we just bought it a few weeks ago. Her previous 883 is a 98 and will be the victim of my first chop project.

I'm working poor so my project will take a while to complete. So far I have a few parts on hand and arrangements for a custom made hard tail and oil tank. I'm having a hard time deciding on my front end and have a few questions in that area.

Once I figure out where to post questions about my build, I will likely do so. I'm not too good at geometry, but am wanting a wee bit of rake on "Betty". Also know that I am old enough to be not so tech savvy, but am not really old. I just can't post pictures or links without some help.

From what I can tell the folks on this site are folks I am like minded with. I look forward to hearing the voice of experience here, but will apologise up front as I don't always go along with popular or give a shit if what I like/want does not get approval from the rest of the world.


09-03-2017, 1:45 PM
New member from Washington state. Started out on an old 60's BMW as my first street bike, moved on to some Hondas and a Yamaha, and finally ended up on something worth chopping...or not worth keeping original, depending on how you look at it...a fifty-something panhead project. Looking for some advice and some inspiration to make this thing mine and undo some heinous work by previous owners.

09-18-2017, 4:04 AM
Sup F*cking new guy here. Names' Derek, got a spirit project I've been messing around with. Dont really live anywhere
permanently right now. Anyways thats the intro

09-20-2017, 7:42 PM
I'm new here but I've been reading and lurking for a few months now. I finished an already begun bob job on the first bike I've had in probably 10 years. Second bike ever. An 82 honda cb650 nighthawk. I had so much fun I bought a beat down 75 gl1000 for my second project.

Before the nighthawk (affectionately dubbed the DeathTrap as I was purchasing it) I didn't know how to do anything at all. I couldn't solder. I couldn't weld. I had no tools. I didn't know anyone to teach me. But... A fuckload of chopcult, google, and YouTube later I'm still green as hell, but we'll on my way.

I'm excited to dive into the gl1000 (since my wife finally went in the garage and noticed there was a new bike hiding there) I just need to figure out what I want to do with jt, and have been going through every thread I can find for inspiration.

09-24-2017, 11:25 PM
Live in Tennessee. Been tinkering with old Harleys for about 22 years now. Current project is an old neglected Shovel I found cheap, was sitting since 1990.

09-26-2017, 12:56 PM
Back again. Lost my original login, soooo I'm new again. North Jersey. Horsepower first. Paint second.

09-27-2017, 9:27 AM
So will stick an intro here as well. I am from Norwich Uk here is my current ride 79048

09-28-2017, 9:03 AM
my name is Tim O. i live in GA. i make pizzas and ride bikes. i weld stuff. i got 3 harleys. i'm pretty smart, but sometimes i need a little nudge in the right direction...

09-29-2017, 10:02 PM
I've been looking around for awhile on here. I figured I'd get a salvage Harley and start a build from there. I stumbled onto a bike that I liked today so I just bought that. Not much to change but I am going to build exhaust heat shields. I saw a post the other day that linked to a good how to. I'm thinking of using brass.

09-30-2017, 1:05 PM
Hey, new here...living in NC...not important what i do, just living life. Been lurking around and like what i read, thought i would give it a go...

10-02-2017, 8:24 PM
I've been looking around for awhile on here. I figured I'd get a salvage Harley and start a build from there. I stumbled onto a bike that I liked today so I just bought that. Not much to change but I am going to build exhaust heat shields. I saw a post the other day that linked to a good how to. I'm thinking of using brass.

Not that you give a shit what I think but nice color, motor, pipes, & footboards. the air cleaner fucking lame but other than that nice score.

10-02-2017, 9:03 PM
Not that you give a shit what I think but nice color, motor, pipes, & footboards. the air cleaner fucking lame but other than that nice score.

I agree about the air cleaner. I've already ordered a replacement. I'm trying to fabricate a mount for a small ammo can, for tools, on the frame.

10-04-2017, 7:33 AM
Hey all, dan brown here. I have been building choppers since i was discharged from the army in 1968. I am presently working on a bobber from the ground up. Should be fun.

