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07-23-2015, 6:15 PM
Hello gents and ladies, I've been hanging out in here for a few months, watching builds and how-to's and I figured I should introduce myself. I had my first bike when I was 17, a 75 DT250 enduro with a DT400 top end, had it for a year and I got taken out by a soft patch of dirt in a turn at 35, destroyed the whole right case. Lived and learned, now I have a 72 CB-500 I'm slowly building into a Chop. Thanks

07-24-2015, 8:55 AM
Hey, y'all. I've been lurking and looking for info and only recently signed up and have made a couple of posts. I'm using the same username that I use on pretty much any bike related site. I've been riding since I bought a Rebel in high school, about 1991. I have a 99 Softail that I've disassembled and put back together, but that I haven't cut anything off of. Until recently I had an 82 FLT, shovel, but she's gone now. I don't want to cut on my Softail for a few reasons, not the least of which is that she's my only bike and I don't want to be without one for however long it takes to finish a project. Right now our three kids and the expenses of being a grown up are monopolizing my funds, but I'm squirreling away some here and there so that I can get a hold of something to do whatever with.

07-24-2015, 3:12 PM
Hey guys, im clint. just got my first project, 1973 ironhead. seat pan has been dropped 2" and the frame was stretched 3. 1945 harley springer front end. im new to this whole deal and am a novice when it comes to harleys. i know a little, not a lot. hopefully i can find stuff on here and not ask a bunch of stupid questions.


07-25-2015, 1:45 PM
Hey guys names Ricardo originally from Bakersfield California moved to Vallejo ca three years ago, diesel mechanic by trade right now I'm building my first bike from the ground up a 1997 Harley sportster I'm in the final stages of wiring and put the the rear break on, any suggestions on how I should hide the wiring on my bike thanks again guys, you can also look me up on Instagram to hear my bike running user id is existentialism0_0 thanks guys

07-27-2015, 7:54 AM
Yo gang. My name is Jo and I am in Freeburg, Il. Just found the site and I am looking forward to becoming part of the community. My current project is a 2000 Ultra Groundpounder that I bought for the drivetrain. Stuffing it into a Kraft/tech 0,0,30 roller I got from Mike at Malibu.

07-27-2015, 8:44 AM
hey I'm grant from Shreveport la. just got my first bike (Honda cm400t year unknown). I'm 22 wanting to make it into a bobber eventually but college budget makes that hard. bike is in rough shape but was free. hoping to find help with all the obstacles I'm sure to encounter.

07-28-2015, 11:19 AM
Hey i'm phil, from phila pa. I'm currently on my first bike a 97 Vulcan 1500a. we will call it a running project. pretty clean, just making it comfy. next bike is gonna be something chopped.

07-28-2015, 12:53 PM
From Maryland and obviously new to the forum....kinda new to bikes...not new to back alley grease sculpting. Been into cars for 15 years...now dabbling into bikes.

Current build is a backyard bum rush on an old 86 honda rebel....bobbed and brushed is the plan. Fingers crossed my wife finds some Steele lips and decides to ride it.

Hope everyone is having a bitchin summer.

07-30-2015, 11:32 PM
Howdy, got my first bike. A '96 Suzuki 1400 Intruder, yes quite big for a first bike, but everyone I know gave me the he's Loco look when I was talking about getting something like a 650 or 750.

I almost got a Nighthawk .. 650 or 750 whatever ... but destiny made it happen I couldn't pick it up that evening, instead the next day I found the Intruder for 1600 bucks, 35000 miles.

Besides wanting to turn it into a bobber/chopper .. I have some work ahead me.

The owner before the guy I bought it from ... painted it all satin black (cool idea if you actually sand and smooth first, and make sure no original paint is showing lol).

Baffles have been drilled, four holes, A/F mix caps been removed .. so yes the carbs needs adjustments and carb sync done.

Also that guy installed dragster hsndlebars, lowered, so the tank is already beat up, dents caused by full lok turns.

Ok guess that should be enough for a blah blah introduction lol

07-31-2015, 9:04 AM
What's up yall. From Houston, Tx, been on 2 wheels for 19yrs now(it's crazy knowing it's been that long and I'm not even 30...) I turned wrenches on bikes for 8 years(building race bikes including record holder of vintage class for Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, some street trackers, bobbers, cafe racers, etc...) Started getting burned out and practically hated anything to do with motorcycles because of all the BS I dealt with on the daily.. Anyways, I'm a welder now and workin on getting back into the industry on my own terms.

Got a little v-star bobber I built on the cheap for my wife to learn to ride on. And I've currently got a xl1200c that's my daily. Been reading the forums for awhile and figured I'd join in on the fun

07-31-2015, 4:47 PM
Ryan from San Antonio, Tx here. Long time lurker. Had a few different jap bikes over the years. Picked up my first Harley a couple of weeks ago. 81 Sportster. Here we go!

08-03-2015, 7:51 AM
Howdy, I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. Most people call me Chops. I got a few bikes, 79 CB 750 basket case, 76 Bonneville with a custom drop seat frame and Springer, and a pretty much stock 2012 Street Bob.

08-04-2015, 12:32 AM
I'm Samuel I'm from Edmonton alberta,I'm 16 years old and have just bought my first bike a 81 Yamaha xs 400.im in the midst of chopping it into a bobber.i found this site by complete accident but once I started reading the shit people posted I had to sign up.a lot of helpful stuff on here.

08-05-2015, 8:09 AM
Howdy Gents. New here from the armpit of the U.S., ol' Houston Tx. Name's Chris. Been ridin and choppin most of my life but new to the cruiser scene. Picked up a V-Star on the cheap a few months back. Decided to make it mine so here I am, learning from the crowd to hack away with confidence. Thanks for havin' me.

08-07-2015, 10:24 PM
Greetings from the hills of West Virginia. Only thing I love as much as picking my old guitar is wrenchin and runnin my sled. I ride an 81 ironhead. She's high maintenance but loves to get up and talk to ya. Anywho, keep the rubber side down and catch y'all on the flip.

08-09-2015, 8:47 AM
Hey, truthco here from BC Canada. I'm a wrench turner, beer lover, all around degenerate. Bikes are currently: mid rebuild Suzuki rm100 from 1981ish and my POS 1979 HD 80" lowrider in about as many pieces as it could possibly be broken down to. Major work in progress.

08-09-2015, 9:10 AM
New guy in Phoenix here.
I like choppers, hotrods, muscle cars, beer, and boobs. Not really in any particular order, kinda depends on the day.
We just moved down here from Minnesota because, well it's just to fuckin' cold there most of the time.
I just have an old Evo sporty and an ironhead chop that I think I can fix.

08-12-2015, 1:49 AM
Hey guys, newbie from the netherlands here! My name is Kevin, I'm almost 24 and new to bikes, will get my license soon and then hook myself up with a cheap chopper to work on and get experience! All help and critique is welcome!

08-12-2015, 2:29 AM
Been a peeping tom for quite a while, but just now becoming a member. Been tinkering with a 70 T100r for a bit, and now after getting done building a house in Upstate SC, dying to accumulate vintage Harley toys. Great site, and thanks for the tech advice.

08-16-2015, 8:08 AM
whats up everyone new here. although I've been lurking for a while. im a fabricator and painter in ma. for now this is my wip


08-16-2015, 7:19 PM
Cheers everyone, My name is Erik, very cool forum and great to be on here!

08-16-2015, 8:10 PM
I am new this so I guess I should introduce my self I am from wet soggy florida the liquid sun shine state I ride brits triumphs I have 68 650 bobber and 79 750 and figure I should have something with electric start I like old iron so putting a old iron head together

08-16-2015, 8:12 PM
I guess I should post a picture I do not ride a pink pony lol

08-17-2015, 9:52 AM
Hello, I live in Pheonix, been riding since the late 80's, took a break for almost 5 years after having to sell my 74 shovel to keep my family fed after the great economic fall. We are finally back on the finacial mend, and for the last 9 months I'm on a 08 sporty, never thought I would be stoked on a sportster, but then I never thought I would lose my house either haha

lifelong skateboarder (no 90's quiter)
part time filmer and photog
full-time functioning alcoholic/ medical canabis enthusiast

08-17-2015, 10:54 AM
G'day from over the pond great site will be posting some of my leather work soon

08-18-2015, 9:57 PM
Hello, from Raceland, KY here. I ride a 93 fxrs-conv. I've enjoyed wrenching on my bikes and learning as I go. This site has been helpful in my searches at times, trying to figure out what I was doing. Looking forward to being part of the community.

08-19-2015, 2:30 AM
Hey guys I'm near Fresno CA, I like working on bikes and all other types of toys. If anybody needs help support or just wants to ride let me know. I have a full tool box, welder and just about everything else

08-19-2015, 11:13 AM
New from kentucky. Currently working on a late 73 sporty. Doing engine work right now. Pretty stock bike right now. That will all changeover the winter. Thanks for having me.

08-22-2015, 4:07 PM
New to the forum but not to bikes. Here's my 78 CB750F Digger: http://i1248.photobucket.com/albums/hh484/sohcdigger/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsaxr0juzb.jpg (http://s1248.photobucket.com/user/sohcdigger/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsaxr0juzb.jpg.html)

08-22-2015, 6:26 PM
2nd Generation scooter trash. 1st time member of a cult with a website!

08-25-2015, 9:35 AM
Hi guys my name is Billy, I'm from northwest Ohio. I literally grew up in the motorcycle world. My dad has had custom bikes ever since the early 70's me not being born till 73 like I said I grew up in the world. I decided to take motorcycles a lot more serious and make it a passion of mine in the early 2000's I haven't looked back on top of my day to day job I do have a small motorcycle shop setup in a 40 by 60 pole barn at my house doing mostly custom bagger work. God has blessed me with two beautiful daughters in today's day in age I could not see trying for a third child just to see if I got my boy to share my skills with that my dad had taught me. When my oldest daughter was 12 years old she started dating one of the neighborhood kids (Henry). At first, like all dads I thought what is this punks intentions with my daughter. As I got to know Henry I found out his dad was killed on a ATV when Henry was 6 months old his mom did the best she could raising three young boys by herself till she literally lost her mind a couple years later and turned to drugs which then turned into lengthy prison sentences Henry's aunt and uncle adopted him and that's how he moved out our way. Now my oldest daughter is 19 Henry is 20 he has become the son to me that I always wanted. We do everything together. Henry has had a strong love of motorcycles I think from hanging out with me I always wanted to get him a road king and make a custom bagger out of it but I'm a working stiff that lives paycheck to 3 days before paycheck and the funds haven't been there to buy him a road king one of his buddies dads had a 1981 Honda cm200t that he said Henry could have it had been stored in his shed ever since they bought their house 15 years ago. Henry asked me if he could have it and bring it to the shop and work on it I said heck yeah cuz deep down inside this was something I wanted to do with him just didn't have the financial means to do with I know this is a small run around town bike and I thought I can make a bobber out of it my fabrication skills are a lot greater than my financial means so a bobber would be the perfect project below are some pictures the first one is the bike when we first got it the other ones are where it currently stands in its bobber stage. The paint on the sheet metal is satin tuxedo black the last picture is the rear fender at night the paint glows in the dark on the fender, tank and lower legs6316763167 631666316663168631686316963169

08-25-2015, 8:43 PM
Long time lurker.

