View Full Version : xs400 hardtail build/intro

01-31-2011, 7:20 PM
hey chopcult. ive been lurking around here for a month or so and finally decided to start a thread on my 1979 xs400 bobber build. i started on the xs400 forum and am still very active, bit im hoping to get some different feedback on people who know other stuff about different bikes, maybe picking up something along the way.just a little info on me, im a 18 year old auto resto tech-to-be, welder(average), Fabricater(average) and painter(decent) from frankfort IL. im pretty well rounded so when i saw a bobber i figured it wouldnt be that hard. now i have never ridden a motorcycle before so thats gonna be a challenge. anyway, it started when i picked this nasty ol bitch up for $150 from some guy in bloomington-normal. this is how it sat when i got it.

http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j251/volcomskater77/cars%20and%20bikes/xs400%20bobber%20build/Originalsideshot.jpg pretty gross right?:kill:

i dove into the engine because the kickstart felt janky and found this, :banghead:

this is how it sits now, waiting on the tubing, axle plates from travis on xs650.com and xs400.com, a new bottom end so it can be kickstart only and a gasket kit

this is the tail light i picked up at a swap meet for a buck

my headlight i made outta 4 crusty ones using the best parts from each. its just a baja running light, but ill put a dual element it in and it'll look sweet on the bike. like this.

heres the stuff i got at a harley swap meet. i jipo seat and springs for 45 and a shifter arm for 10.

toggle switches for the low-off-high(head light) and on/off(tail light). free from dads work.

things to come...
drag bars
home bent hardtail. 4 inch strecth?
header wrap
simple wiring in homemade fake oil bag. maybe a speedo and tach, if i can find a 60's-70's cable driven tach. would love a sun, but open to anything
us army canvas tool kit. home stitched

what do ya think? would love to here some feed back.