10-08-2017, 12:11 AM
Robert K here. Livin' it up in sunny so cal. Been tinkering on bikes close to 10 years now. Finally looking to build a chop, tearin it up in the dirt on this POS in the meantime.

10-08-2017, 2:58 PM
Hi, also new to the site, just noticed the intro, very interesting site, name is Rick, go by mudman due to mud racing and building big 4x4's up her in northern Saskatchewan Canada, yep most of the year is snow, your right. Grew up riding sport bikes, most 2 stroke street bikes, had a V max, ans an FLH stripper, just been building muscle cars and trucks and no bikes since 1997, so back at it with a custom bobber, 03 Shadow Ace, such a nice change, love riding again, hope to learn lots here and throw in my 2 bits if I can.

10-11-2017, 3:16 AM
Hi! I'm Amanda and yeah, I'm a girl. I Ride in West Mich. on a 88 XL 1200.
I have two passions - bikes and writing. That's why I work as a freelance writer at Australian EssayVikings (https://essayvikings.com/au/) and like to dedicate my leisure to riding bike with my friends.

10-11-2017, 8:27 AM
Hi my name is Lile I am new here nice to meet you all :D

10-12-2017, 9:57 PM
I just realized I've never actually made a post.

Joined in 2014, now have a 01 sportster.

Justin from Edmonton Alberta


10-13-2017, 8:38 AM
Okay, here is my hello. I'm Cotton1 and I have been lurking here. I'm in the Midlands of South Carolina. I'm married with kids and work in a factory as well as farm.

I ride a 06 Sporty daily, my old woman has a 99 Sporty 1200 that is relatively new to her, we just bought it a few weeks ago. Her previous 883 is a 98 and will be the victim of my first chop project.

I'm working poor so my project will take a while to complete. So far I have a few parts on hand and arrangements for a custom made hard tail and oil tank. I'm having a hard time deciding on my front end and have a few questions in that area.

Once I figure out where to post questions about my build, I will likely do so. I'm not too good at geometry, but am wanting a wee bit of rake on "Betty". Also know that I am old enough to be not so tech savvy, but am not really old. I just can't post pictures or links without some help.

From what I can tell the folks on this site are folks I am like minded with. I look forward to hearing the voice of experience here, but will apologise up front as I don't always go along with popular or give a shit if what I like/want does not get approval from the rest of the world.


Hey Bro. New here also. Figured I'd document my future hard tail build here. For the folks here. Long time Texas/Mexican border scooter tramp. Run a 20 x 40 foot Ameican Steel Building Quonset hut Motorcycle shop on a concrete parking lot in Pecos Texas.

I am pretty good with computers also.

http://thumbs.imagebam.com/3e/4e/88/b2658c626020513.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/b2658c626020513) http://thumbs.imagebam.com/1e/d6/a2/26564b626020593.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/26564b626020593) http://thumbs.imagebam.com/20/a1/a3/c6fed3626020713.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/c6fed3626020713)

I am a oldy giant of a dude. Been around the horn and seen the elephant. Been a scooter tramp since the 1970's.

10-18-2017, 10:04 PM
Here goes the hello, name's Josh and can't ride yet because parents are chaining me down so I've just been lurking and learning on here. Happy to take any advice you think is necessary.

10-23-2017, 5:28 PM
Tossing in my intro, my name is Ken and owner of CV Performance (https://cv-performance.com/) located in Tampa. I've lurked here forever but have always been so busy with my own site and business that I never got around to joining. Aside from riding I've been involved with Harley carburetors for over 30 years, previously rebuilding carbs and eventually starting my own business manufacturing intake components for Harley CV carburetors. I've made tuning carbs my life's work so I look forward to joining in conversations where I might be able to contribute some of my insights.

10-23-2017, 5:50 PM
Sounds Good. Howdy and Welcome. I am always up for learning carbs.