Coming off a traumatic ironhead build to an evo fxr. Keeping this one simple and enjoying the ride.

08-27-2015, 4:49 PM
Hey there! This is Spydie. Lurked for a while getting my 1981 Sporty Ironhead working properly. Almost there!

08-27-2015, 6:40 PM
New to choppers, newer to message boards. Hoping to learn enough to work on a personal build and maybe even contribute something along the way!


08-31-2015, 9:43 PM
Hey folks, I'm Jamie, from Scotland, currently living and working in Singapore, but moving back to Thailand around January next year. In Singapore I have a slightly modified Aprilia Tuono and in Thailand I have a 2009 Night train which is bored to 103" with high comp pistons, SE254 cam, flowed heads and various other mods. When I get back, I will be looking for a pre-2004 sportster to do a weld on hard tail conversion as a little project. Thailand has pretty strict laws for what you can do with bikes, but the cops are very open to bribes to let you away with breaking said laws :D

Edit: Now I have seen the threads on swingarm chops, I am thinking to do that instead of the hard tail sporty, some of them look awesome, plus they will be easier on my spine! :)

09-08-2015, 10:21 AM
Hey Guys.. Ryan, new to the site, just got a 2010 sporty, have some plans for it, haven't turned a wrench in my life so hoping to break that soon. Live in the charleston SC area. Lurking to get some knowledge and advice.

09-08-2015, 5:58 PM
Hey everyone, Brett here. Been messing with all kinds of bikes since I was a kid and still playing. Always looking for new ideas and I know they're out there. Been working on some Café style bikes lately but I love em all.

09-08-2015, 10:46 PM
Iv been lurking and drooling around this site for a while but just got a 09 street bob so I figure it's time to introduce myself and become an official member oh and I live in mobile al if anyone wants to ride

09-09-2015, 7:40 AM
Hi. I am new to the forum. I found this forum while searching licensing without a title. I am a concert sound engineer working for one of the major production companies in Texas. Clients to include FreePress Festival and Austin City Limits Festival. I have been to Suzuki 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke School in 82 and worked as mechanic for a few years in my early 20's. I have been building and repairing bikes since before I had a drivers license. My first build at 15 was a Honda 175 bobber type and second was a Triumph 650 hardtail chopper. I currently have two builds on the chalkboard. A Yamaha RZ350 street race bike and a Honda CB77 305 SuperHawk cafe. I play drums, drive fast cars and collect Barracuda mountain bikes.
http://i59.tinypic.com/2cwwhva.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/2n8djeh.jpg

09-10-2015, 11:01 AM
Hey guys,

My name is Lance. I am new to the forum though I have been on it for years, just never signed up or posted anything. I began a chopper build about 2 years ago, it's getting close to finished. I will post a build log when I have a chance. I am in West Michigan, beach town called Grand Haven. If any of you are in the area, let's ride...as soon as my bikes done...lol.

09-10-2015, 4:47 PM
Hi I'm from Melbourne, Australia. My project bike is a 2013 Harley Sportster XL1200V, which is coming along nicely.

09-10-2015, 7:32 PM
Whats up guys, My name is Taylor I'm out in Tempe, AZ. I split my time between here and Tucson, my pops has a nice shop in Tuc I use to work on my projects. Currently I've got a 72 CB750, and a god awful bagger that some gold chainer needs to have. Love the site, tons of inspiration and good people. Looking forward to making some new riding buddies

09-12-2015, 10:27 AM
Hey all new guy here, ive been searching this forum now for a while and finally decided its time, i live in a small town in the upper peninsula of michigan in which i grew up. ive been riding since i was a young boy and have owned many bikes between these times ive recently purchased a chopper that was built in the early 2000's by an older man who has since passed away, the bike has been through 3 owners since then. winter is coming and i plan on doing a full take down of the bike to learn the insides and out and put my share of cusomization into it and i will be looking forward to everyones advice and acceptance. 63746

09-14-2015, 10:50 PM
Hi I'm Luke, long time lurker. I'm a two wheel addict, everything from BMX to dirt bikes to choppers. I have a'67 Triumph hardtail chop , and '74 XS 650 care racer project, among other newer, less interesting bikes. Thanks chop cult glad to be a member.

09-17-2015, 11:53 AM
New member from Montana. Been lurking for a while and figured I would bite the bullet, per se. I have had hard tail turbo shovel, because somebody had to, but someone else wanted it more than I did, so it was sold. Currently working on a junk Reb with draw through turbo. Converted to skinny tire, single carb, mandrel bent 2 into 1 header, 2.15"x18 rims front and back, lowered almost 4", aluminum swingarm, trailtech dash, ditched dash lights, moved controls forward almsot 3" and ditched the stupid bars they put on these things.
http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu300/Spooner_08/Mobile%20Uploads/8E1C2F07-F877-4B7F-BE53-B51017A988E1_zps3jptolpu.jpg (http://s657.photobucket.com/user/Spooner_08/media/Mobile%20Uploads/8E1C2F07-F877-4B7F-BE53-B51017A988E1_zps3jptolpu.jpg.html)
http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu300/Spooner_08/Mobile%20Uploads/1C513A5F-B1A9-472A-80EA-E89494F5C1EA_zpsxoo0uwqr.jpg (http://s657.photobucket.com/user/Spooner_08/media/Mobile%20Uploads/1C513A5F-B1A9-472A-80EA-E89494F5C1EA_zpsxoo0uwqr.jpg.html)
http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu300/Spooner_08/Mobile%20Uploads/C49596A4-9E29-4006-B6C0-B6040EE5AF6A_zpsv6logmkc.jpg (http://s657.photobucket.com/user/Spooner_08/media/Mobile%20Uploads/C49596A4-9E29-4006-B6C0-B6040EE5AF6A_zpsv6logmkc.jpg.html)
http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu300/Spooner_08/Mobile%20Uploads/02F58E01-F4A1-433E-8F5C-92E9CB28E28E_zpsq5xfbgh8.jpg (http://s657.photobucket.com/user/Spooner_08/media/Mobile%20Uploads/02F58E01-F4A1-433E-8F5C-92E9CB28E28E_zpsq5xfbgh8.jpg.html)
http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu300/Spooner_08/Mobile%20Uploads/D0076A4D-6CAB-451D-985C-35B8FFBD9C76_zpsxukdauef.jpg (http://s657.photobucket.com/user/Spooner_08/media/Mobile%20Uploads/D0076A4D-6CAB-451D-985C-35B8FFBD9C76_zpsxukdauef.jpg.html)

09-17-2015, 12:15 PM
And the obligatory video.


09-18-2015, 11:08 AM
Name is Daniel from Joshua Texas. Joined here for ideas and inspiration. I ride a Vstar 1100, my second one cuz i liked the first so much.

09-18-2015, 9:35 PM
Hey guys. Name is Justin from Dayton Ohio. Joined up a while ago but finally got my first "Harley" custom bike delivered a few days ago. It's a 2009 daytech wolf softail frame with a S&S 107 twin cam attached to a Jims Big 5 overdrive trans. Quite a step up from the sport bikes I'm used to. Joined up for some tips on owning a custom bike. I'll be posting up a few questions on some last minute modifications. Thanks! 63919

09-19-2015, 8:44 PM
Hey guys, been loitering here on and off for a while and thought I should do an intro.
Living in Sydney Australia and currently embarking on a new Chopper build so will probably be spending all my time in the Classifieds...
Undecided on what but likely a late shovel hardtail.

Anyway, thanks for having me.

09-20-2015, 3:17 PM
Hubbishit speak here. The guy who condenseshit so thick, you have to read it 3x's before it makes sense. Wanna know why? It's the abstract. Grasp the concept you've grasped the abstract. Grasp the abstract you've grasped the concept. I am handcuffed to the absolute way it occurs/happens/magnetic are the moves.

I can hold my own tech wise. I'm just giving a variable out there, so yes I can screw up, thought up something off the wall, it wasn't it, oh well; can'tech'em all. It still does not say it can't apply down-the-road-generic. And that's my point. I'm going to generically roll up a shitload of so many variables pointing to the problem is take my best shot at it and explain why.

And lastly, do not think I am blaming you for something you had no help in the design, manufacturing of said bike. It is me laughing it up to entertain myself and out rolls the tech. So if you stand on my 'red carpet of shame,' you stepped on it, not me. I only point out a novice move and crack a little smile on my face and if it rubs off someone reading it? Not trying to be a wiseguy. Just how outheory goes>> explaining shit.

This is who be me

09-21-2015, 4:51 AM
Hey. I'm new to life.

Anyways, can anyone point me in the direction of like..a motorcycle maintenance website/book/thread for the borderline brain dead.

I want to be able to work on my bike and actually know what the fuck is being said when I'm around other people talking about theirs.

Any help is appreciated. Unless you're an asshole.

09-24-2015, 6:36 PM
Hey all, I'm Aaron. I'm located around the Fort Lee, VA area. I currently ride a 86 softail and she is a beast. I'll post some pics later. Just wanted to say hi.

09-24-2015, 7:01 PM
newb here from sacramento, ca. Union fabricator/ welder by trade. I just started tearing apart an 83 gl1100 (goldwing) to bob out and will be starting a build thread shortly. Here for info and ideals to build my vision of a sick a$$ bobber

09-25-2015, 7:34 PM
Been lurkin on the instagram feed for a while, just found out CC has a forum. I'm hoping to get some ideas and inspiration. I have a 2000 FXSTS I'll probably do some mild mods to, and a 2000 V-star 650 that I can't seem to sell so I'll probably chop it up this winter. I live in Santa Cruz CA, and tattoo for a living. I'm also a certified aircraft mechanic. I'm relatively new to motorcycles (been riding about 3 years) but I fucking love em.

09-28-2015, 2:00 PM
From San jose. Build traditional hotrods and Kustoms for a living. Aswell as pinstripe Have a bobbed out 72 iron head. Will post build thread when I've completed its rebuild.

09-29-2015, 12:36 PM
First Time posting - Long Time Member, i figured it was about time to introduce myself. I ride a FLH-80 jockey shift, foot clutch, open primary kick only and an 06 FLHRI fully dressed. Whether it's Bar hopping or Long Riding it's always nice to have a reliable ride and this forum is a great place to get tips on DIY. I've made some purchases through the classified section and have had good experiences. everything i can say about this site is positive. Thank you Lisa B for all your hard work.

09-29-2015, 12:44 PM
New to the this forum, but not to the hobby...I think. I'm from Southern Jersey.
Like to build bikes and wrench on them more than ride them...
Prefer simple ascetic raw looking monochromatic , but functional constructions to flashy trailer queens...
Nice to be here.

09-29-2015, 2:34 PM
My names Jeff aka ElJefe aka antihero. I ride in southern Indiana Im a utility worker so Im all over the country. been In ohio for a few monthes now. Bike culture is bad ass here checked out some nice shops n hopeing to check out led sled soon.

09-30-2015, 6:22 AM
Hey from northern Maine! I'm new to this whole forum thing but I like what I see on this one. Riding a 72 ironhead sportster, looking forward to "meeting" and learning from others64190.
I just love hand built bikes of any kind, professional tattooist/wood carver/turner
Stay Gold Peoples!!!

10-02-2015, 5:22 PM

Not good with this photo sharing stuff..