10-23-2017, 9:42 PM
My name is Michael. I'm from Los Angeles. I like romantic walks to the bar. I also love tacos and big boobs (except not in that order)

10-26-2017, 8:52 PM
Hello everyone,

I ride my '80 Honda xl185 around town, year round. She's my, mostly stock, commuter.

Currently I'm reworking an old 1968 Yamaha yg5t. Going for what I'd call a minimalist looking brat style.

Im glad to be here, I've been reading tons of articles.

11-02-2017, 2:44 PM
Hey all. Jason from the east valley in Arizona. Wanting to learn how to wrench and build my own ride. Looks like a great site. Ride an 05 fat boy and often do a 366 mile round trip to Cochise county Arizona

11-04-2017, 11:36 AM
New to forum, wanna see the pics. Lexington Park, MD. hmu

11-08-2017, 9:55 AM
hey all ! names mitchell - from south africa ! on a 07 sporty not new ,but new to being on the forum...

i am looking to come back to the usa to apprentice of give a hand on a full build or two ...any one looking for help and has a big project coming up ....halla at ya booi!

the costs of any course in the usa are way to pricey

so i can use what i have to survive ...and help for free

11-08-2017, 10:30 AM
hey ken !!!! welcome , i have a ton of weird questions i can ask you :)

11-09-2017, 7:52 PM
What's doin guys. Name is Chris.
Pretty new to posting here. Out in San Diego now. I just moved out here about a month ago from NYC.
Anyone in the area who's down to ride, build, drink a few or just shoot the shit hit me up.
I just opened a thread up a few minutes ago about a bent springer that I got. Anyone in the know about getting this thing straightened out and ready to roll would be fucking killer.
So I ride an 85' XLH1000 that I've been wrenching on for a while now and have a few projects in the garage that will hit the road eventually.
Other than that, stoked to be here and looking forward to never having to put the fucking bikes away for the winter!!

11-17-2017, 1:59 PM
Hello my fellow degenerates! Spend way too much time on this website everyday and I am finally making my intro, working on my 80 80 cone shovel chop and will probably be asking lots of stupid questions. Lots of good info on here, excited to be a part of the community :D

11-18-2017, 11:49 PM
Hey what's up I'm new to the site too 92 vlx 600 work in progress kinda ratted just hard nose built bike with a rebuild and some balls added have a good one

11-26-2017, 10:08 PM
hey everyone. Name's Dylan. Ive grown up around bikes and other toys my whole life but have never owned anything of my own. This past while Ive been doing more research into what I want and how I'm going to do it. Im pretty confident I'm going to go the sportster route. strip it down as much as i can to get a simple clean chopper look. But who knows what i'll want when it push comes to shove. I'm just here to learn and absorb as much as i can and before i decide to pull the trigger. Any advice would be awesome.

12-03-2017, 6:30 AM
hello all newbie Mike from the little state of Rhode island been riding forever and now my sons got the bug we are building his 04 Marauder and hope we can lean on everyone for help, what a great site cant wait to dive in. stay wide open with rubber down all.

12-19-2017, 10:19 PM
Hey ChopCult'ers, New to the forum, from the Yukon in Northern Canada. Got certified as a bike mechanic in '88, got 3 years as machinist in Alberta, built a KZ 1105 chop in a Santee softail frame (was in an Amen softail frame before that as a 900) with +18 Paugcho springer to score a first Place trophy at a ISCA World of Wheels show in '94. built brit and jap chops collected chopper parts for 30 years. Got a '74 850 Norton rigid chop with +16 P&P girder with Satellite wheels, building a '69 T120 rigid chop with a +12 square Durfee girder and 5 spoke Invaders. Hoping to learn lots and share info.