10-02-2015, 5:24 PM

Not good with this photo sharing stuff..

New guy here from reading PA. currently riding a vs1400. Did a few simple things to it while riding the balls off it this summer. Was going to chop it up this winter, but decided to go with something else.
Gonna get a hold of a gs1100 drive train and frame, tall chop, single back bone, peanut tank, pullbacks, jockey shift, foot clutch, forward controls, rigid frame. You get the idea. I like the thought of having that kind of power compared to my twin.
Hell maybe after I build the gs I can rip the intruder apart and do a different chop on that one. But that's why I'm here, to learn whatever I can to start building my winter project. Glad to be here.
On a side note, finding a gs1100 is tough in my area right now still looking for that donor bike.

10-02-2015, 5:27 PM


10-06-2015, 10:21 AM
Minnesota native, mechanical engineer, and all-around bad ass biker chick (and very humble). Just graduated from college in May, and decided to fulfill my dream of chopping a bike. Picked up a running, driving, '81 XS400 back in June. After riding (and troubleshooting, and troubleshooting, and troubleshooting) all summer, I'm finally getting to the chopping. Will be posting an official forum in the next couple days to document my build every step of the way.

Oh and uh, hey!

10-07-2015, 10:21 PM
HIIIIII. New. Joined a couple weeks ago or so. My name is actually Wolfgang. I'm 20 and I'm from Northern Virginia. Ride a 1999 Sportster Evo. Bike is pretty simple, deleted signals, mirrors, speedometer and RPM gauge, and some bars very identical to the Pangea Zephyr bars. I'm a full time student in college as well as a part time worker. I'm fairly new to bikes. The Evo was passed onto me by my Father who sorta passed on riding, but now wants to get back into it after a year or two away from it. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined with cars. I use to be a tech for two years and I compete in a Pro-Am league called US Drift for drifting cars. Drift car is a 1993 Nissan 240sx with a LS1 and other little cool stuff, for those who are interested. Back to bikes, I just plan on keeping my bike as cool to my interest as possible. Eventually want to hardtail it or pick up another bike to hardtail, but who knows what will happen. I'm pretty broke and over drafting all the time. Anyways, that's my little intro.

10-10-2015, 12:37 PM
New here. Justin is my actual name. Live in the mountains of WV. Grew up in Baltimore. My arsenal of bikes includes a 94 FXR, XS650 bobber, a couple other metric bobbers and some newer victory bikes. I've been tinkering with my scoots for years but I'm much more focused on fab work now than ever before. Just here to learn from the folks who have knowledge to share.

10-11-2015, 7:53 PM
Name is Daniel from Joshua,Texas.64483

10-11-2015, 8:32 PM
Jim from South Jersey near Wildwood. Working on first build: Sporty Evo Hardtail. Ride a Fatboy. Spent most of the weekend at The Race of Gentlemen. Really cool shit.

10-12-2015, 1:28 PM
What's up everyone? New guy from NH here. Been lurking around as a guest for a couple years but decided I'd finally get an account. I've got a few rides but the only one worth mentioning is my 1980 FXWG shovel.

Just rebuilt the whole top end and valve train last spring with a Daytona Twin Tech single fire ignition. I've got it set up with a 1.5" BDL open primary, suicide clutch, and jockey shift on my stock 4-speed cowflop. It's a fun little ride that is always a work in progress.

Doesn't seem to be a big chopper scene up here in New England (I'm jealous of you So. Cal dudes!). Mostly business men riding around on their new shiny Road Glides and Street Glides. Anyway, figured I'd get on here to connect with some other like minded chopper guys.

10-16-2015, 5:31 PM
Hey guys, Chris here from Phoenix, AZ! My first bike was a 2012 Iron 883, it was a fun little bike to ride, loved it, had many great trips with it. I customized it myself as much as I could and over time I realized I was basically trying to turn it into something it wasn't, something a little more custom/chopperish. I put over 18,000 miles on it in just over two years and then sold it to put money towards my now in progress chopper build. Anyways, just checking in! I'll find the appropriate place to post the in progress pics of my chopper build :D and pics of my old custom sportster :)

10-17-2015, 4:42 AM
Hello here!
I'm new here, so short intro
I live in Holland, 26 years, riding since I was around 20..
First bike was a stock VLX600, then changed that one a bit with help from a friend into this
https://scontent-ams2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/12141557_10206802940725465_460899210434731117_n.jp g?oh=47493b015ed2382fd59c88d8cb80ec32&oe=56C5A93F
Then was scared to damage it so solt it and went to a stock 1988 Harley sportster 883..no pictures anymore...After that I went to a stock 1979 Triumph Bonnie
https://scontent-ams2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xla1/v/t1.0-9/12105812_10206802941485484_1423625274720400626_n.j pg?oh=0c4403896932a6e44974076ba3446230&oe=56C064BC made the pic in black&grey
And after that I got a oldskool pgpz900r (changed it up a bit, back raised, front dropped and frontcowl chopped a bit etc.
Then again a harley sportster, changed that alsowith different tank, zed bars, megaton exhaust, home made seat
https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/12118610_10206802942485509_802017386555131136_n.jp g?oh=e2aa1bf23f6cf0ecf558a7e136abd827&oe=56CF7898&__gda__=1452083134_40ece792227cc8b5359409af81bafa8 c

O own currently a Suzuki SV1000S, but saving for a second bike that will be a honda VLX600 again and then chopping it up to a oldschool one/bobber version....

10-20-2015, 3:53 PM
Hello world,

Thought I'd do the customary intro. From the South West of England, bought a Shovelhead chopper earlier in the year to learn on and generally do up. Want a bike with a bit of soul that I'll need to work on. Look forwards to siphoning good knowledge from here.


http://i1168.photobucket.com/albums/r482/o0oDuckHunto0o/12118629_10156235365785094_30813108881932681_n_zps zjp8riw4.jpg

10-22-2015, 7:28 AM
Jason, 30, from south Louisiana. Started riding when I was in high school and haven't looked back. I have a few bikes but the one I'm in the process of chopping is a 1986 vt500c. It was my first bike and it's seen better and worse days. But it's bulletproof and it got it where it counts.

10-27-2015, 8:36 AM
Chris from Crossbreed Cycles England (Hastings) I thought I'd joined this forum years ago but I'm not sure. I mainly build Ducati specials or odd-ball stuff that doesn't really belong to any genre. Here are examples of both:

http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn111/desmohog/MASERATI/DSCF0115_zpsmpf6z03t.jpg (http://s302.photobucket.com/user/desmohog/media/MASERATI/DSCF0115_zpsmpf6z03t.jpg.html)

11-02-2015, 6:52 PM
short intro nothing special. I'm me, I have a love for pretty well everything motorcycle and really dig this site. I've got an 82 lowrider and 98 electraglide. lowrider is my baby not really a chop but i built her from the ground up after I was run over on it. motor pretty well stock just a fireball 300 cam and single fire ignition. really leaning towards going mag though. The bagger is pretty well stock in appearance but i had to rebuild the engine last summer and don't see the point of rebuilding an engine back stock. So I ended up with s&s heavy duty rods had the heads ported and larger valves installed bumped compression up to 9.5:1, dyna 2001 ignition, andrew ev27 cam (had already been in there). So thats me in a nut shell.

11-03-2015, 1:46 AM
Hi From Australia, ride a sporty forty eight, put that together over a year or so. Now I'm hooked and looking to challenge myself with a bit more challenging build and to further my fabrication and design skills.

this is my current bike


11-05-2015, 12:27 AM
Yo, what up? Im from north county San Diego. Currently riding a stock 80 KZ550 and building a 72 CB500 brat.


11-06-2015, 1:45 PM
We are new to this site as Chopper Supply Co, though Jim Harper and I (Kenny Kirk) have been on Chop Cult for a few years, I wanted to do a formal intro for this profile to keep from offending the sensitive types. I will be posting in the classified section, and the events section mostly, with the occasional comment in the forum, huge thank you to everyone behind the scenes that keep this site rolling! if you are ever in the Fort Worth stockyards stop by and say hi, we are located at 212 west exchange ave Fort Worth Tx 76164

11-10-2015, 3:32 AM
What's going on mates, I thought i'd play by the rules with my first post by doing an intro. I'm from down under (Sydney), 26 yrs old and been riding since I was 18. Have been playing with SR's and CB's since i started and have been on a 2 year break after a cager took me out. Looking to get back into the swing of things.

11-12-2015, 11:55 AM
Got tired of my Street 750 after about a year and decided to trade it in on a good deal for an '07 Sportster 1200 C. A week into owning it and I love it. Looking forward to putting some OEM midsets on it, I don't really love the forward controls. From there, going to grab a seat and set of bars from Biltwell and let the madness begin.

Located in Denver Colorado if anyone wants to go for a scoot.

11-15-2015, 1:02 PM
My names Tye I just moved to Vegas about 6 months ago from Ventura Ca. been riding for about 12 years my current bike is an 88 Honda Shadow


11-15-2015, 4:38 PM
Name's Mark, from Ontario Canada. Been riding bikes off and on my whole life. Just recently picked up a '77 ironhead sportster. Been reading a ton of threads on here to gain as much knowledge as possible.
Here's a pic of my bike.

11-16-2015, 5:45 PM
What's up? I'm Brad. I have a 99 FXDX and '15 Iron 883. The wheelie guys might give me a little grief about the FXDX set up, but it sits pretty much just like I bought it. I haven't decided what direction I want to go with it. I've seen a couple of them that look pretty sweet with apes and lowered a bit, but I also want to ride it like I stole it, so I may go T-Sport style with it. The Sporty is gonna be Frisco bobber style by spring time. I may sell some toys at some point and start on something with a rigid frame. Anyway, here's my junk:

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y246/skooli/IMG_2332_zpso48rlyin.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/skooli/media/IMG_2332_zpso48rlyin.jpg.html)

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y246/skooli/883a_zpsjawjlnfy.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/skooli/media/883a_zpsjawjlnfy.jpg.html)

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y246/skooli/883b_zpstpspl8bu.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/skooli/media/883b_zpstpspl8bu.jpg.html)

11-18-2015, 2:39 AM
6560965609 Hi I,m Rune from Norway . 53 years old. Had motorsycles since 1978. My current bike is a 86 "ratster" build for driving.

11-19-2015, 3:11 AM
New to this here awesome ass website. Down here in this crazy traffic we gotta ride different to make it home. Anyways you'll see me asking questions and possibly relying to a few.

11-19-2015, 9:34 AM
What's up everyone. James here in the Hampton Roads area of Va. Been riding about 5 years. Started with a 76 CB550 that I parted ways with. Picked up a new Yamaha FZ07 last year and finally broke my teeth on the HD scene when I picked up an 81 XLH Ironhead a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to learning and sharing around here.
http://s17.postimg.org/mkqwmkgcb/9084.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/mkqwmkgcb/)

11-22-2015, 11:07 AM
My name is Andy, I'm from Ontario Canada. I'm currently working on my first build which is a 79 cm400t. I'll be posting progress pics along the way.


11-23-2015, 3:38 AM
Hi guys.
Just signed in.
Living in the Netherlands, riding shovels since 1979.
Currently own a 1984 shovelhead rigid, suicide clutch, 4speed hand shift, and a 1982 FLH full dresser.
I do have a small collection of S&S Super-B carbs, 4 normal ones and one with a Superbowl accelerator pump. Do have 2 CV carbs too. Like rebuilding carbs which I get from the net cheap.
Still figuring out how things work on this forum....
Here are some pics for you

http://i1370.photobucket.com/albums/ag262/firo59/103_zpsn15ogk4s.png (http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/firo59/media/103_zpsn15ogk4s.png.html)

http://i1370.photobucket.com/albums/ag262/firo59/97_zpss7srxdxl.jpg (http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/firo59/media/97_zpss7srxdxl.jpg.html)

http://i1370.photobucket.com/albums/ag262/firo59/7_zpsosfxqdms.jpg (http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/firo59/media/7_zpsosfxqdms.jpg.html)

11-24-2015, 12:10 PM
Hey guys, I'm another New Englander, born and raised.
For now, I have an '02 Deuce (that I've tried my hardest to make NOT look like a Deuce.)
This winter I'll be playing with an '81 CB 750 DOHC. (To Hardtail or to Monoshock? That is the question.)
I've been a rigger, welder, and CAD designer by trade. ( I play with Nuclear Reactors currently.)
I've had the bug to start fabricating and building bikes for most of my life. (Just need the right tools, the right space, and the right bank balance.)

11-26-2015, 11:18 AM
Hey, just joined this thing cuz I want to ride without a front fender and not lean off the side for ever in the rain. Already found a thread about it so cheers. Can't wait to step on everyones toes and piss you guys off with stupid questions.

11-28-2015, 10:19 AM
Hi there.
The name is Mads, I live in Denmark. Currently riding a 2006 Suzuki M50, but I'm looking for my next project (probably gonna be a Sportster).
D*** there's a lot of talent in here! So many nice looking bikes :killerjob::killerjob::killerjob:

11-29-2015, 12:49 PM
Hello CC!
Just thought I'd say hi, so I won't be a complete stranger before I start asking stupid questions.
I live in Michigan USA and like to tinker w bikes. Currently I'm building a Triumph 750 that Ive risen from the dead.
I look forward to talking with all of you and learning as much as I can, and sharing any knowledge I can contribute.
Peace, see you on the other side...65798

12-01-2015, 8:38 AM
Hello :) I'm new here as well - I have stock XV 535 - but I want to rebuild it :) Hope will get some knowledge from you guys!

12-03-2015, 11:23 PM
Hi, Chris from Melbourne, Australia here, diggen Chop Cult.
2011 48 sporty.

12-08-2015, 1:03 AM
Hey, I'm Ruben from Escondido CA. I just got my first motorcycle, 2015 Harley Iron883, about 6 weeks ago and already have 2500 miles on it. Been wanting a Harley since I was 5 and I finally got one! This week i'll be putting on ape's and next week an exhaust/air intake system.

12-10-2015, 2:55 PM
Hello all, I'm Stacy from Chattanooga Tennessee, I currently ride a 2003 titan sidewinder, I'll post pics as soon as I learn how.

12-17-2015, 2:08 AM
66106]66107 Hi, I'm Bob from SoCal. I ride a 88 1200XL , stroked 99FXST and a 07 FLHR. I'm rounding up parts for my project bike a 81FXB.

12-27-2015, 1:19 PM
Just a dude from Northern California building BMW Motorcycles. Joined the group to learn some stuff and step outside of the Box(er). 66213

01-04-2016, 1:54 PM
Hello from Moline, IL. as we have plenty of snow and ice around here I am working on getting my 74 sportster bolt on hardtail up and running.


01-05-2016, 9:14 PM
im zeb from northeast Ohio ive got a few bikes american and metric been reading these threads for a while figured id join up and class down the place

01-06-2016, 2:08 AM
My name is Brian, but you can call me Spade. After realizing sport bikes aren't my thing, I sold my 05 Kawasaki 636 and bought a 74 Honda CB750 from a local salvage auction. I am planning on doing a budget bobber build, but we will see where it goes.

01-06-2016, 10:47 AM
Hello all, my name is Ryan and I'm a human being from planet Earth. When it comes to bikes, simpler is better for me... less things for me to fix on the side of the road;P
I just took my V*1100 off of the road to start over with the wiring so hopefully that goes well. Anyway, Ive pretty much rebuilt my bike using knowledge I learned from this forum so I decided it was time to make a profile and say thanks/hello to all of you. So,
hello members of chopcult, I hope you're all having a good start to the new year!

01-08-2016, 2:31 AM
My names Marty. From the soggy pnw. 25 years old, work for the R.R. Always been a bike guy. Dirt bikes, jap and english. Mainly a hotrod guy. Built a couple cars, but building my first bike, kinda a retro cone pan. Also have a 2013 fxdb. Cheers!

01-11-2016, 10:24 AM
Hello everybody, my name's Daniel, I've followed the forum and scoured the search engine for the past three years and finally decided to join the Cult. I'm from central Florida but ride all over the east coast on my 96 sporty. Ditchin' work and liftin' skirts

01-12-2016, 3:42 PM
Hey there, Joni from Finland dropping in to say Hi.
Been wrenching on bikes on and off for the better part of 10 years now. Got really into bikes 5 years ago when I bought a Honda Shadow. Sold it, went through a few bikes and now I have a Suzuki GSX750ES, a Yamaha FZR600 and parts pile that used to be a Kawasaki ZZR600. Need to get a chopper or bobber, 'cause I don't like my sports and my back is killing me.

01-14-2016, 5:27 AM
What's going on everybody. I go by Turbo and I'm new to the forum to get some advice and second opinions because the fact I've lost my balls and some desire to continue to build bikes due to a bad wreck Nov. 28th '15. I was hit by a drunk driver on one of my sportys and was hooked to a breathing machine for about a week, broke some bones, but most of all broke my heart. I lost the love of my life in that wreck (2014 iron 883 bobber). Not my first time hitting the pavement but definitely the worst. I've yet to get back on a brand new bike since then. Planning on buying a softail slim in the near future when I get my balls back. Anyway, I lost a Bit of courage to get back on and looking for some positive feedback and encouragement.

A little about myself, in 21 and live on the west side of arizona. I'm a 6 year certified welder vet. Went to school for welding and electrical in automotive and was doing industrial welding until recently. I've been building bikes for the past 3 years. Currently in my garage: 2014 roadking (pretty close to stock) 2013 iron 883, a mangled 2014 iron 883(was my daily driver), 2007 HK-I 110cc springer, I built a hardtail frame and probably going to slap an evo in it. and I have a knucklehead I'm trying to rebuild and put in something wicked. I love questions so don't be shy to holler at me. Shiny side up y'all. Burn rubber not your soul

01-14-2016, 7:01 AM
Yo Lenny from Dallas, TX.
Was and still am a big Brit bike guy but I finally caved and bought and 03 Sportster.
Gonna go as vintage chopper as I can with it. Haifley bros hard tail kit is first up!
Have almost zero skills needed so I will be finding a builder to do the heavy lifting.
In the mean time I'll be buzzing around on my 2010 Triumph Scrambler.
Down to ride whenever just holla.

01-17-2016, 8:07 PM
hello My Names Joe From Ohio Been Riding along time. love Brit Bikes Most. having a Swap meet coming up in Canton Ohio Next Sunday Jan 24 At the stark County Fair Grounds.
Love the CC site.

01-17-2016, 8:10 PM
Also Glad to see all the Younger Talented Builders out there.
Ive learned alot here.

01-20-2016, 6:18 PM
Well, as the name implies... I'm Cody from Chicago. Winter just started and I'm already crawling up the walls. I ride an 02' 883 and a 72' CB350.

01-21-2016, 5:16 AM
Hey yall, the names Evan but you can call me skimp! I ride a 97 sporty 1200, im new to harleys. Im in south florida (fort pierce) to be exact, anyone around here need help wrenching or want to set up rides let me know. Happy to help as best I can.

01-21-2016, 7:32 PM
Hi,Richie here from central New Jersey. Just signed on and really enjoy the site.So many great bikes and workmanship! I'm an old guy who still rides a'78 shovel in a early swing-arm frame with a '47 springer. I started in '69 with a '58 Pan in a cradle frame,restored a '66 sidecar and built a servi-car with swap meet parts. I was most influenced by Ed Roth's Choppers Magazines and Calif. bikes. I still have imfo on early choppers,bobbers, trikes that I'm willing to share with anyyone who is interested.

01-21-2016, 9:59 PM
New member to the site, but ive been lurking on here for the last few years. Riding in Ft Collins, CO on a 2005 xl883. I know its not fancy but im gonna try to make it fancy since i cant afford anything else. Thanks for having me.

- Connor

01-22-2016, 7:49 AM
Excellent , any knowledge about the history of early bikes and history is music to my ears.

01-22-2016, 9:51 AM
Welcome Aboard! History is where its at.

01-22-2016, 6:54 PM
New here. Been lurking for a while trying to learn all that I can. My name is Nutt. I ride an 03 sporty out here in Illinois(shit state). I probably won't post much but I'm glad to be on this site reading what everyone posts.

01-22-2016, 7:30 PM
welcome nut.

01-22-2016, 7:35 PM
Hey what's up fellas. Name is RIP from surf city HB Cali. I'm new to the chopcult. I built a 1998 Yamaha Roadstar "bobber chop" is what i call it. I got my inspiration from the guys at Envied Cycles out of Texas. Hope you guys like it.6679066791

01-25-2016, 11:29 AM
Hey guys. My names Jonathan. I live right outside Birmingham. I've been building hot rods since I was 16 but I just bought my first bike. I've already learned a lot from this site and look forward to what I'll learn in the future.

01-26-2016, 1:15 PM
Andrew here 26yo from Alberta, Canada. Been using your site for a while to find info when working on my bike, thought I'd make the plunge and actually join so I can contribute as well. I ride a 2000 sporty 883C I bought Feb last year, I've been slowly turning it into a respectable ride, and this site has been invaluable for information along the way.

01-29-2016, 10:21 AM
Hi newb from UK.

Names Drew like messikng around with anything engined.

Planning a ground up frame build in the summer with a gsxf750 motor,collection of parts takes to long,lol

Seen some cool stuff on here.

Catch you on the boards


02-01-2016, 2:21 PM
Greetings everyone! I'm hoping to find more liked minded folks here than at HDF. Most of the guys there ride new bikes and don't do much beyond simple bolt ons. This is my first Harley (99 Wide Glide, carbed) and I can never get answers to my questions...most of which I assu.e are fairly simple! I'm new to bike modding and I'd greatly appreciate hearing of your experience and opinions!

02-02-2016, 7:35 AM
Intro weeks late cause well im late. These are my shit boxes.


02-02-2016, 4:56 PM
Hey folks,

Late intro new to the forum side of the 33. My names Bryant, I own ReRun Cycle-Works Mfg. here in Jamestown NY just south of Buffalo.

02-02-2016, 6:49 PM
Hey all! Im Dare, halfway into 20. just moved to Titusville Florida. This is my my mule. Shes my only wheels as of current. So mods are going slow as she is my way to work... and well everywhere. lol Hopefully get to slap on a 1200 kit this year.. smaller dork signals on the rearend are coming soon. ditching the fronts as soon as i get the relay system figured out. 67013

02-03-2016, 2:35 PM
Hey guys my name is Sol, I just bought my first chopper. I picked up a 70's honda 360 chopper for $200. it needs some work but it was too cheap to pass up.67023

02-10-2016, 1:30 AM
Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Just getting back to wrenching after quite a few years. Some of you might know me as Bandit67 on Hondachopper.com. I haven't been on that forum in quite a while. I used to have a small shop many years ago and I eventually want a small shop like I had. Looking forward to being here and talking with you all.