12-22-2017, 1:36 AM
Hello! Been a lurker for a lil bit. Here’s the work in progress. 80478

12-31-2017, 7:22 AM
Hi this is fox. I'm new to this forum and just wanted to do introductions.
I'm from Indy.
I've got a 64 triumph hard tail that I scratched together. Mild build 5 speed right side shift.
I have a 93 xlh1200 for a daily ride with a bit more build. Mikuni flatslide .
She is almost over built have to be careful at lights not to load her up and foul.
She is loud and proud.
I just scored a 84 fxrp that I'm getting ready. She's a mix and match but I like it that way.
I got rid of the giant apes and funky headlight. Had to make a new wiring harness caus it was butchered.
And now I'm looking for a new seat.
It's got a new lepara siloette.
But I'm looking for something better on my baby's backside..
Anyway hello to everyone.

01-01-2018, 12:44 PM
Howdy, I'm Jonah. From NW ohio.. I'm an aspiring bike builder. So I'm here to learn everything I can from all of you.
Peace and love.

01-01-2018, 1:41 PM
Hello! Been a lurker for a little while but I guess its time to become a member. I ride a 2011 softail blackline and my current project is a 1976 shovelhead.

01-07-2018, 11:29 AM
Hi all! I'm about to start my first motorcycle project so I'm here to learn as much as possible. The project bike is a 79 Kawasaki kz1000 ltd and Im currently riding a 97 sporty 1200. Thanks in advance for all the great info!

01-11-2018, 1:43 PM
I've been reading threads here for a while and thought I would join.

I own the following bikes:
1995 Sportster 1200 (89" stroker)
2000 Buell S3T
2009 Buell XB12R

(love the various generations of the XL platform)


I started tearing my Sportster down a couple of years ago to initially fix an electric bug and then decided to go all the way and powdercoat the frame and other bits and have the engine painted black. I'v got most of the parts back and am starting to reassemble everything. I will post up a build log when I get further along. Still waiting on some bearings and bushings to get the frame rolling.

I am also trying my hand at pinstriping and after buying a Buegler to do the wheels, I bought a brush and some other paints to practice. I am surprised at how easy it seems, but I still need lots of practice.

01-12-2018, 10:31 PM
Hi all. Been lurking and learning. I Have more projects then runners.... 76 FLH, 80 FXWG, 73 XLCH, 80 XS850, 77 KZ650, plus others. Love to ride anything w 2 wheels.

01-13-2018, 10:36 PM
I don't care. I eat pickled sausage and ride. Fuck you, fuck politics, fuck sports, and fuck your mom. Build motorcycles and ride with your friends. I'll post shit for sale periodically but I promise it will all be shit.

01-14-2018, 5:43 PM
Just joined... looking to figure out what Frame I have...81086

01-21-2018, 5:53 PM
I’ve been here since Oct -just after I bought my 80 FXS shovelhead. Thought I’d say hi. From Baltimore Md.


01-23-2018, 6:30 AM
Hi, my name is Lamar, I am from South Africa. My day to day bike is a Ducati 939 Hyper.
Added some custom paint and few trick pieces, but want to keep it stock as it is a keeper.
I am an Industrial Designer and have always wanted to design and build my own bike...I have taken the first step to join this forum to get the ball rolling....so I will have some pretty interesting questions that I need some good advise on...as
I am not experienced in doing complete rebuilds...only some minor customization done in the past.

02-02-2018, 11:45 AM
Hey all, been looking thru the forums here for awhile now. I have a 97 sportster and a couple vintage Lambrettas. Welder fabricator by trade. I’m working on a couple mods on my bike. Got a stock 1200 topend I’m going to be putting in shortly. Bought a tank minus the mounts. Built my own with built in lift. Wanting to do wire tuck and coil relocation. Plus some other little bits to clean it up more. Live in Canada by Detroit.
Cheers ��

02-04-2018, 1:32 PM
Hey everyone, my names Joey. I just bought my fourth bike, my first was a 2006 zx636, second was an enduro 1991 KDX250 that I had street legal, third was another zx636. Now I just bought a 1980 Sportster for $1600 from a friend of mine with 17k original miles on it that’s bone stock. I plan to bob it and figured this would be a good site for learning and getting some ideas.