02-11-2016, 11:38 AM
New to the site, grew up around bikes, been told by a few people now I should sign up and show off some of the messes I've made out of older bikes. Been turning wrench since I have memory, building bikes started about a decade ago and the fever and pitch it got to after a few years only grows year by year. Was into building streetfighters for a bit, but burned out on it due to the lack of interest in "clean" naked sportbikes. Don't get it wrong, tail swaps are cool and all, but when it looks like it was intended to be sans plastic, it's just right in my opinion. Always had a love for chop's, bobs, and everything low and slow. After a foray into supermoto, and getting serious about my turbo bike project, I decided to start building chops the way I always envisioned them to be, ratty, pieced together, and overall a giant middle finger to the established status quot.

One of the many projects floating around my shop. The pic is from a few years ago and the owner hasn't gotten back to the build, so it sits in boxes awaiting funding or time. :banghead:

http://i645.photobucket.com/albums/uu175/RatFighter/20140702_133703_zps861554af.jpg (http://s645.photobucket.com/user/RatFighter/media/20140702_133703_zps861554af.jpg.html)

http://i645.photobucket.com/albums/uu175/RatFighter/20140702_133559_zps21ac3ce9.jpg (http://s645.photobucket.com/user/RatFighter/media/20140702_133559_zps21ac3ce9.jpg.html)

The original intentions of this XS650 frame was to put a IHI RHB31 turbocharger on the GS500E engine in it... but as I said, the owner has been dragging his feet on getting around to funding it, or even putting time into the small amount of grinding that needed done to begin with. There is far too many parts to list off at this point too, I'm pretty sure anyone mechanically savvy can figure out that the only thing that remains from the original XS frame is just that, the main frame.

Current project being built for my business partner and best friend, '78 KZ650 with a 4 inch stretch, not really my style per-say but still cool none the less. He loves it, and that's what counts with building a bike, is the person that'll be riding it.

http://i645.photobucket.com/albums/uu175/RatFighter/12722015_1221796471183801_543003347_n_zpsvujpkfem. jpg (http://s645.photobucket.com/user/RatFighter/media/12722015_1221796471183801_543003347_n_zpsvujpkfem. jpg.html)

As well as my love for bikes, I have a soft spot for cool vehicles in general. Not much worth mentioning (80's Japanese sedans, Cressida, Maxima, that sorta thing) but older anything really intrigues me. I've got a '77 Dodge Tradesman 200 that just ticked over 25k (original, still smells new!) on the odo. Probably the cleanest surviving Mopar you're gonna see come out of a road salt state like Wisconsin. Sadly, sooner than later I'm gonna have to sell it to fund some remodel projects on my house and shop. Would rather it goes to someone that will love it as much as my grandfather, and subsequently me, cherished it. Not many true survivors like this out there from the era. :)

http://i645.photobucket.com/albums/uu175/RatFighter/Dodge%20Tradesman%20200/GrandpaDanVan9.jpg (http://s645.photobucket.com/user/RatFighter/media/Dodge%20Tradesman%20200/GrandpaDanVan9.jpg.html)

I feel like that is a novel of info. Haha. If I am breaking traditional chop-cult etiquette here by embedding large pics just let me know and I'll upload them however needs be be done to ensure that I don't rile up the natives. :cheersmate:

02-14-2016, 4:58 PM
Hi, my name is Stefan and i come from Kragujevac, Serbia. It's a small country in eastern Europe. I have been lurking on this forum for a while, got some great tips for my first build and now i finally became a member. Hope to meet some new people and learn new stuff.

02-16-2016, 6:15 AM
Hi, my name is David, and i come from Cape Town South Africa. No thats not somewhere in Mexico. Im busy chopping my Honda CB250T '79 into a cafe racer. I'm finding it real hard to get parts around here for reasonable prices.

02-17-2016, 10:22 AM
Hi, my name is Lynn. I've been riding over 35 years. I also own a shop with my hubby called Black Magic Customs since 2000. We love old Panheads. We specialize in restoring old Harley's. I love my everyday bike- stroked out 99 Fatboy. I also have a beautiful 48 Pan.

02-24-2016, 8:43 PM
evening everyone...Ken here...

Divorce was final Tuesday the 23rd. I left, bs on both sides, and now it's time for the Bucket List at 48 years old...


1) learn to ride
2) get a bike
3) get a project bike....

so...here goes!

02-28-2016, 10:43 PM
Recently found this forum, and glad, seems like some good tech advice and ideas being shared. About me, I'm a collision guy who got into high end muscle car restorations about 9 years ago. I paint, patch, mig,mud, mcguyver, I guess whatever needs to be done, I do it. Not saying I'm a guru by any means, there's a world of stuff I still yearn to learn, and that's why I love cars and bikes, the knowledge quest is endless, and skills can always be honed. I currently ride a slammed twincam Springer, and a DR650 bushpig. Also have an FXR I'm trying to get back to working on, cuz damn I miss riding that beast, and a 71 beezer for the rainy days after the fxr's back on the road. I hope I can contribute some good stuff here, and gain some as well. Thanks!

03-08-2016, 5:14 AM
What's shakin fuckers?!
I've been trolling and reading and such here for a couple of years now and honestly I wish I had dug in much deeper before I screwed up and bought an 07 Deuce (first bike ever) from my local stealer. I figured I'd enjoy the bike kinda as is and run my daily 35 mile each way highway commute here in Chatt, TN and all would be good.
Then I found y'all and my bank account is drained and the bike's a project I haven't rode in like a year and I still love the damn thing.
I've got fab training and experience with street rods and customs and can machine, tig and mig, do bodywork and paint. I've purposely become a little distant from the money puking old guys and don't really know the scene here in Chattanooga for real bike fab guys that like to learn and teach and not buy shit cause they heard the other guy bought shit and their penises are small and the need to feel like somebody (I could be bitter). Now I work for a large manufacturer (feedin the fam, ya know) and they don't allow access to the good stuff.
So I'm stuck on a few things due to lack of funds and equipment but still have plenty to do that I can actually afford.
This is a great site and I hope I can learn and aslo be a useful part of the community.
Oh yeah, heads up.
I can't seem to search any forum I'm subscribed to and find what I need. So, feel free to haze the new guy with the Softail Twinkie or better yet, help a brotha out searching weird topics.

03-09-2016, 1:00 PM
What's up fellow ryders. My name is Mel and I'n new to the forum. Here to help and get help. Keep the Cycle Circle going. Ready to have some fun and give my bikes a new look on life.

03-11-2016, 10:45 AM
Hey boys! How's everyone doing? So, I am absolutely new to motorcycles. I've only ever sat one. Been fascinated my whole life by them but have never had a chance to be around them. I'm 26, a mechanic, welder and machinist (learning). I have been searching for a good project bike to start with. Something I can tear apart and rebuild and build how I want it. I've been doing a lot of research and I've landed on a CB750. They seem to be pretty cheap and parts seem to be widespread. Any advice or help or parts places or if you have one you want to sell for really really cheap let me know!

03-16-2016, 8:43 PM
Hey guys name's Steve out of Texas. Been lurking for a few years finally made an account. Found lots of inspiration and tips for my current build and hope I can contribute to the site too in the future

03-19-2016, 9:34 AM
Greg from E. Iowa. Signed up when I decided to ditch EFI & FBW on my TC96 which is now running Thunderheart ign & an S&S carb.

03-19-2016, 5:16 PM
Hello guys,

I'm from Harrisburg PA and have just purchased my first project bike, an '87 Sportster XLH 1100. All of my life I've wanted to build a bike and finally I'm at a place in life where I have the time and a few extra bucks to do so. I'm looking at keeping it somewhat of a budget build, I plan on fabricating what I can for myself. By no means am I a pro, but I can hold my own when it comes to basic fabrication, welding, and paint. I found Chop Cult about a year ago after I re-caught the bug when I helped a good friend of mine add hard bags and shoot new paint job on his 89 Fatboy. Of all the projects and restorations I've done over the past 10 years that was the one I was truly happiest working on.

I have a lot of years to make up for and a hell of a lot I don't know. For the first time in a long time though I am excited to get to work on something and create something unique that no one else has. To me that's what it's all about.

Here's my pig:

Cheers! It's good to be here. Take care of yourselves.

Harry the Hump

03-19-2016, 6:03 PM
Hey Zac here from Wisconsin. Not much to say here but my buddy told me to check this site out with some help and advice for my first bobber project and here I am. Hopefully will be starting a thread to show progress soon

03-19-2016, 6:51 PM

I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and ride a badass evo softail with 80' evo and Andrews cams with an,S&S super e and open drags .... Setting off car alarms for fun and profit ...



03-19-2016, 10:55 PM
Hi my name is Caleb always wanted an 80s style chop after racing dirt bikes for a long time. So I moved up to Northern California (Bay Area) about 2 yrs ago. Then craigslist happened and I picked up a project Honda shadow vlx 600. In the middle of rebuilding the harness at the moment lol.

03-27-2016, 11:06 AM
New to the site and wanted to introduce myself. Kaoticlife 71 from south Florida, Scored a 2002 sporty 1200. Has a rigid kit with 240 rear and springer front. Lookin to swap tanks to something that will get me further than 50 miles. Needs some TLC but she's got a lot of potential!http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160327/cf9f66fab0a3e7ca2a7323c80a954ab4.jpg

03-28-2016, 1:44 PM
Been lurking here anonymously but decided I need to join in on the cult. Complete bike nut, don't even own a car. Shed full of bikes, some of em crashed/awaiting mods :) Love older Euro/Jap crap, think cafe racer/street track kinda bikes. Wasn't too much into the chopper scene until i hit some rallies where i fell in love with the built not bought kinda chops.
Recently bought a house so funds are low but the bike shed and tools are coming along nicely.
Bought some cheap bikes to hopefully travel with this summer, will be a cheap skatepunk Suzuki brat track thing for me and a cheap hardtail project for my brother.
Love the technical threads and the creativity here.

03-28-2016, 3:45 PM
Hey guys, another new guy. Name's Tom, live near Charleston WV. Bike is an 09 XL1200L, a few mods, currently in the middle of swapping from mids to forwards, waiting on parts. Here's a couple pics:

http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii262/wreckwriter/20160318_160303_zpstzk4raka.jpg (http://s266.photobucket.com/user/wreckwriter/media/20160318_160303_zpstzk4raka.jpg.html)

http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii262/wreckwriter/20160318_160233_zpscwqqcus9.jpg (http://s266.photobucket.com/user/wreckwriter/media/20160318_160233_zpscwqqcus9.jpg.html)

Looking forward to getting to know some of you!

03-29-2016, 1:45 AM
Hey there from England. Thanks for a f'ing awesome site. Been hanging here for a few weeks, soaking up the vibe. I'd post a pic of my ride, but it would look like an explosion at an auto jumble. It's gonna be a 883/1250 street ripper, chopped of course. Well it is in my mind anyway, who knows how it'll turn out. Always had metric bikes before so no doubt I'll have problems that I need help with, but that's the story of my life anyway!