02-05-2018, 4:48 PM
Hi, guy's a big shout from Newcastle upon Tyne England love the site just what i've been looking for hell yeah.

02-05-2018, 6:54 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm brand new to the chopcult. I'm a recent college grad in New England, taking advantage of savings and the time before intern hiring season in my field to crank out work on my '79 CB750k. I've had it since late summer 2016, but till now I haven't had time or money to work on it. I'll be posting some paint-related questions in the general forum in just a few minutes, so anyone who wants to chime in and help a newbie, it'd be much appreciated!
Below is a photo of the bike from last summer (the last time it ran right-I'm working my way through some lower-end noises system by system), but as of today it no longer looks like that!81513

02-06-2018, 11:13 AM
HI..........My Name is?.......HI.........My Name is?.........CHICKAAA CHICKAAA SLIMMMMM SLEAZYYYYY



02-06-2018, 3:15 PM
1st post... I've lurked on this site in the past. Just joined because I'm building a nosecone shovel and will probably have a few questions.
I'm using a S130S5 Paugcho wishbone rigid frame / Ultima 6 speed kicker tranny and softail enclosed primary. Not sure if anyone else here has a similar setup or not but I'm working on several issues right now.

02-06-2018, 3:22 PM
1st post... I've lurked on this site in the past. Just joined because I'm building a nosecone shovel and will probably have a few questions.
I'm using a S130S5 Paugcho wishbone rigid frame / Ultima 6 speed kicker tranny and softail enclosed primary. Not sure if anyone else here has a similar setup or not but I'm working on several issues right now.

Yes sir I bet you are with all those different parts....


02-12-2018, 10:05 AM
Hey guys! Newbie from CA! Stoked to be here. Ive been looking for a project bike for awhile now so I picked up a 1980 GS750L for $200 at a garage sale that i couldnt pass up. This is my very first build and Im very excited about it and spent a week off and on tearing it down to barebones and hours and hours of researching. Itll be a full rebuild/custom project. I look forward to learning a lot from you all, Cheers!

02-13-2018, 1:08 PM
Hello all james from SLC been riding and racing dirt bikes forever owned a bunch of metric bikes and dirt bikes. currently have a 98 evo. let the good times roll.

02-18-2018, 11:42 PM

New member here from the west coast of Canada. Just looking to absorb all the info I can on custom/bobber builds before I tackle my own build in the future. I've wanted to build a bobber for a couple years but I've only ever wrenched on my own FLHR.

If you've got any good ideas on where best to start, I welcome the suggestions!

03-01-2018, 5:09 PM
sup. my name is james im a new dude. gotta1999 fxdx. work in progress82173

03-02-2018, 1:36 PM
Hey guys, Dave here.

New to riding, but not to wrenching. Living near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Most of the questions I google take me here, so I figure it is time to sign up.

03-09-2018, 12:51 AM
My name is Nick, im 23 years old, from Bakersfield area, now I live in Grants Pass Oregon. Been around custom cars and bikes my whole life. Spent a few years in a custom fab shop. I know a few things, but always looking to learn more. Would like to ride with a few guys with something other than a stock Harley bagger or V star.

03-11-2018, 3:34 PM
I'm here... shitty fabricator, lousy mechanic, lover of old bikes that leak oil.


03-13-2018, 12:38 PM
From Ohio, love to procrastinate, Certified Grinder of things, love to mess up things, sometimes I get things right..

Have a thing for Honda's, T-Bars & Fairings.

Look to be disappointed from me. Run what you Brung.

03-13-2018, 6:40 PM
Baska from Manitoba recently relocated in Southern Ontario. Spent too much of my life wasted thinking chopping was out of my reach until I could score an old Harley or something. Picked up a mangled 80 CB650 a little while back, have been preparing to swap frames and do a lot of fabricating to my liking to get it sorted the way that I want it. Probably going to pick up a smaller bike just to fuck around with to get my new rider shit out of the way so I'm not waiting on my Honda and end up rushing some dumb shit.

Stoked to finally pull the trigger and get set up on here, hope it helps get me in the right direction with all the work that needs doing this year.

03-14-2018, 12:29 AM
I go by neckbone. built a few bikes over the years, but working on my 1st brit chopper. A b-day gift to myself cuz no one else got me shit. Still got a lot to learn and much more to do. Been lurking here for a longtime, figured what the hell..joined up today!

03-14-2018, 9:10 AM
I'm from Chicago are. Been on 2 wheels one way or another all my life. I'm doing some work on my Shovel right now. It looks like a wealth of information out here.82476

03-21-2018, 3:31 AM
Hello from France,

Sorry for my bad english

Actually I ve a xl1200r ? Trying to make it a chopp"Norcal style" wip ...just installed 4' slugs and 3° rake cups.

Also I always admire American people and way of life, and much respect for the history we have in common.

Also, i am a big boobs addict ! :)

03-21-2018, 7:24 AM
Hello from France,

...just installed 4' slugs and 3° rake cups.

Bon Jour b23r, Ca va?

Your english may be bad, but you say you used slugs to extend your forks - do you mean pieces of metal screwed into the top of the fork legs to make your forks longer? Not a good idea and can be deadly. See this 2017 ChopCult thread; Thread: Slugs, AKA Fork extensions DANGER DANGER!

03-21-2018, 7:52 AM
Bonjour TriNort
Thanks for your answer
yes this is cap screwed... it appears not illegal in Europe, mines are small 4''

03-31-2018, 3:37 PM
Greetings gentlemen

04-02-2018, 4:51 PM
Hi all, in here from WNC. I used to have an account on here but i forgot my email and just made a new one. Haven't been on the forums for a while because i traded my sportster in for a touring bike. My reason for returning is because i rescued an abused, unloved xs650 that had been cafe'd and i plan on turning it into literally anything besides a cafe because i'm not a damned barista. I have a thread on xs650forums.com and i plan on starting a thread here as well since there may be some extra points of view that might influence me with the build.
blah fucking blah, here's some pics.


and the project bike


04-02-2018, 11:02 PM
Been here a few months, learning. Working on cleaning up and modernizing (not really restoring) a 1980 FXS. This is the before.


Baltimore, Md

04-03-2018, 5:36 AM
Giday fellas,new to this interweb thing.Been into anything with sparkplugs but always steered clear of bikes,to many trips to emergency with bmx and mtb in my youth.I know i cant be trusted on bike.Ive got a collection of bikes i wont ride.
No 1 1970 indian bambino
No 2 1967 suzuki gt360 built out of shit,70's hobo gp inspired,it465 yammy powered.
No 3 197?cb 350 drag bike shorock supercharged 60%nitro on stock motor with cams.11.20@120 plus in the mid 70's as last raced true barn find.Looking to have a bit of fun here and see what happens
Ya buddy Roo.

04-04-2018, 3:58 PM
Hey guys, I'm Rob and from Peabody, MA. Never really wrenched on any bikes but been wrenching on cars and trucks for a few years. Figured I'd give it a shot. Scooped up a 78 XS750 a few months back, check out my build thread, "78 XS750 chop first bike build"

04-11-2018, 12:19 AM
What's up everyone my name is Aaron I have been riding for about a year and just got my first project can any one help with making a wiring harness 83188 this is my project

04-17-2018, 6:40 AM
Hey all , i am new here on CC. From Switzerland living in Florida the Tampa Bay working for a motorcycle parts company called partsopedia , started the harley bug about 30 years ago. Ride a stoker road couch and a ragged 54 pan . Always interested in barter projects or help out with a part for someone in need.



04-20-2018, 4:06 AM
Hey all, BJ here from Perth Western Australia. Have a 2005 Dyna FXD Super Glide. Its a daily ride most days but i still like to keep it in showroom condition.
I started playing around with airbrushing and as i get better plan to respray the bike and do some graphics on it.83410

04-23-2018, 7:42 AM
hello from southern Indiana.
I got 3 shovelheads, 1983 FLHTC all original, 1980 motor on a Kraftech hard tail frame, currently taking this one apart and redoing the front end and primary. And a 1976 FXE highly modified.
I run a powder coat shop for a living.