Thanks again for the hard work and love that clearly goes into this site...BTW my daughter's lovin' the pink horse avatar, gotta change it when she's not lookin'! :-)

03-29-2016, 3:14 AM
Hey everyone.

Not sure if anyone even reads these, but I figured that I'll do one either way. My name is Nelson and I am pretty new to the scene and LA as well. Originally from Miami I decided to move out to California 3 weeks ago, so far so good (next move will be to lake tahoe). I own/daily a 97' Sportster 1200 which is completely stock. I take pictures when I'm bored.


03-29-2016, 7:06 AM
Hi folks it's Mike here from Down under (Melbourne Australia) & I figured I'd say hi to you all in the USofA. Saw that you've got a great little community here and only wish that we had something this organized in Aust. Love the site and there seems to be a bunch of knowledgeable folks quite willing to help each other out and that's awesome!!!
Hope you all stay rubber down and back towards the sky!!!

03-29-2016, 10:08 AM
Hello all new also. Detriot/Flint Mich ride a 1974 FLH - dressed out, and 1974 FX Bobber style and doing First complete ground-up chopper. I was looking for a group to ask and answer questions. Mostly ask I kept getting directed to your site the past few yrs and decided it was time to join. Thanks all

03-31-2016, 7:43 AM
Justin here from Texas. My father was a bike enthusiast and passed a few years back. Looking to start a bike project soon so I can remember the Old Man and be able to cruise the Hill Country that he loved so much.

Went to the Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show last weekend and have the 2 wheel fever pretty bad now. Joining this forum to start my research and determine what I want to start out with!


04-02-2016, 8:23 PM
hello all. i've been following/lurking this forum since it started but never felt the need to join.
some of you may know me as beatcad from the JJ. beat for beatnik, cad for cadillac. i dropped the cad cause i aint got any caddies anymore.
i joined cause i saw a bros old project from about 4 years ago came up and i now own it and i hope i can make it happen.

04-03-2016, 4:27 PM
Hi guys new also. Sorry to all but plan on winning the lowbrow pipes! Really great site to be on with other chopper brothers.

04-06-2016, 5:32 PM
Been a lurker for a while. Down here in Birmingham, AL voiding the warranty on my 2016 Iron 883. Ah the gratification of grinding shit off of a brand new bike.

04-07-2016, 7:40 PM
Whats up everyone. Been lurking around the site for a long time. Currently building a frankensportster/swapmeet special/ what happened to my paycheck bike.
Been getting great info from this site and now its time to try to contribute to the community. From Ft. Walton Beach FL. and try to get out riding as much as possible.
Hit me up if anyone is around the area.

04-10-2016, 12:48 AM
I've been following the Instagram page for a while now, lurking the forums for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to join.
I mainly joined to learn and seek out tech advice as I'm currently in the search for a cheap sportster to chop. Currently own a 2015 Yamaha Bolt R-spec, that I got to be a daily, so If anyone in the Central Florida wants to go for a ride and make fun of my new bike, hit me up.

04-11-2016, 11:52 AM
What up guys. Usually I lurk hard on forums and eventually join. Once I cought wind of this place I joined immediately. Glad to be here. I've already got tons of help and good ideas

04-11-2016, 12:02 PM
Hello everyone. im eugene from oklahoma. i ride an indian dark horse, but have dreams of a vintage chop build to add to my collection. I am also looking to customize the dark horse a bit as well. Love following this forum and the build threads. If there are any okies on here give me a PM.

04-12-2016, 12:07 PM
Hello everyone, I'm in Asheville, NC. I'm currently building a 96' Honda VT600 chopper. I'll start a thread once I'm further along in my build. Safe travels everyone!!!

04-12-2016, 7:31 PM
6873668736whats up all, I'm from Pitman NJ. just finished a 2006 street bob that i picked up last summer from guy who dumped it and thanks to all the info on this forum i was able to get it on the road, anyone here from south jersey?

04-13-2016, 9:19 AM
Hey guys gonna use the usual "been lurking, finally joined" line. I live in vero beach FL, I weld for a living and paint for fun. Build mostly British stuff right now and my wife rides an ironhead. Looking forward to seeing some cool bikes come thru here.

04-13-2016, 5:40 PM
Hey, Mange from New Orleans (formerly of Meriden, CT) here. Found this site through one of my friends being interviewed, and started skulking about articles. Finally decided to join when I started tearing into my '96 Vulcan and decided to ask some advice.

04-15-2016, 4:03 AM
Hi from down under hope to find some A65 nutters hanging around and other cool stuff

04-20-2016, 12:38 AM
Using and abusing the wealth of knowledge on the site. Up in the far north in AK and working on my lucky 92 sportster.

04-22-2016, 9:16 AM
http://i542.photobucket.com/albums/gg428/bennyradikal/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsaanpgafd.jpg (http://s542.photobucket.com/user/bennyradikal/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsaanpgafd.jpg.html)

04-22-2016, 9:17 AM
http://i542.photobucket.com/albums/gg428/bennyradikal/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpshl5nu0xh.jpg (http://s542.photobucket.com/user/bennyradikal/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpshl5nu0xh.jpg.html)

04-22-2016, 9:19 AM
Hi I'm Benny I'm from Indio California out here in the dusty desert... This my '92 daily ride 'bout to chop it with Haifly bros kit. Let me know what you think.

04-22-2016, 5:28 PM
Hello, my expertise in the biker world is I paint bikes. I also buy bikes that people have started to customize but gave up on or ran out of money and sell them cheap. I buy them paint them and put them back together. Then I sell and do it again. I know my way around Harley's pretty good but what I want to do on this bike I never done before so I'm going to need some help. I've been hanging around for a couple years now and thought nows a good time to join. I seen enough on this forum to know all you guys can help me with my new project. It's a 92 Fatboy. This isn't my first build but it will be different than what I have done in the past.
Here's what it looked like when I brought it home...
Here's what it looks like so for..

04-25-2016, 9:34 AM
RUKUS here, located in San Diego, CA. Completely new to bikes and am here to learn as much as I can...been looking into kz 750 as a first project

04-25-2016, 6:16 PM
Howdy all, my name is Dan. I'm in CT and currently working on a '77 Suzuki GS550. Have learned a bunch here already and look forward to keeping that going.

04-27-2016, 3:35 PM
Hope I'm posting my newbie info in the right place.

-Live in the God-forsaken Pacific Northwest. I'm have nothing in common with the Hollywood version of a mossback. I don't live in Seattle, drink $7.00 coffee or wear socks and sandals. To each his own....no problem. If said person had and old skool hotrod or scoot I'd eat my prior words. lol

-I have a '68 Victor that I did a quick resto on and made it my "street scrambler". Everyone comes up and looks at it...I guess it turned out ok for a quickie.

-Have cone shovel, built from parts, I suspect. It's just an old battleaxe but I'm bringing it along a bit at a time.

-I'm rebuilding a 1965 Nostalgia Altered drag car.

-I took my '65 Plymouth apart a couple years ago.....

-Peanuts and beer from a bottle is just about the best thing on earth.

I'm glad to be on here. Thanks in advance.


04-27-2016, 6:11 PM
Changed it up a little. Removed the peanut tank and put a bigger one on. Trimmed the rear fender and shot it black. New pipes just delivered and sitting in the garage. New led headlight needing to be installed. More pics to follow!


04-29-2016, 11:54 AM
Hey guys new here not only to chop cult but to motorcycles in general. I have been waiting for many many many years for the ability to not only legally purchase and ride a bike but to be able to afford one. So I have always wanted a bike much like the new Sportster 48. I love the fat front tire and length of the bike and front end the whole thing. Love the style. But, realized at this initial point having never owned any bike and waiting to take my riders course in June the smartest idea wasnt to go buy a show room Harley. So after working with a good friend of mine or two I came to get my hands on this here.(See pic) its an 07 Sporty Nightster. Looks like he has done a few things to it. Ill get a full list once I take possession. I am looking to turn this thing as close to a 48 bobber as possible. I really like some of the zombie perf. apes and such for bars, i know i am looking to put a 2 into 1 exhaust and wrapping it or something of the like, a sissy bar, and rip off that front frender and chop the rear as well as new paint. But i would love some insight into the world of the nightster. what are some things I should know? good and bad?

How hard would it be to fatten up that front end to get a fatty front tire on there? would it cost a small fortune? I know stupid newbie questions but I pick up quick just need to play around here on the forum for a bit and get some good guidance and i think this outta make for a great first bike. Thanks for any help and excited to be a part of owning a bike FINALLY!!!!!! (waited 12 years)69296

05-02-2016, 11:45 AM
Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking for a while now. I used to drool over homebuilt choppers and bobbers, but I've only ever owned sportbikes and supermotos. Well, ended up laying my last one down just north of 100 and decided it was finally time to change things up a bit. My current bike started life as an 08 Nightster. At the moment I'm just saving up the cash to do a full hardtail swap, but who knows what else will come along the way.
http://i1087.photobucket.com/albums/j469/boombostick/00j0j_eVdqSAtbWop_600x450.jpg (http://s1087.photobucket.com/user/boombostick/media/00j0j_eVdqSAtbWop_600x450.jpg.html)

05-02-2016, 6:36 PM
New guy to the forums here. Started riding last year and got quickly addicted to it. These forums have got me into the chop scene and I aint going back! Learned to ride on my buddy's 05 sportster. Currently ride an 05 savage and most of my ideas for it have come straight from here. I'm a shipyard welder by trade (wish I was blazin on bikes though) Longest ride I've took was from Virginia Beach to West Virginia but I'm planning to take some much further ones over this summer. Thanks for the info so far guys I hope to see a lot of y'all along the road

05-04-2016, 8:48 AM
New Member from Tulsa Oklahoma area..........

05-07-2016, 4:38 PM
New forum member from Reno, NV. Into old chops, bobbers and cafe bikes. Mostly on the British end. I've recently found a greater appreciation for the "long bike" and have been digging through the forums here for a while now. Thanks too all here for creating a great community of inspiration and resources.

05-10-2016, 5:08 PM
New guy here from Kerrville, TX. About an hour outside of SA and a little further from Austin. Been fucking up 2 wheels every since I could hold em up, currently riding a Wide Glide that's been put through hell, driven over by a tow rig (with me hangin' on), frame bent and everything tossed. Just got 'er back on the road a few months ago and got my walking skills back too. I piddle around on rides in the garage and am learning with full force all that I can about sheetmetal fab. Got a few projects laying around but trying to get some miles under my belt more than anything lately. I've met a few of you at Giddy Up and elsewhere recently, looking forward to getting a little more involved around here. -Ben

05-11-2016, 7:41 PM
Hey guys, new member form El Paso, Texas.
Currently riding a 78 CB750 and a Sportster 1200.