04-26-2018, 9:05 AM
My old DBA was Steelsmith and I use that as my internet forum handle. I'm 60, have built many bike projects partial or complete, both privately and professionally. I have been a welder/fabricator for 35 years. I really miss the metalshaping and frame building aspects of the profession.
I would like to join/add to the discussion regarding, Bobber conversions.

04-30-2018, 2:06 PM
Howdy gents. I'm looking to learn and get some ideas. I'm riding a 97 road king now but hoping to pick up a old shovel some time soon. Oops sorry forgot to mention I'm riding the roads in Ohio.

05-02-2018, 12:30 PM
I'm up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with an 02 XL1200. Anyone going to Laconia Bike Week next month?

05-05-2018, 4:22 PM
Poser extraordinaire rollin' outta The Bayou State. I just like to play with motorsickles...

05-11-2018, 11:23 AM
Hey I'm Nick. Been around custom cars and bikes since I was a kid. I love to work with my hands and customize anything and everything. I got my first project bike (a beat-up 01 VLX600) about 2 years ago and I look forward to learning a lot from here and passing along some of my own knowledge and experiences

05-13-2018, 8:39 AM
Poser extraordinaire rollin' outta The Bayou State. I just like to play with motorsickles...

That post says I'm a guest here. Joined twice and keep losing my account. Not sure why. Rollin' outta North Louisiana, have 4 Harleys and a 1972 El Camino. Looking to hang with like minded folks. Beer, motorsickles,cars,tools etc...

05-22-2018, 8:14 PM
Hey Guys, been lurking for a while now, I have been around bikes and cars my whole life. Started doing body work out of high school and progressed to working at the local Harley shop. After 8 plus years I opened my own shop last year and have loved everyday since.

05-26-2018, 11:45 AM
Hello everyone,

Picked up my first Harley project bike, 1988 sportster 1200 rigid frame. Engine needs work and hope to read and learn. I have already cleaned her up and put in new plugs, wires, fuel lines, fuel filter, crankcase breather, air filter, clutch basket, changed oils & cleaned carb.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience. Rob

05-27-2018, 11:06 AM
Hey Guys/Gals, I'm new to the forum. I'm just starting to work on an xs850 I just bought that needs putting back together. I've been riding a vtx1300c for the last 8 years but I don't know anything about inline 4s and especially triples. I ride in the Louisville area and formerly around Somerset in SE KY.

05-30-2018, 1:07 AM
Hi, I m new here from Surrey, Dorking, United Kingdom. I love traveling and caregiving.

You can reach Nursing Home in Surrey UK (http://www.downsvale.co.uk) for good services for elders.

05-30-2018, 4:27 AM
Hello, I everyone. I m music therapist at Residential Care Homes in East Sussex (http://www.orchardhousebexhill.com/about-us).haooy to be part of this community.

06-01-2018, 8:17 AM
I guess I should throw something in here...

I'm Rich (that's what the "R" stands for) and I'm in Mesa, AZ and ride with the AZ Leathernecks. Currently on a '16 FLHR, but I recently picked up a bare '79 FXEF frame as a father-son project. Plans change quickly and frequently around here, but the plan at the moment is to squeeze an evo in there with a softail tranny since I can't find a shovelhead in my price range (ie. cheap). I even thought about a custom frame that uses a FLHR tranny since I've got one lying around...could title it as a "FLWTF"...lol.

I could always build a new frame, but I'd rather use the '79 since it's got a HD title. While I've never built a frame before, I can read/research and I'm an aerospace engineer by trade. I don't have the tools anymore (welder, bender, etc.), but I've got plenty of friends that do.

Anyway, I'll mostly be researching on here but I'll chime in from time to time if I feel I have anything of value to say.