05-14-2016, 1:37 PM
HI guys,

New member from Bordeaux France :cheers mate:

http://img.xooimage.com/files110/d/8/6/profil-chat-4d62811.jpg (http://www.forumsportster.com/image/110/d/8/6/profil-chat-4d62811.jpg.htm)

05-15-2016, 10:34 AM
Don't know what happened but I couldn't sign in any longer.. I had the re-signup so my name went from Brush to Brush2

05-16-2016, 9:19 PM
69693New to the forum and new to riding all together (about a year) but put 8800 miles on my 72 so far

05-17-2016, 11:56 AM
Hi guys new to the forum from Stockholm Sweden

05-19-2016, 8:59 PM
Hey everyone. Travis from Austin, Texas here. I'm a welder/fabricator and just opened a shop here in Austin. I've been riding for almost 20 years and have been chopping bikes for about 7 of those. I don't truly consider it mine until I've modified it. Here is my current bike. A 2015 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 103 inch.

http://i406.photobucket.com/albums/pp144/travhouse3000/Mobile%20Uploads/20160519_172257_zps6sjhbela.jpg (http://s406.photobucket.com/user/travhouse3000/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160519_172257_zps6sjhbela.jpg.html)

05-20-2016, 10:07 AM
Yo from Italy!
Been lurking for months, then got my first Harley some time ago and thought it was time to sign up!

Here it is the day I brought it home, already changed a bit since then


05-22-2016, 9:13 AM
Hey from the Illinois Valley. Looking to do my first build soon. I'll be posting all my newbie questions in the Japanese bike section.

05-24-2016, 4:18 PM
Whaddup yall, Sean from NY ridin my 2012 xl1200n doing my best to get it where i want it to be. Already been asking questions about my build on the forum figured id stop by and introduce myself to some of yall.

05-24-2016, 7:42 PM
Got my first bike a couple months ago. Bought it bone stock. Changed a few things and took off a few things. Gave it a tune. Have a lot planned. Been a blast so far.


05-25-2016, 3:00 AM
Hey guys im new to the forum and im glad to join the club.

05-29-2016, 6:13 PM
I signed up a while ago and check out the site once in awhile. First let me say something about the user name. Mr Diggs sounds....well.....snobby. Mr. Diggs is actually my bikes name, not mine. I don't usually name stuff but I figured a machine as big, powerful, and downright awesome as this deserves the respect. It is a shovelhead which inspired the name. I have ridden a Yamaha Seca 400, Honda 550-4, and have a Kawa 750 GPZ on a back burner. The Shovelhead came last Spring. Had a great summer with it and put it to bed last October. Given the sales pitch and long list of "new this and that" that sold the bike I didn't see the need to tear things apart. It was a consignment sale at a dealership. Retrieving the bike from hibernation is an ongoing nightmare with no end in sight. So...here I am...off to the Main Forum to post an SOS. From what I have seen and read here, I think I came to the right place.

05-31-2016, 6:53 PM
Long time lurker, first time poster. Jared formerly of Puyallup, WA now in Knoxville, TN. I ride a '77 Harley-Davidson FX(E) short chop (though people keep calling it a bobber). It's my uncles old bike and is my only transportation. It's gone through many changes, I never saw it twice in a row where it looked the same when I was a kid and I've got it pretty much set how I like it. Check it out on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/salt_daddy_597/

As my handle here and on insta implies, my friends call me Salt Daddy, it or Jared will do.

P.S.: All the work on this bike that's ever been done was either by my uncle or myself. From points to paint, brackets to tank.

06-01-2016, 10:04 AM
SUP fellas?? been riding bikes since 14/15 , I'll be 45 next week, so 30 years on two wheels, I always had sportbikes everything from a 600 to a ZX14R etc...20+ bikes and counting, anyway....as I get older my need for speed is gone so I purchased a Honda NC700X DCT that I ride 2 ou 3 times a week to and from work, and now I just purchased a 01 VLX600 and Im cutting the shit out of this bitch...my goal is to build me a nice custom/bobber bike to play with it....wish me luck...

on a side note I never held a welder in my hands before lol, I'm pretty good with tools and I wrench on my own shit all the time, I dont have room or $ for a lincoln or miller welder etc...I only need something to weld some tabs for my rear fender and maybe a plate for the new seat pan etc...would a harbor freight welder do the job??? stick or wire flux???


06-02-2016, 6:34 AM
hi from New Zealand

It sucks here, don't believe what you hear

I like expensive bikes cheap pussy and somewhere in the middle whisky

06-05-2016, 8:08 PM
Been lurking around the form over the past 2 years. Building my second bike, a 78 cb750 hardtail (lowered about 5" and stretched 11")

Will be making a build thread more so i can keep progress pics and info all in the same place.

06-05-2016, 8:19 PM
Hey everyone im new to chop cult so im still learning the threads and where to post things but i build custom oil tanks, handle bars, rigid frames etc. all tig welded. Im looking to help promote and sell my products on. You guys can check put the products on the website thats on my page and ebay and contact me there. if you have any recommendations or questions please let me know. Thanks

06-05-2016, 9:51 PM
Lurked on here for some time and finally made an account. new project 78 Shovelhead, will ride it as is for a while then hardtail time. http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h338/Vladimir187/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-06/4DA227E6-74EE-42E2-A85E-785A9EFF14B7.jpeg (http://s1104.photobucket.com/user/Vladimir187/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-06/4DA227E6-74EE-42E2-A85E-785A9EFF14B7.jpeg.html)

06-06-2016, 11:35 AM
Whats going on yall? 1st post might as well be here right? I currently have 2 bike a 2003 883 and a 2003 Yamaha R1. Transferred to Florida from Texas. Living in between Orlando and Daytona. Looking to start chopping my Sportster in the near future. If anyone wants to ride around let me know im always down

06-13-2016, 1:09 PM
hi guys/gals, i'm from the uk and came across this site when looking at ideas for a gs chop i'm just about to start.

06-16-2016, 9:21 PM
newbie here,..never been on a bike but always likes 70s choppers from childhood,...always wanted to build a triumph or a BSA chopper,..springer/hard tail,..its a bucket list thing..at 45 yrs old now and wanta make sure i spent my life right when its gone,..ill be lerking in the back ground digging threw tech post and studing,...when i think ive lernt nuff to start asking questions ill holla back,..thanks for all the great info here...

06-19-2016, 8:46 PM

Hey New here,
I am Brian, recently moved to Milwaukee, bought this '95 sportster to ride around and have a 77 gs550 for a chopper project.
Lots of great ideas on here, thanks for that.

I am looking for a few thing currently, rectangular or square headlights, advice on lifting a tank, and moving a few things around of my Sportster to clean it up a little.

06-22-2016, 3:50 AM
I'm Ken from MN. Got a bunch of irons in the fire at any given time and every once in a while I'll be able to focus on one of them.

I'm not super internet savy, so there's that too.

Nice place, I hope I can help out as I will probably be asking questions too.


06-22-2016, 12:56 PM
Have been trolling CC for sometime now, figured id make an account to post a build im working on.

Been riding bikes since i was 12, always been fascinated with taking shit apart, cut here, cut there, then bolt it back on. Lets just say the folks didnt truly appreciate my interest in customizing stuff. I ride a 2000 Honda Shadow Aero that was my old mans bike for 6 months. Within a week there were 18" apes, baffle less pipes, and missing front fenders.

Anywho, carry on and ill catch you on the flip side!

06-22-2016, 8:30 PM
I'm new and I was wondering if anyone new where I could sell vintage Harley Davidson beer the tribute years to bike week it's Daytona

06-29-2016, 4:03 AM

Joseph from TX...nice to have a new place to hang out.

06-29-2016, 11:04 AM
Hello from Cornwall, UK. My 97 Virago 750 cruiser is in the early stages of transforming into a cafe bobber, so really looking forward to getting it back on the road for some fun. I love wrenchin' so that's been fun and a good way to get to know the bike. Also, I intend to use my skills as a carpenter & joiner to create a wooden seat base and instrument panel, for that extra twist.

07-04-2016, 7:47 AM
Sup from Michigan. I love choppers because they look cool in my opinion. I also like long springers because I just dont see them around where I am and I like a nice simple long springer front end so that when I ride everybody knows that it is my bike.


07-10-2016, 1:00 AM
Long Time Lurker, new poster from Middle TN. I ain't got shit but I like to dream

07-10-2016, 12:43 PM
70925Been riding since I was four but never had the opportunity to ride a chopper. Hopefully that will change soon; I have two vintage choppers I'm working on: a 66 FLH that was built by a guy in Simi Valley CA. to take cross country. He finished it and ended up making it to Woodstock according to his wife. It was last ridden in '75. The second I just happened across while looking for parts for the first. I was told Chuck Long commissioned John Harman to build this bike to compete at the '75 Sacramento Autorama were it won Best Bike. From what I was told Anita Harman and Harry Blake have confirmed that this bike is one in the same but I'll update as I actually start to document her preservation in a build thread. Gotta figure out where to start that though? In Sportster stuff or Bike Builds? Hoping someone out here may know of Chuck, have a list of the show winners from '75 or pics of this bike can chime in or email / PM me. I'm guessing she would have probably ended up in some mag if it actually won the Autorama? Supposedly she was taken to the Autorama in '76 too were she took forth. Back to me, just been riding Jap bikes forever, even built and competed in the NHRA P/SB ranks in the days of Shultz, Vance, Superbike Mike and John Meyers.

07-10-2016, 5:29 PM
New guy from Eastern Connecticut. Been riding the road for 42 years. Always lusted after a chopper. By chance, I came into a sweet '72 Ironhead chopper. It needs a few small things to make it streetable. Looking forward to learning lots from the posts here.

07-11-2016, 5:49 PM
Hello, I'm Derrick from icy Buffalo, NY. seems like alot of us populate this page. Maybe we should all link up at some point.

I'm constantly tweaking and wrenching on my 75 shovel at a shop i'm at far too often in kenmore ny.

07-17-2016, 7:41 PM
Hi. I'm Liam from Vancouver Canada. Slowly working my way up to a full chop, no family or social history of metalwork or motorcycles so muddling my way through learning from my fuckups as I go.

07-17-2016, 8:25 PM
Hi. I'm Liam from Vancouver Canada. Slowly working my way up to a full chop, no family or social history of metalwork or motorcycles so muddling my way through learning from my fuckups as I go.

This shit ain't that hard.......... Read a lot and if you get stumped ask questions............... But think about it before you ask.........

07-17-2016, 11:29 PM
New buckethead from Eastern Washington. Rode sport bikes up to buying my Custom Chrome kit bike. Big Tire, big rake & stretch...big nightmare to ride. Bought a Kraft Tech FX/FL frame. Beyond confused...will need a crap load of splaining...

07-18-2016, 1:59 PM
Whats up everyone! New to the page but love it. So much knowledge and actual tips and pointers from past or current projects. Im in tx and ride a 13 breakout. Im currently building a 89 fxr with an evo 103 stroker. After that project im wanting to build a ridged bike off a shovelhead...

07-21-2016, 10:21 AM
Whats up guys. Names chris. Western mass. 79 ironsporty. Work in progress

07-24-2016, 2:16 PM
Hey all, new to the forum , been riding since age 12. Turned 47 this summer, 35 years riding , and almost as long tinkering with bikes. I live in Kenora On Canada , I enjoy seeing what others are building , hope to share my builds as they go.i am down to the final tweets and tuning on Frankencycle . And the next project is to help the wife with the motor tear down and rebuild on her softail Springer . Also have my 86 1100 sporty in pieces at the moment I hope to get back to that this winter.

07-25-2016, 9:20 PM
Rob here from NYC, 37 yo, been riding sportbikes most my life. Love anything with a motor in it though. I got a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 750 and a custom chopper with a 2001 Sporty 1200 drivetrain.


07-26-2016, 7:49 PM
Hey all,
Just like the name says, OldStoner here.
I'm without a bike to mention at this point, but trying to change that.

I guess at 48 I ain't that old but I can be set in my ways and opinionated at times.

I'm a guitar player, MMI grad, Ex-dealership parts guy, life long mechanic (cars/bikes).

I don't like PC bullshit, I don't yell at kids on my lawn yet but I do hate their music and the way they dress. :)
Thanks for having me, we'll see if I can stay around.

07-26-2016, 9:24 PM
Hey guys, great site. Lots of info and cool parts on the cheap. Nice to find a site with other folks with the same interest

07-27-2016, 5:06 AM
i just want to share my passion of Panhead.
My project started 4 years ago and for long years.

I created a blog to put it all my calculations and measurements that I found on the internet.
Since I know nothing about mechanics, I am helped by my friend Hervé.
Good reading.


07-27-2016, 7:43 PM
Born into this greasy culture thanks to my old man. Grew up around Knuckles and Pans my entire life.

Finally found my set and bought a 77 shovelhead. Got an 82 hardtail in the works.

http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p709/arickety1/6A845506-2BE0-43C8-B5D6-50DC93F2082F_zpskgnl5mja.jpg (http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/arickety1/media/6A845506-2BE0-43C8-B5D6-50DC93F2082F_zpskgnl5mja.jpg.html)

08-02-2016, 12:11 AM
Greetings from San Diego, Name is David born and raised in PA been in dago last 11 years after the Army(06), I've been a member for a while now just thought I would introduce myself. Nice to meet all of you. Hit me up if you wanna ride in San Diego.

08-02-2016, 6:21 AM
long time lurker from Charlotte, NC... finally getting around to posting.

08-02-2016, 6:36 PM
sup everyone, my names Brandon, from Colorado. I picked up my first bike last July, a 07 shadow spirit 750c2 and got instantly hooked on every aspect surrounding my bike. I got to chopping and modding, and am way pleased with my results given the fact of how much ive learned in so little time

08-03-2016, 5:02 PM
Hey guys, guess I should probably introduce myself on here. I'm Jake. Been around hot rods and custom cars my entire life. Grew up as a mechanically inclined individual and soaked up everything I could from all the old car guys around. Always wanted to get into bikes after my dad found a picture of him in the late 70s on his chopper built by Ted phelps, and wanted one of my own. Recently ran into one of my old highschool buddies who was selling his kick only hard tail 81 shovel, and figured it's time to jump in feet first. So here I am out on my own on two wheels. The guys on here have been super helpful as far as advice so far, and I look forward to hangin around and learning as much as I can here. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to pitch in some helpful advice as well! I'd post a pic of my bike, but I have no idea how to do that at the moment.

08-05-2016, 9:54 PM
Hi all. After getting many tips and much inspiration from the Cult, I finally signed up. Here's my junk:71407

08-07-2016, 10:20 AM
Good Vibrations from CA

Born 2001 FXSTDI
Super E
Air Shock
WCC Hell Bent pipes
Norton Custom Designs paint (gold leaf)
Pat Kennedy adjustable front end
3000 miles

08-07-2016, 10:36 AM
Good Vibrations from CA

Born 2001 FXSTDI
Super E
Air Shock
WCC Hell Bent pipes
Norton Custom Designs paint (gold leaf)
Pat Kennedy adjustable front end
3000 miles

Welcome aboard, sweet ride you have there!!

08-07-2016, 10:41 AM
Welcome aboard, sweet ride you have there!!

Thank you Dirty, got it a month ago, just got plates.

08-07-2016, 3:49 PM
Old forum I used to go to shut down. 03 big bear chopper. Venom pro street. 100 rev tech.

08-10-2016, 4:37 AM
Hey, bobbyV from Jacksonville, FL. I have thought about building a custom for awhile. I found this forum, and after checking it out, I really got inspired to go for it. I started the build in March 2016, and with the help of this forum and friends, it's coming along nicely.

It's been a cool journey so far. I've learned a lot from this community, and still have lots to learn.

Thanks, bobbyV

08-10-2016, 9:27 PM
Names Josh
I ride a 94 converted 883 to 1200, full rigid frame sporty.

08-17-2016, 10:39 PM
Hey from Southern California! Any one in the LA area October 8th, check out the SoCal Burn Ride - poker run through Malibu / Calabasas area including the Snake and the PCH, benefiting people who have been burned (in combat, firefighters and every day people). Hope you can make it out!

08-18-2016, 10:14 AM


FOLLOW on insta @ _DrHolliday

08-18-2016, 10:36 PM
hey yall the names lou im from Austin tx im head of fabrication at a small texas company called voodoo vintage,
i mainly work so i rarely ride with anyone, spend most of my time building stuff, helping buddys that kinda jazz.
i got into the greassy dozen builder colective so heres my progress. thx

i took a 92 sporty that i bought for $800 from heritage moto, built a frame, oil tank, bat box, mounted all my BS, ran wires, avon SM tires, new carb, did tones of shit to this thing, im in the final stages of the build, building tcb pipes, tuning, paint ect. for anyone that cares, just figured some one might like the direction i am going with this build. this is my first full on ground up build, lota nights of hard work and lota nights chowing down on five star Ramen chicken and beef flavors recipes past on from uncles in the joint. Enjoy

ps im new to the forum so i have no clue how this works and can barely work my computer715837158471585.

08-20-2016, 7:01 AM
I dont know if I ever posted an intro. I might have. Either way, it's been a while and I'm not active on the forum so maybe it's easier to just post a current one. I'm in Virginia and have been for about 10 years now. I'm working on another chopper, this one might actually get finished. It's like my 3rd or 4th attempt at a build over the last 15 years. I've gotten close on previous builds but always bailed out when money got tight or I got into something I knew I didn't have the skill or money to finish.

The current build isn't anything special. Old jammer frame and narrow springer I got from a guy that posts here. Custom built panhead with delkron trap door cases. A mix of old parts and new ones from the shops most of us support. Not doing any build threads or shit like that.

08-20-2016, 4:58 PM
What's up. I'm about to start my first frame up build...in my living room and on my patio. My apartment complex is gonna be pissed. Mostly I just hope to not ruin anything too completely.

08-20-2016, 6:08 PM
Name is Jay, never done this before, have no real plans (and not much skill) but I'm having fun making my bike my own with my kids and my dad helping out.

08-20-2016, 10:19 PM
Hi All,

For whatever reason I never introduced myself so:
I'm Mark. I ride year round in Hell adjacent (Phoenix, AZ) and I wrench on my '91 Sporty bobber. Unfortunately I am not the best mechanic, and often times I am just doing something simple and discover a bunch of other issues, so projects take a loot longer than they should. I'm just hoping to get my shit together with it in time for EDR '17 (Biker gods and the old lady willing).

08-21-2016, 2:42 PM
Greetings, just gettin round to this.
Lurked here for a long time before joining up cuz now i got nuthin but time.
Appreciate all the work you all do and the help you all offer.

08-24-2016, 3:15 PM
Hola, ohayo gozaimasu... I am not new to the 33, but have been out of the bike scene for a few years as I am stuck in misawa, japan... with a riding season of 3mo/yr, and no wheels. Should be getting PCS orders soon and heading stateside and looking to make some connections with 33er's wherever I end up! Yo Clint, If you see this, it's my new profile brotha!

08-25-2016, 8:56 AM
New to the site. I ride a Road King and a 1978 FLH Bobber. Out of action right now due to surgery. Anyone else from area around Murfreesboro TN?

08-26-2016, 10:21 AM
Jake from Columbus Mississippi. 1976 FXE, 2014 Triumph Rocket 3, and an 83 FLT that I have an unused Kenny Boyce frame for. I gotta get busy on that last one!

08-26-2016, 2:10 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm Hannah, new to the scene. Just bought an old fixer upper 1980 Honda CM400T, been repainting it, got some new parts, learning to fix her myself. I also have my Grandmother's 1951 BSA Bantam D1 that I'm fixing up as well. I'm sure I'll be using this site a lot, but I'm actually new to forums in general so excuse me for being a noob. If anyone could suggest a solid place to get parts for the Honda I'd appreciate it. I've been trying ebay but almost every part has been wrong.


08-27-2016, 5:28 AM
Hi all, Alexandre is my name and I have a 95 250 virago from Portugal, discovered this site and have been very optimistic about my build! Thanks for the website

08-28-2016, 12:17 PM
Figured i should say hi after posting a few times. Been riding and wrenching for 30+ years on my own bikes. Currently running a caressed Sporty, and a genny shovel. Fun watching and reading what you all are doing. Probably do some horse trading on parts as I'm looking to do another bike soon.

08-29-2016, 5:43 PM
Been lurking awhile name is Zach, I'm currently building an xs650 chop just finished an xs650 cafe/tracker style bike. I work on any bike someone will pay me too, can only afford the Jap bikes at the moment. Wife, 5 kids, and hectic life don't leave much cash for the bikes. I buy what I can afford, but usually make as much as I can on my bikes.

08-30-2016, 12:43 PM
Eric here, originally from Indiana now in beautiful Summerville, SC! Finally go another bike and am LOVIN' it. It's a custom built on a softail frame. 100 ci RevTech engine, 5 spd, nice chrome, custom billet wheels, 32 degree rake, and tons of fun. Not sure about the orange color, though, but it's growing on me. Anyhow, looking forward to getting some ideas from the forum!71762

08-31-2016, 10:43 AM
Dan from Minneapolis

Hey folks, new here, new to motorcycles, looking for info. I look forward to learning from you all, and sharing my atrocities as I ruin them!

08-31-2016, 4:45 PM
Hello everyone starting my sporty bobber build so I thought I would look for good advise.

09-02-2016, 7:58 PM
From Bedford Indiana, had a new bike a few years ago that I done some stuff to and decided the new bike just wasn't my thing, sold it, bought a house, now getting back into things with an Ironhead. Not my first choice but it's what was laying around and I already had a lot of parts it. It's a 0 out 2-1/4 40 degree Paughco frame, no serial numbers so it's pre-70 but not sure the exact date.

http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p408/inthedirtco/02C3619B-57F4-421D-80D4-F9D830DDB60E_zps9vd3cjfu.jpg (http://s346.photobucket.com/user/inthedirtco/media/02C3619B-57F4-421D-80D4-F9D830DDB60E_zps9vd3cjfu.jpg.html)

http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p408/inthedirtco/4BE67CF4-902E-4DBB-A1C5-24B1FCA1B721_zpsbjin3fqe.jpg (http://s346.photobucket.com/user/inthedirtco/media/4BE67CF4-902E-4DBB-A1C5-24B1FCA1B721_zpsbjin3fqe.jpg.html)

http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p408/inthedirtco/19FC7FBA-BE53-4790-B2FD-5913D5A6A2AB_zpsxpwkwqq0.jpg (http://s346.photobucket.com/user/inthedirtco/media/19FC7FBA-BE53-4790-B2FD-5913D5A6A2AB_zpsxpwkwqq0.jpg.html)

09-04-2016, 6:14 AM
Hy, I'm Olivier french in Hamburg (Germany).
My actual bike are R75/6(1975), SS750(1996), CB500 T(1975) and Four(1972) and now I try to built my first HD a FXE(1977).